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  1. Can you use this as credit to upgrade to next level package, not alcohol one. Or do you pay the full amount. Was thinking of coffee and water which is not in the package offered.
  2. The good thing about a cruise is no weight limits on baggage, unless flying there. So take what you want , it is nice to have a choice of clothing. You will learn to take less on your next cruise.......yep you will be hooked.
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  4. Arrived back in sydney last night from italy. We used the new smart machines and one if the questions asked, was have you been to the caribbean. Not sure why they ask? Zika virus maybe. I think this may be new so please ensure any info you get regarding visas are up to date. I will be checking this as we are going to the caribbean in November..
  5. I was checking their site but it never came up for me just the full itinerary from Seattle. I did find it on a TAs site tonight with flight included. I am on tne Norweigian Spirit in a few weeks so will ask when onboard.
  6. Hi col. I was actually looking to see if this cruise had been split up into legs. Could not find it. Would be nice to cruise with you again. Kaseyoz@hotmail.com
  7. Also done on RCCL. Disney also did a similar thing going through the Panama Canal.
  8. We did not have golden mickey show on tbe Panama crossing in May on the Wonder I did however catch mulan walking around and got a fabulous photo with her.
  9. We had three days there last year. During Ramadam and the hottest month. Anything in particular you want to know? We loved it there but would not pay that price if we went again.
  10. To the folk who had their cruise itinerary changed , has there been any further corresspondance. Cannot see any cruises for may.
  11. Do you happen to know what is happening to her post April 2017? No cruises showing.
  12. Can you please link me, cannit find them even on their own site.
  13. I was looking at the 14 night cruise on the Spirit right before this 14 th i think. Now no cruises are showing up for that date.
  14. We travelled with a 12 month old and found there was plenty for him to eat. But he was eating most things. Corn on the cob and pizza and pasta a favourite We even ate at a specialty restaurant (early) and the chef made him some mac and cheese. Maybe try this next month to get him eating a more varied diet. What about soft fruits? Scrambled eggs, dry cereal from a packet. Could you bring sealed baby busciuts onboard. It was his bottles for bedtime that was the problem, getting hot water , washing and keeping the empty bottles clean. Just know thenstaff will go out of their way to help.
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