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  1. We sailed on the Edge, Aqua Class. Blu is a restaurant reserved for Aqua Class. Vey nice space and service. Blu does allow you to select from the Main Dining Room menus. BigBen above said that on the Edge, you can not order off the MDR menu in Luminae, which would be a big disappointment to me. Even though I could order from the MDR menus in Blu, I instead went to the various MDRs because it was our first trip on Edge and I needed to experience each of the MDRs. As Aqua, we were treated very nicely in all of the MDRs, as well as at Blu. We were on a very port-intensive trip a
  2. As others have warned, Pre-Covid and Post-Covid might be different. I love Traditional Dining. That is a fixed time for dinner, and you get the same table-mates and wait-staff every evening. (If you absolutely hate a table-mate, that can be fixed. In 35 years of cruising, we've had that happen a few times. Someone who would not stop talking politics, a very nice couple who did not speak English [the maitre d' found them a German-speaking couple they could talk with instead of sitting with smiles plastered on their faces], etc. ) If you have the same waitstaff ever
  3. Miss P22, I don't care if the cruise line makes the vaccine mandatory or not. If I have a 90% (+) effective vaccination, and someone else wants to take the risk, his decision should not make me vulnerable -- I've been vaccinated. Let the anti-vac people take the risk, it is not endangering me. Until I learned that very young children were put at risk from non-vaccinated older children, I never understood why I should care if anti-vac parents refused to get their kids vaccinated. I thought "it is their kids, let them get sick." I did not understand that there really was a public
  4. My solution is to never turn on the TV during the cruise. That exempted me not only from watching the required video but from being exposed to the Morning Show and other obnoxious "content". But I know I am atypical. Years ago, the Port Lectures were interesting info about the ports, but even before the lectures were "televised" so you could view them in the cabins, they turned into nothing but sales pitches for the stores which paid the cruise line. So I don't mind missing this content.
  5. Celebrity pricing seems outrageously high, especially for the Edge and Apex. I hated the so-called Infinite Veranda -- no balcony and don't pretend that a tiny extension of the room is a balcony!! I was paying a large upcharge for an Oceanview with a window that opens!! My wife insisted. I found things to complain about on the Edge. One of them was that Princess spoiled me with the buffet hours. When I returned from an excursion at 3:30 p.m., the Edge had nothing at all available to eat! At least, their "app" didn't list anything. I later learned that the hot dog
  6. Whatever they call it, I call it a WIN for Ombud!! Wonderful!!
  7. My parents moved to Key West about 35 years ago, so I've visited it often, land-based. When I visit as a cruise passenger, I just go my folks' condo and spend the day with them. Because I am not doing tourist stuff, the over-crowding doesn't bother me much, but I do see it and I certainly understand the locals' resentment. On the other hand, my mom is an artist making art works that are sold (on consignment) to those tourists, and she would hate to see these restrictions put into place.
  8. Robert the haunted doll. Worth a brief visit.
  9. Well said. Sanity! Rationally presented, without any rancor or hostility. I wear a mask when I go into a business. It is required by law and it is polite and respectful to the business owner and his/her/its employees and customers. But I do not believe that it does anything to protect me or others from the virus.
  10. We took one Christmas cruise recently: Dec 23, 2017 - Dec 30, Ruby Princess: There were lots of decorations, lots of Christmas trees. There was a great display of a gingerbread village in the Atrium. Christmas Eve, the cruise director Peter lead a non-denominational Christmas service at 11:30 p.m. Not what I am used to, but I was very happy that he was able to officiate. Some of the crew sang – I probably should say this, but generally Filipinos sing very well and are Catholic, so they know the Christmas carols. A crew member named April (a guy!) had a phenom
  11. It is pretty hard for people with walkers to go up or down stairs. And people in wheelchairs can be pushed down stairs, but that doesn't work upstairs. Me, I'll wait for the vaccine!
  12. Thank you, Marylou, I needed the laugh!
  13. If you re-fare, you might lose perks and promotions. Be sure to verify any such losses before you re-fare.
  14. On Edge, very soon after we made the booking, I made reservations for each night of the cruise, at least one night in each of the main dining rooms. My wife then upgrades us to Aqua, and Blu, so all of my dining room reservations were cancelled. While on board, we went to each of the four main dining rooms, without reservations, and were seated almost immediately.
  15. I am not sure about your question, but in our cabin, which was on the port side, the bed was near the "balcony" (there is no balcony, this cabin was falsely called an "infinite veranda" which is really an ocean view no balcony cabin with a large picture window that opens -- but nothing that can be called a balcony!). If we were sitting up in bed with our backs against what would be a headboard, we would be facing aft. Our sofa was also facing aft. I think you are looking for a cabin the mirror image of ours, so that you would be facing forward when sitting against the headboard.
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