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  1. Thanks Cajun. Also, Allstate is running a sweepstake with a prize of $1,500 in Carnival gift cards. 50 points per entry, limit 200 entries a day. Sweepstakes doesnt close until 7/31. Its a super longshot, but might be worth a gamble for those with tons of points.
  2. Very nice Cruisingguy!! I just checked now, and the offer was available on both my Citi Premier and my wife's Citi DoubleCash. So I should be able to use it twice!!
  3. Yeah. You need someone else to push that S all the way to the side so you can bring it home to papa!
  4. Ha. What is the point of playing if there are no S coins to get the $100 bonus? A very specific question since you previously mentioned blackjack. Carnival corporation cruises in the past had a BJ game called "Fun 21." It was the only BJ game that was dealt out of a shoe rather than a machine. Do they still have that game on the Horizon? Is it still dealt from a shoe? Thanks!
  5. Usually I get one code per week, coming in on Wednesday morning. But no code this past Wednesday (June 30).
  6. This is the webite link that I am using. https://myaccountrwd.allstate.com
  7. Ha! Glad they worked for you! And "welcome" to the game!
  8. Looks like Allstate is recycling older codes containing the word "welcome." None of them are working for me. Here is a list of other, older codes that also contain the "welcome." Dont know if any of them are still active, but they might be for folks new to the game. Welcomeprizes Welcomeback Welcome2rewards Welcome2savings Welcome2deals Welcome2offers welcome2AR welcome2winning Welcomecoupons Welcomebids Allstatewelcome
  9. This WELCOMELOCAL code did not work for me. But the code looked familiar, so I checked a word document where I save older codes. And there it was, so I must have used that code earlier. Still, it is interesting, as more recent codes seem to be expiring very quickly. Was WELCOMELOCAL recently reintroduced by Allstate . . . . but only for folks who hadn’t used it before? Who knows.
  10. OMG. A thread that is basically about free laundry and chocolate strawberries. Could there be any better evidence that things are getting back to normal?? Love it!!
  11. No. The offer is on all sorts of nonbranded cards. We got our on our AMEX Everyday Preferred. COme to think of it, is there even such a thing as an NCL branded AMEX card?
  12. I almost always use a TA, so I am not sure. But someone on this forum will know if you can apply the GCs directly on the Princess website, and, if so, if there is some upper limit to the number of GCs you can apply in one transaction.
  13. Like you, I would buy multiple $100 cards to get the extra 5% discount. But passing all those GC numbers over the phone to a Princess agent might take even longer than using them at the ship's customer service desk. And the way Allstate calculates shipping charges makes no sense. I wonder if you will get all thirty cards in one envelope . . . or thirty different envelopes.
  14. The spread between the Princess cards (15% discount on one, and 10% discount on the other) is a bit odd. Its also irritating, as I can see myself in line at the customer service desk on some Princess ship waiting for them to process my multiple $100 gift cards into my onboard account . . . .
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