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  1. The Grandiose had a family that was in the same shuttle as someone from unrelated family that tested positive... all were denied boarding. Once again these tests, although an improvement despite the accuracy, are only a snapshot that day and don't mean a person isn't infected and may become positive the very next day, especially if they traveled to get to the port. From what I've read I believe higher chance to be false negative than false positive.
  2. I was booked on Grandeur 26 Sep 2020 but lift and shifted to 18 Sep 2021 before the Bermuda cruises were cancelled. I wonder if that means Enchantment won't come to Baltimore. I guess they'll try to keep the same cabins if back to Grandeur. I was in the starboard deck 7 aft corner JS before and after my switch to Enchantment. Not that it's a sure thing that cruising will be happening next Sep but there's always hope.
  3. Ten drinks a day!! Ok... well then that's a great deal!
  4. As a person who drinks almost exclusively water and pre-Covid 1 alcoholic drink a week (now none as we don't go out for Happy Hour i.e. cheap appetizer dinner on Sunday) I always wonder how much folk are drinking, alcoholic or non-alcoholic to think even $44 a day per person is a great deal. 🙂
  5. You have to go further into the booking to see the option to make the deposit refundable. After putting in guest name(s)/info you get to Review Your Trip Options. It has dining options, pre paid gratuities option, insurance option, and usually an option for refundable deposit and the additional amount it will cost to make the deposit refundable that you can select.
  6. For this initial phase of the restart of operations, the two MSC Cruises ships operating in the Mediterranean for the current summer season will initially welcome guests who are residents in Schengen countries only (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland).
  7. And even if folk are negative when they board they could still be infected and incubating and become contagious the very next day, especially if they've traveled to get to the port.
  8. I did a L&S from Sep 20 to Sep 21. Haven't been asked for any more money.
  9. I cruised on Solstice from Seattle for my Alaska trip 4 years ago... I'd have no problem doing the same if it were safe to cruise now.
  10. Our best estimate of the number of seafarers on cruise ships still awaiting repatriation is approximately 5,000, based on a survey of our major cruise line members," Bari Golin-Blaugrund, senior director of strategic communications for CLIA, told USA TODAY Thursday. It's sad so many crew are still stuck due to all the various country regulations, closings, etc. Thanks for sharing the link.
  11. Although rapid testing is only a snapshot of that moment... negative passengers could still be infected/incubating and test positive the very next day, especially if they traveled to get to the port. Hopefully they're also get rapid testing that is a lot more accurate than now.
  12. Anyone can get it. It's real. People are dying or having long term health consquences. More people will die with folk not believing, not wearing masks, not social distancing. Sometimes it takes being affected personally for folk to be convinced. I don't wish that on anyone.
  13. It only shows they aren't positive for Covid that day... they could still be incubating and become positive the VERY NEXT DAY. Especially if they traveled to get to the port. The only fool proof is to put passengers in quarantine close to the dock so they don't have to travel to get on the ship... and then test at the end of quarantine. I don't see that happening.
  14. He's happy. Although no place to go. 🙂
  15. My husband finally got his passport today!
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