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  1. Just a week to go before my first Regent cruise (Eastern Caribbean). I plan to bring cash in large bills -- is it easy to exchange them on the ship for smaller bills to use on the excursions? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the great suggestion; we already have some smaller dry bags, but I had not thought of using a large one to hold the beach towels and a change of clothes. Jerry
  3. Thanks — we will bring our own beach bag. Jerry
  4. We are going on our first Regent cruise next month, in the Caribbean. One of the amenities for our concierge suite is a tote bag -- is it large enough to carry two beach towels and a few other sundries (like sun block) on a beach excursion? If not, we will bring our own beach bag. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I had my first need to call Regent today and it was a pleasure. My request to switch cooking classes was immediately handled as well as my request for a specific stevia based soda. It was nice to call a company's customer service and actually receive excellent customer service from the first person I spoke with. Jerry
  6. A couple more food questions for our first Regent cruise (10 day Caribbean this Spring): 1. Is there a particular evening that the pool deck BBQ is held? It looks like fun, so I don't want to schedule a specialty restaurant that night. 2. Are stone crab claws typically served during a cruise? I ask as I would like to avoid paying for them at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami before we start the cruise! Thanks. Jerry
  7. My wife and I will be on our first Regent cruise, on board Explorer on its Feb. 21, 2020 10-day Miami round trip to the Caribbean. Previously, we have only been on main stream lines, most recently Celebrity (Aqua Class) and are eagerly awaiting to be pampered on Regent. I have learned much about Regent (no lanyard for me this time) and want to thank the posters. Now the questions: 1. We have signed up for two (2) Culinary Arts Kitchen classes. Not that it matters too much, but how long do the classes usually last? 2. Our first Culinary Arts class is on the first Sunday at 10am, which is a sea day. The last full day of the cruise is also a Sunday sea day. Will the Sunday brunch likely be on the first Sunday? If so, will my class cause me to miss it? Thanks.
  8. My wife and I usually like to eat late -- what are the latest seating times for the Compass Rose and specialty restaurants? Looking forward to our first Regent cruise in February!
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