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  1. Thank you Ellie for another great review. So glad you made it home ok and also that your son is doing well. Look forward to your next reviews! Take care Vera
  2. Looking at this cruise too. Have been in Sydney for NYE but stayed within walking distance, unless there was a shuttle back to the ship I think transport back to White Bay could be a problem. Like you, I dislike crowds so would stay on board.
  3. Have not received an email regarding this either. We have had several sailings on all three brands but mostly Azamara.
  4. Having same problem as you for a couple of days and also having to log in at every session. Happened to me several years ago but been good till last three days.
  5. Lovely to see you back! Look forward to your report on Regal, believe my cousin was on the first one but haven't heard from her. Looks like our February cruise to NZ will be cancelled, no ships here during our summer. Love your photos of Mexico, have only been to a couple of ports there.
  6. Like you, we are now in lockdown too, so I am thoroughly enjoying your review of Norway. Lovely photos and so far all places we have been too (lived in Malta for 16 years - so much history there). Sailed out of Southampton three years ago so I should find some familiar places there. Ellie, I'm still with you but sad that this trip will be over soon!
  7. Still very much enjoying our travels together, especially now that we are in Lahaina! My favourite place on the three occasions we've been there. Though, after looking at your photos I do feel very homesick for another cruise. Hope you have good medical results.
  8. Lovely to be back with you Ellie in Hawaii and what a gorgeous grandson. We are back in total lockdown in Perth WA, first community spread virus in 12 months. We get our first AZ vaccination on 6th May.
  9. What a beautiful baby! Yes, life has been pretty 'normal' especially here in the West. It will be a long time till our international borders are open again but I do hope you get the opportunity to return here some time in the future!
  10. Those were exactly my thoughts. Have had several cruises on all three ships and love the size, totally suitable for PNG and Pacific Islands. However, I would say fewer cruises to northern Australia in cyclone season (we were caught while on Quest by cyclone Debbie and missed so many islands north of Brisbane). How popular our winter (June - October) cruises would be to the Islands in their better weather. Would even enjoy longer cruise heading west to include places like the Maldives, Madagascar etc.
  11. Wishing your husband well and that he gets good results. Lovely to be reading about your adventures again. Vera
  12. Happy new year to you, Ellie and to all enjoying this cruise bringing back so many memories! Vera
  13. Many thanks for another virtual cruise! Hope that once you've had a break you'll bring us another one. Stay safe and enjoy the festive season as best as one can this year. Vera
  14. Thanks for the memories and lovely photos, places we visited on a wet day some years ago (I was more worried about coming down those slippery steps!) Two years ago our visit to Hilo was cancelled but we got there last year on a sunny day where we had a great time at the Macadamia Factory, beautiful gardens and of course the nuts! It's on our list to restock there if our planned cruise in May 2022 goes ahead! Vera
  15. From Sydney we arrive in LA a DAY before we've left!! We lose a day returning and one year I didn't realise I'd booked and not have a birthday .... does that make me one year younger?!!
  16. We are very lucky in Western Australia with only a handful of cases, people who have arrived from overseas and are already in quarantine, so for us life is pretty 'normal' - not so for Melbourne where they are on their second wave and still in lockdown. I have family in NYC and Toronto so Honolulu was a frequent stopover to break the very long flight have also had a few cruises in that area, Lahaina being my favourite port - so here I am eagerly awaiting your journey to the islands!
  17. I'm ready - all packed!! Looking forward to your great photos and insight on Hawaii. (Have a cruise booked for April 2022) and even though I've been there several times I know I'll learn more as I did with you comments about Singapore and Sydney. Vera
  18. Still here and thoroughly enjoying revisiting Singapore. We stopover there almost every year as SIA is our favourite airline whether heading east or west of Perth (always long flights from here!). Hope you can reconstruct some of your past cruises you would have many followers!
  19. Usually yes but not one year when it was 43C in the shade here in the West! We set everything up indoors to be in air conditioned comfort! Did take me a few years to get used to Christmas in summer but wouldn't have it any other way now. Thanks Ellie for this blog. Enjoying your Sydney photos though feel sad that we should be there next month for a week post cruise which, of course, is not happening. Vera
  20. Thank you so much for taking me along with you on your cruise, and bringing back some lovely memories. Love all your photos.
  21. Lovely photos. A week there wouldn't be enough! We did a two day tour with Red October, guide was a lecturer full of information. At night we went to the Folkloric concert (many of them were killed in a plane crash a few years ago on way to performance). Yes, an exhausting time but well worth it.
  22. Sadly, I doubt it too. We've had three cruises cancelled this year and expect the same for April next year to Papua New Guinea (would have been interesting) Hope you get this way in the not too distant future.
  23. Have enjoyed all your blogs and lovely photos. This one is bringing back memories of a similar cruise a few years ago. Loved Tallinn. What caught my attention was 'Serenade' was supposed to be boarding her in October on a Pacific Island cruise from Sydney.
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