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  1. Our first Disney cruise was on the Dream on a TA starting in Barcelona. At that time the port held four cruise ships, with the Dream closest to the harbor entrance/exit. When the first ship out (RCL I think?) sailed past the Dream and let loose its horn, you could hear it echo through the city. Cool. But then the Dream responded, and it was a surprise to me, and I think many on board. All of us up on the top deck raised our arms and cheered, like "take that!" A fun memory.
  2. Amen to that! Between the CCL stock, gift cards, and FCCs I still have a lot invested in Carnival. Hang in there baby.
  3. Hopefully it will get back to $30 someday. But since the Pandemic started the stock has been diluted quite a bit by additional stock issued by Carnival, and Carnival also has a lot of new debt to service and pay off. So I think Carnival will have to get back to full cruising health and maintain that health for a couple of years for $30 to be in the air.
  4. The CCL stock was briefly over $20 this morning. Managed to sell most of what I own for a nice profit. Yay!
  5. OK, I understand. It was the reference to the other provinces, and the relative numbers, that was confusing to me.
  6. So in Alberta you have similar numbers of cases as to two other provinces, but only a quarter the population, and somehow that is not "soaring" compared to the other two provinces? I don't follow the math.
  7. Not to worry about Princess gift cards. We have used them many times. Just like with Carnival gift cards, you can use Princess gift cards for your cruise deposit, your cruise fare, and for all onboard spending. You can use them directly with Princesss, or through your travel agent. Last time I checked, there were $100 Princess gift cards available at 15% off (i.e., for $85) on Allstate, but the $500 Princess gift cards had disappeared. There is a good chance the $500 ones will be back. As for the RCL certificates, we have never used them. But I am pretty sure they come with
  8. Thanks for the 2k! And I found the 1k too by just messing around! There is hope for combos again.
  9. Of course there will be cruising again, because there is a demand for it. But future cruising may not be via the Carnival we know. It might instead be Carnival in some sort of reorganization. Or it might be some new cruise line born from the ashes of Carnival and/or other cruise lines. Cruising could resume before COVID is defeated, but even if not we will likely have an effective vaccine at some point, and barring that COVID may mutate away (like the Spanish Flu did, after three big infection waves and two years of suffering).
  10. I see Senator Blumenthal. Who are the other Senators?
  11. I am confused. Are balcony cabins sold out for the next several years????
  12. If the vaccine is effective, but you need to get a booster shot every year, that's OK with me. I want to get out there and live my life!
  13. I can also see Carnival's debt becoming junk status. Quite easy to see, actually, as it already happened months ago. https://www.thestreet.com/investing/carnival-corp-credit-ratings-slashed-to-junk-status-by-sp Still, I am in glass half full mode right now with the Pfizer news. Even if it takes many months to distribute the vaccine, I think Carnival's creditor will allow Carniva to hang on.
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