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  1. I did enjoy the Construction Elevator as a boarding platform when we tendered. It was large and stable. But the bar was closed then and the staff was herding the passengers along into the ship, to keep us from causing congestion on the boarding platform. When the Construction Elevator was parked at an upper deck, well, there are lots of other bars and no reason (in my mind) to patronize the ugly Elevator.
  2. I do not see the magic of the Construction Elevator. Bright orange, ugly as sin, and what is the point of it? All it does is mar the beauty and grace of the ship's outline and shape. So what if the bar's location varies? On the other hand, there is nothing that anyone who is comfortable on the upper outside decks of the ship should be concerned about. I found it no more anxiety causing than the pool decks or that space in front of the Spa. OP, don't sweat it! And if you do get anxious, a brief trip to the buffet or any other indoor space should calm you down.
  3. My general impression is that an All-Inclusive deal requires considerable alcohol consumption to be economically worthwhile. [As a non-drinker, I have never done an AI, so I am not speaking from personal experience.] If you are in Cabo for a one-day port call, how much are you going to be drinking? Will an AI be worth it? I agree with SelectSys, that it might be better to buy food and drink on the beach instead of buying an AI Pass. Or even, if your friend can't do the beach at all, just get a non-AI Day Pass and pay a la carte.
  4. I never even thought about this. I hope the statute of limitations has expired!!
  5. My wife and I brought walkie-talkies on our cruises in the 1980s and maybe 1990s, but once text messaging became prevalent, no more. I didn't find the walkie-talkies worked very well on-board, but they were great in ports of call.
  6. If I am cruising out of Los Angeles (Princess), I wear a sports coat, dress shirt and tie to board. That way, I have deep inside breast pockets for all of my important papers, my jacket and shirt remain unwrinkled, and it suits my preference for wearing decent clothes while traveling -- from my childhood when people got dressed up to fly. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Have you done the Sting Ray City excursion in Grand Cayman? That is one of my favorite excursions. (Dunns River Falls is the other.) If you haven't tried it, I strongly recommend that you do, once GC re-opens.
  8. I hope and expect that as time goes on, there will be more and more vaccinations in the third world, and that the Caribbean and Mexico and Central/South America will be part of this. So I expect that we are not going to take any steps backward! I had suggested on Cruise Critic that the cruise lines need to step forward and hold vaccination clinics at the port for port workers and other locals to help spread the vaccine. Because the cruise lines will benefit greatly from the ports re-opening. And they have the medical personnel available, who are doing little during the port ca
  9. On the Edge, two years ago, the Peanut Butter Cookies were behind the counter, in a covered tray, and there was a sign telling the passengers that they were behind the counter for allergy reasons.
  10. @Markeb, thank you for a straightforward and clear answer!
  11. "Why were unvaccinated adults allowed on the ship?" You also seem to be ignorant of the difficulties for a business in Florida to demand proof of vaccination and to refuse service to the unvaccinated. This has been discussed at length on this forum. "There is no reason for someone over the age of 12 to be unvaccinated in the U.S." I am trying to be polite but your post shows incredible ignorance. There are people who for medical reasons cannot get the vaccine. In addition, the vaccine is NOT FDA approved for general use, but only for experimental emergency use.
  12. I appreciate an unvarnished report on what is lacking and what is wonderful. I didn't book an early cruise because I want there to be enough time for everything to settle down, and I would have hated to be one of the test people for the re-opening, especially when St Maartin and Barbados were changing the rules in the days before the first cruise! I would have had ulcers!! I am planning on reading these posts carefully over the next few months to decide on whether to keep my cruise or cancel. What will Florida/the Courts/Celebrity do about the "vaccination passports"? When thin
  13. For non-alcohol drinkers (or even light drinkers), consider the Sodas And More package. The cost is something like $8 - 9 per day, including the 20% gratuity. My wife and I always buy this package, because we drink a lot of soda. I would hazard a guess that we always save money by getting the package, but even if we only come close to break-even, the convenience of not having to think about it is well worth it. We do trade in our mini-bar booze, beer and tonic for our preferred sodas, but who wants to run back to the cabin at lunch time to grab a can of Coke to drink at lunch.
  14. I have done so many times. But not on formal nights (whatever they call them now, something chic).
  15. I have never seen them for rent. Only as taxis -- which I have rented (with the driver) by the hour.
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