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  1. So many wonderful desserts: the mainstay is the Love Boat Dream, but how can I not mention the Orange Souffle, the Caramel Pot du Crème (one of the few Curtis Stone creations that I enjoy), floating islands in vanilla, and of course, the cherries jubilee and the baked Alaska!! Although good bread and butter (more than one pat) would be an acceptable dessert for me any day!
  2. Yes. We were very pleased with the hotel -- the room was nice, the staff was wonderful. And it was so convenient, with the bellman taking care of getting our luggage over to the ship in the morning.
  3. This is a new one. I'll try it on my next cruise!
  4. I think it is rude and disrespectful to barge into the cabins after being told not to do so. I simply kept my carry-on bags with me during lunch. Whilst we were dining, the ship's announcement that "the cabins are now available" was made, so after we finished lunch, we went to our cabin to drop off the carry-on bags. No sweat, no huhu, and we did not interfere with the cabin steward who presumably had been busy working while we were having a wonderful lunch. I am sorry that some people feel so entitled that they don't think the rules apply to them.
  5. All three ports will have the stuff you are looking for. Cabo is the most Americanized, and is the least likely to have it at decent prices. I would think your best bet is the Central Market in Mazatlán, but I recommend that you stock up at the first of PV or Mazatlán, just to take the pressure off!
  6. Hank, this is exactly my point. Between the three ports, I will probably spend under $200 for cabs, t-shirts, snacks, board shorts, … If I am given an exchange rate of 15 instead of 19, well, it won't add appreciably to the cost of the cruise! If I am buying jewelry or art, I will use a credit card and will get a good exchange rate on that purchase.
  7. Hank is right about a low-key PV day. Take a minivan from the terminal ($4 per person) to the Mercado and wander around. However, I have to plug Stone Island in Mazatlán. Take a water taxi/ferry from near the terminal and enjoy the beach and restaurants. There are plenty of posts on this Forum about Stone Island. It is a very easy DIY.
  8. My last cruise out of Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale), I arrived at the airport around 9 p.m. The hotel's airport shuttle was still running, so we got to the hotel without a hitch. Unfortunately, the hotel's coffee shop was already closed. Twelve hours later, we were in the hotel lobby waiting for the shuttle to the ship. No time to sightsee, no time to explore, we were happy with the hotel for the one night's sleep (plus breakfast) regardless of the location! I have no idea which hotel it was, whatever Princess had offered us was good for me! (In Vancouver, staying right across the street from the cruise terminal -- one of Princess's offerings to us -- was fantastic, because the hotel's bellmen took care of our baggage, and we simply walked across the street.)
  9. For the Exchange, I always get 2 Sprites, 2 Cokes and the rest all Diet Cokes. Now with the coffee cards tied to the specific cruise, that is a "no go" for us -- we MIGHT buy 3 coffees max on a seven day cruise. But even with the Soda and More package, my wife will consume all those Mini-Bar Exchange cans of Diet Coke in seven days while she is in the cabin!
  10. I have never had a problem on Princess with shower pressure or with water temperature in the shower. Guess I've just been lucky!!
  11. Some of the waitstaff don't seem to realize the proper timing of a breakfast: the bagel and cream cheese and fixings (tomato, onions, capers) should come at the same time as the lox -- not ten minutes before. And I want my hot water and tea bag early, so the bag can steep. I know for some people, sitting at the table waiting forever to be served might be OK, relaxing. For me, it is aggravating, even if I have no place else to be. If I want to eat breakfast at 10:30, I'll come to the dining room at 10:15, not at 9:30!! So I prefer the buffet! There, I'll have a leisurely breakfast, but the leisure will be because of me, not because the staff can't get it together!! The buffet does have a problem with keeping pancakes hot, but I avoid that problem by only having pancakes that are just being put out, while they are still warm.
  12. We do this cruise mostly in Dec and Jan. Usually the first and last days are cool, but the middle five days are nice and warm. But your mileage may vary, as Ep's did!
  13. The seven day Mex-Riv cruise is my favorite, and I have done it over a dozen times. (They stopped the ten-day LA to Acapulco and back cruise, which used to be my favorite.) 1. Please go to the Mexican Riviera forum. boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/124-mexican-riviera There is a lot of very good info there. 2. Mazatlán: Read about Stone Island on the Mexican Riviera Forum. 3. Mazatlán: Although I often walk "the Blue Line", you can grab a "golf cart" taxi to the Cathedral, and save yourself some time. Especially if you want to spend some time at Stone Island. 4. Don't spend Cabo as a ship day. At least, take the tender ashore and take a glass bottom boat out to Los Arcos.
  14. Ine's suggestion -- Playa Los Muertes -- is good. Grab a taxi from the pier, and then go to one of the restaurants and order a couple of drinks, an appetizer, and settle in! You'll see a lot about Federal taxis and local taxis -- don't sweat it, just head out to the beach and have fun.
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