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  1. Grats B&B from Terri and Mike. So do you have a cruise planned for the honeymoon?
  2. LOL got through that stage and it said "Were sorry but cant find any hotels that have availability for the date requested." Not sure if this is a bad thing as I didn't want or ask for hotels... Onto the payments area for more fun. Whew! Got there in the end. Hope they get this sorted out soon or they may lose business.
  3. Is it just me or is the NCL database/server having fits? It keeps aborting on requests for pricing and room availability. I have tried three different browsers and the looping is extremely annoying. I wonder if anyone is handling the servers on the weekends... LOL the latest error I got was: "The username you have chosen is not available. Please try a different username. If you continue to see this error, contact Norwegian for assistance." I am logged in at the moment... yeah, the server is having serious issues. Been battling with it for an hour just to get through to the reservation details section and now this... After stubbornly hitting the submit half a dozen times it went through. Entered my wife's details and I get: "Oops, an error occurred" This is starting to become almost comical. Back to banging the submit button...
  4. Hadn't watched this thread for a couple of weeks... dang it Bob! There's easier ways to propose than after a heart attack and a stroke mate! Sheesh, all's well that end well. Terri says hi as well 😄 Glad to hear everything is well - that was some tense reading for the last half dozen thread pages. So I guess it is time to start planning the honeymoon cruise 😜
  5. We'll be flying overhead tonight Bob. Off to do a sprint (7 day) on the MSC Seaside from Miami on Saturday. Will be in Andorra for a week after but gone from Spain before you get there on the Insignia. I'll be back to work for over a month before you're even done >.<
  6. I trust no one got taken by the salties ... they can be a bit stalky and nippy.
  7. I see they used a touch of greenery to decorate the plate ... quaint.
  8. So Bob... your former trivia team mates want to know ... have you formed a new trivia team? ~Mike & Terri
  9. Given I managed to get the Solstice on a 16 day cruise a couple weeks ago for under A$200 (US$140ish) a day with standard drinks included, in a guaranteed balcony, which I have now been informed got bumped to Deluxe.... why, oh why, would I pay multiples of that amount for the Edge? I always assumed pricing would be silly until the second Edge class was launched. Love the look of the ships, but I can wait. There's plenty of good looking new ships out there, and heaps more to come. I am curious to give the new MSC liners a chance, for example. They appear to be good value for money judging by other cruise lines.
  10. Best I can tell the Celebrity Solstice still doesn't have a mobile app (at least for Android). Am I missing something?
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