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  1. We had our Hawaiian air return flights refunded in full very quickly. our Ovation cruise was Honolulu to Vancouver, which we took the 125 per cent FCC. however it seems our Westjet flight from Vancouver back to Honolulu ( we were staying another week there) is credit only.
  2. Things here in Australia, covid wise are decidedly better than most other countries, so hoping for a good outcome for you. i will check which one we are on, maybe the same as you. stay well.
  3. She was supposed to head down here to Sydney at some stage. We are booked for March 2021. We will see.
  4. We are with one cover and sent an email asking if we can cancel our policy. it is an annual worldwide policy. Have had this for several years. no reply yet.
  5. I am hoping to get my photo books up to date. love doing the Memento ones and have a couple of big trips to make into photobooks. good time also go through your clothes as we are changing seasons. Pull everything out of your pantry and check useby dates and reorganise. Hopefully you haven't stockpiled too much. We recently moved but others may find a bit of decluttering to do.
  6. We are on hawaii to Vancouver early May on Ovation. Interesting to see what happens to us.
  7. i heard about that from our roll call, no message for me. we are sailing early May from Hawaii to Vancouver and are playing watch and see.
  8. Yes i had this too. i googled cruisecritic and used a different page and got in right away. yes had to put passwords in.
  9. I wonder what happened to medical costs of the Diamond Princess cruisers? Hope they were covered. we are still booked for Hawaii to Vancouver and then Hawaii land for may. Also have three weeks booked for Japan in October, but hanging in there for the time being.
  10. Ok, i will ask a question as I too am on this cruise, only just booked though after Spectrum cancellation. i am on the roll call. First night is in port, honolulu. can we drop bags, check in and get straight off again. Latest check in is 5 pm. or do we need to wait until after muster. We would prefer to be in Waikiki for as much time as possible. We have 5 sea days in a row on the ship. thank you
  11. Deep fried candy bar?????? What are on earth is that?
  12. Thanks for your help and ideas. will try them out tomorrow.
  13. I am Elite with Princess and Diamond with RCCL. I have booked our first cruise with MSC. Bellisima around Japan. however, finding it very difficult to fill out the forms for status matching. The date of birth Spools do not spin for me to enter my correct date of birth. They are static. i put in the wrong date of birth to see if I can advance further, only to find I cannot put my residential country in(Australia) only has Canada, America and one other place I cannot recall. I tried typing Australia in but it says not found. Are Australians not allowed to do this. i have sent an email off but no response. have any Australians had success doing this? Or am I doing something wrong. thanks fir any help.
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