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  1. That has no bearing on the original poster's question. Carnival is still scheduling sailings out of Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa.
  2. As the others have said, you do need to carry it on yourself. Carnival's website lists specifics as to how much and what form of containers are permissable (currently a maximum of 12, 12oz cans per person): https://www.carnival.com/help/2633
  3. ...and still had it in January of 2020. We went there for lunch after boarding the ship, and it was great since not too many people knew about it or knew that lunch was included. It was nice and quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of everyone swarming the lido deck, and we had a nice meal. Lunch was not anything spectacular in my opinion, but the atmosphere was nice and we'd certainly consider going there again on embarkation just to avoid some of the crowds.
  4. I realize it was a number of years ago now, but congratulations on your wedding. To be clear, we have generally only had positive experiences with Carnival and I've never had the impression that they care one way or the other if you're gay, straight, bi, green with purple polka dots, etc. The staff has always been friendly and treated us well. My only real beef, and the reason I started this thread over a year ago (and to be honest, forgot about it until I saw it again today) is that I think they could do a much better job facilitating the LGBTQ meetup versus just listi
  5. We just got back from a week on the Carnival Magic. Overall had a great time, but Carnival really needs to step up its game when it comes to its LGBT gatherings. Each night the gathering was scheduled at the Alchemy Bar, and each night there was a loud five-piece band performing on the stage right next to the bar. The band was very good, but the problem was twofold: the bar was full of people there to watch the band, and it was very difficult to hold down a conversation because of the music. As there was nobody there to facilitate the group, it was a matter of looking a
  6. Hi everyone, Just got back from a week on the Carnival Magic. I didn't play a ton, but managed to rack up just over 2400 points, the vast majority of it on video poker (at $5/point, just over $12k coin-in). On the last night I got an offer in the mailbox on the ship for "35% off casino rate", inside cabins only, with regular rate upgrades available to a balcony or whatever. It offered a small window to book (book within the next week or two), and when I looked online the furthest out I could book was approximately six months from now. We're not planning to go on another
  7. As others have mentioned, you will automatically be billed for a daily gratuity charge (unless you paid it before your sailing by pre-paying), and that money will get divided amongst the service staff (servers, room steward, etc.). Bar/beverage gratuities are separate, and an auto gratuity amount will be added to any beverage purchase, with the option on the receipt for you to add an additional amount if desired. You are not obligated by policy or custom to tip above and beyond any of the auto gratuity amounts -- you'll be fine and perfectly average if you don't. That s
  8. Generally speaking, an unexpired driver's license/government-issued ID card and birth certificate will be enough for a Carnival cruise that begins and ends in the United States. As others have mentioned, having a passport is a much better plan if possible in case of the unexpected. I would strongly recommend reviewing the information on Carnival's website (linked below) and contacting them if you have any questions, rather than solely relying on information posted by users to an internet forum. Best of luck with your trip. https://www.carnival.com/help/3409
  9. Yes, you can, as mentioned on Carnival's website: "Guests may purchase a round of drinks for themselves and friends. One drink will count towards the CHEERS! program and the remaining drinks will be charged to a guest’s Sail and Sign® account."
  10. Despite the fine print saying that it's valid for new bookings only, as discussed in other threads here, many people have had success by adding the offer to their Amex and then using the card to apply a charge of at least $500 towards their existing booking within the stated date window. Your mileage may vary, of course, but if you have an Amex card that is eligible for the offer, it might be worth trying. If the offer doesn't show up on your Amex card, while logged into their site try navigating to: americanexpress.com/wlcl ("World's Leading Cruise Lines") and it may appear
  11. If you have a Citibank credit card that has access to Citi Easy Deals, they sometimes have them. The last time I got them from there, though, they didn't have e-gift cards available -- only physical cards that were sent via snail mail. Obviously that wouldn't work if you need one by this Saturday.
  12. If your ship is departing from New York or Texas, you can purchase the CHEERS! program on day 2 due to state laws beyond Carnival's control, and you are only charged starting on that second day. In pretty much every other case you must purchase it for the duration of the cruise, including day 1. Note it is slightly less expense to order it ahead of time on their Fun Shops website instead of waiting until you board the ship (currently $51.95/person/day +18% gratuity versus $56.95/person/day +18% gratuity). From Carnival's website: "Due to state laws, we cannot sell
  13. Thank you for the interesting post and all the number crunching. I like to get the best value out of my gaming dollar, so I'll for sure bring this info with me on my upcoming cruise.
  14. Because it would be a long walk from Port Everglades to the Port of Miami. 🤦
  15. For our itinerary it was significantly cheaper to fly into and out of Fort Myers (RSW) and renting a car for the two hour drive across the state. I understand that you have some pretty specific time limitations with your itinerary, but it might be worth a look. Good luck.
  16. Cruise ships have to have their passenger manifest turned in to the port at least one hour before sailing. You will not be permitted to board at or after 18:00 for a cruise set to depart at 19:00. It is very risky to arrive any later than the boarding time stated by your cruise line.
  17. Contrary to what you might believe, reservations don't guarantee car availability. They only guarantee the price of the car. I still welcome replies from anyone who has had personal experience at this location, either positive or negative. Thank you in advance.
  18. Is this based on recent personal experience? I read a number of posts from 2017 saying that the Eller Drive location allowed pickups that were scheduled at FLL at no additional charge, and one post where the person said they were denied doing this. Aside from those two year old posts, I have not seen any recent information to confirm or deny the ability to do so.
  19. Does anyone have any recent experience with picking up a car post-cruise at Alamo's Eller Drive location with a reservation calling for pickup at the FLL airport location? I've seen passing reference to doing so with no additional charge, but I'd welcome any recent experience. The reason why I ask is that I'm renting a car after our cruise to drive to Fort Myers, and a FLL to RSW (Ft. Myers airport) reservation is less than half the price of an Eller Drive to RSW rental. If I can grab the free shuttle to Eller and pick up there with my FLL reservation, great. If not, I'
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