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  1. NZ is close to putting the 2020 Aus/NZ cruise calendar out of commission: https://www.watoday.com.au/world/oceania/ardern-says-trans-tasman-bubble-a-long-way-off-20200803-p55i40.html Victoria will have to be like QLD/WA/NT/SA/Tas in terms of community spread before the travel bubble will be allowed. Given that cases are only just peaking (hopefully they are peaking), this is months away yet. Somewhere in 2021 looks more likely.
  2. And the Regal is supposed to be in Oz. I am booked on it Dec-15 out of Sydney. Given the situation in Victoria it is looking increasingly unlikely to happen 😕
  3. There are ridiculously beautiful beaches in every state in the country (though some are a tad dangerous, because of bitey and stingy things in or out of the water). On WA's south coast there are gorgeous beaches, especially around Esperance, but it is a rare cruise which stops there. The sand is so white it is blinding (Image search link). Sometimes a roo will join you on the beach. If you see another person you can always move to the next beach to get one to yourself.
  4. There are a lot of similarities with Canada. Canadians tend to live near the USA border, we live near the coast. Both mineral-rich and sparsely populated with extreme climates in large regions. Both have native peoples which are a small minority of the population. Westminster political system, Queen as head of state, part of the Commonwealth.
  5. And only a population of 25 million spread across that (though almost all within 50 miles of the coast). For perspective, I tell people I live in Perth, which is basically San Diego in terms of location and climate, and the nearest big city, Adelaide, is where Houston would be in terms of distance. Not much in between. A big lotta bush and sky. While Perth/Fremantle is a nice place to visit, it is 3-5 days cruise from the next destination of size. Not many people get over this side. My advice would be to concentrate on east coast Australia and NZ. Also, what the others said. Princess and Celebrity are fairly big down here, while Carnival is not.
  6. I saw the 15 Dec date flash across my mobile news feed. We are booked on 15 Dec 2020, but it is in Oz. The Oz cruises are only postponed until the end of October so far. We get our final payment due in October if I recall correctly, so it will be interesting to see how this progresses. Here is the detailed media statement: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-december-2020.html
  7. PPS> This kind of thing certainly isn't going to help the situation: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-08/nsw-coronavirus-breach-as-passengers-from-melbourne-not-screened/12433286
  8. Speaking from the other side of the country (Western Australia - Perth), Victoria is pretty much locked out of the rest of the country now. The hard border closures came at midnight Tuesday/Wednesday. They are getting 100+ confirmed cases per day (have been for about a week now). That is small potatoes compared to comparable populations in the USA, but we have been very cautious/lucky in Australia so far. We haven't had a case of community transmission in Western Australia for over a month and things are pretty much back to normal here. Pubs are open, restaurant, gyms etc. We have footy (Australian Football) coming back to the state in another week and we will have crowds of at least 30,000. They are still debating whether to allow a full stadium here (60,000) or not. The rest of the country, apart from Victoria, is also faring pretty well. The NT, SA and Tasmania are fine, Queensland is similar to WA, and NWS has a few more cases. Most cases outside Victoria were simply from international flights (returned Australians and residents, for example) who had to go into 14-day hotel quarantines. A small percentage of them have tested positive. Hence the alarm about the Victorian outbreak, because it is largely community transmission, and much more so than the original March-April case counts, which were mostly travel-related. The infected tend to be younger this time around (don't mention the protests /cough). Cruise ships have had a bad press in Australia, because of the Diamond, and especially the Ruby leading to many of the cases in Australia. A long ramble, but that's the general picture in Oz. Even if things settle down in Victoria, and there are no further outbreaks, Princess, and cruise ships more generally, will have to deal with the negative press over the last few months. It will take some convincing that things are good to go again. PS> Within Melbourne there are nine (if I recall correctly) apartments blocks in which the residents are in hard lock down. Many suburbs are expected to self-isolate. Further details at the Government web site: https://www.vic.gov.au/coronavirus-covid-19-restrictions-victoria
  9. We're booked on the Regal out of Sydney (round NZ and back) for 15 Dec 2020. It was looking good until the recent outbreak in Victoria (Melbourne). Prior to the outbreak I thought our chances were good to go, now I am thinking 50:50. Also booked on the NCL Getaway next year out of Rome with FCC from a cancelled April 2020 cruise (Panama on the Bliss). This may end up being our first cruise since May last year.
  10. This. After doing 'the right thing' and the politicians completely buckling to the mob, there was no way normal folk were going to keep up the effort. We got lucky in WA as there are no additional cases attributed to the protests from 10 days ago. Why our borders are completely closed to areas such as the NT are anyone's guess. The NT hasn't had a case in about 10 weeks. SA over 5 weeks. I presume our fearful leader is scared of Vics travelling through those areas to get to us...
  11. You wonder if a group like Genting would be on the prowl right now. If the price is right maybe some group like that will jump in.
  12. Bear in mind only 10 passengers have been tested so far (presumably those with symptoms). Also be aware that depending on the test type, the accuracy may be as low as 70%. It was discussed on the live stream on the following page, but the stream is now over: https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/wa-coronavirus-live-australia-s-death-toll-rises-as-ama-calls-to-broaden-testing-in-wa-20200325-p54dxr.html
  13. The title is the glass half full version of quarantine: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-25/coronavirus-cruise-ship-quarantine-zone-for-rottnest-island/12089394 There's worse places to spend a couple weeks, to be sure.
  14. It is reported that the ship appears to have turned around - back in the direction of Fremantle: https://thewest.com.au/news/coronavirus/coronavirus-crisis-more-confusion-over-sick-cruise-ship-msc-magnifica-as-route-shows-return-to-wa-ng-b881499238z
  15. One of the Ruby Princess passengers has been reported as passing away: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-24/coronavirus-cases-in-nsw-increase-and-pass-800/12080260
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