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  1. Hmm... my listing still doesn't state loungers... 2 floating mats for the ocean but no loungers.
  2. JaneStarr sorry the price has gone up. 😞 I don't think I'd have booked for $89.
  3. As the tables are so close you can meet interesting people even if not at the same table! Last cruise I ended up next to a grandmother/granddaughter two nights in a row just showing up to eat and we ended up talking both nights.
  4. I've done so traveling solo. And have reservations for anytime this week on my solo cruise.
  5. Decisions decisions. Currently have 7178 booked but both 6030 and 7080 are open on Millennium for my cruise. All regular veranda. 6030 is last starboard sweet 16 'corner' deep balcony half covered/half not, looks down to water. 7080 is near forward elevator the large angled aft facing balcony above life boats. 7178 is near aft elevator a larger (not one of the aft C1) balcony over awning/royal cabin. I'm traveling by myself so all have tons of space. 6030 is a little cheaper as 2C; the other are 2A at 2B price. Not a factor. 7178 the couch faces 'forward' but not sure that matters to me or not. Only time I was seasick was racing a 36 footer in July with high wind/waves... think probably partly due to being dehydrated. Florida/Grand Cayman cruise. Trying to decide if I should switch or stay. Looking for comments. Thanks! One balcony better than others? Issues with being in 6030 for motion?
  6. Oops I was wrong... cruise 4 days away now... I miscounted to my flight the day before. Cruise Planner still active until Tue midnight. I actually asked on the phone if I could get the prepaid gratuities refunded at Guest Relations on the ship and then use the OBC for the gratuities but was told no for that as well.. not a big deal... hope my experience will be a heads up for others... from now on I'll wait until I see how much extra OBC I'll have. They sell chocolate on board, right? 🙂
  7. There was/is no edit Gratuities button... just the amount that I'd paid with my credit card. Cruise is only 4 days away. The agent definitely understood I was trying to get a refund and then use the OBC onboard to pay the gratuities later... she checked with a supervisor as well. It had to do with being past final payment. I questioned as I wasn't trying to get any refund for the price of the cruise itself just the gratuities but was told unfortunately that was the policy.... no refund of the gratuities if prepaid after final payment.
  8. Thanks for the tip, Jelayne! Now I know if I might have unexpected extra OBC to wait on prepaying the gratuities.
  9. Well, bummer, it's after final payment and I have more unexpected nonrefundable OBC that I don't have a use for except shopping - already have premium package, excursions, and specialty dining booked. I called to see if I could get the prepaid gratuities refunded so I could use the OBC onboard for that instead but told no as it's after final payment. Booked through Celebrity, not a TA.
  10. I have it booked for Jan 18th Equinox. It was down to $63.20 and I can stay on board until 2 pm then fly home. I had extra OBC so thought I'd try it. Think will enjoy not having to leave the cabin until 9.
  11. Ah, I was told if I wanted to reprice the same cabin on the same cruise with nonrefundable to make sure it was more than $100 savings as I was going to lose the $100 to do that. I went with refundable.
  12. I was told that before final payment I could make changes but I'd still lose $100 of the deposit... which jibes with jelayne saying $100 pp is the adminstrative change charge for nonrefundable.
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