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  1. Mike45LC

    Mini suite perks?

    The larger bathroom is a very nice feature. The tub, well, I've never taken a bath on board, but it does prevent the shower curtain hug that you get in other cabins! The larger sitting area is very nice as well. This is my "go-to" category, I find the increased space is worth the cost, but (and this is purely personal preference) that the upgrade to CC or suite is not worth it.
  2. I would think that the casinos are safe. There are always risks, but I have not heard of any problems. In Vegas, there are bad people who watch the Casino Cages for customers cashing out a large amount of chips. Some of these lucky winners are followed by criminals who want to separate the winners from their cash -- muggings or pickpockets or maybe women who promise one thing but whose real intention is theft. I know about this in Vegas because I live here and I hear about some incidents. I would guess that the same thing goes on at casinos all over the world.
  3. Mike45LC

    Dining Room Table Numbers

    Bemis, no, it did not bother me at all. I gave them my table in an (involuntary and unknown) exchange.
  4. Mike45LC

    Dining Room Table Numbers

    The table numbers can change. I know, because we were once assigned to table #72. On the first evening, my wife pointed to the table next to us (table #74) and said "I like that table better, can we get our assignment changed?" The couple assigned to that other table had not arrived, so I simply switched the table numbers. Our servers knew what we had done, but it didn't matter to them!
  5. Mike45LC

    Ruby Princess pulls back into dock in San Pedro

    Just fixing the parking job a little bit, to center the ship between the lines of the parking space. Don't want the people in the next space banging their doors into the side of the ship!
  6. Mike45LC

    Shareholder request form

    Wow, based on what CentralCal and yedua just posted, I went on-line and found that I have my Shareholders Benefit already in my account. I faxed in my paperwork on Monday, and didn't even think to check until I saw their reports of almost immediate action by Princess. To quote yerdua, "Very impressive"!
  7. Mike45LC

    Ruby princess tips and advice

    I strongly disagree with JLP as to Mazatlán. This is not what your mother warned you about!! The dock in Mazatlan is in the middle of an industrial port. You need to take a tram (free) to the cruise terminal, which is filled with tourist stores. When you fight your way out of the cruise terminal, there is a blue line painted on the sidewalk and streets. If you follow the blue line, it will take you to downtown. There are volunteer Tourist Aides (American and Canadian expats and/or snowbirds) who can direct you and answer questions. I have taken this walk for exercise several times, when I am up early and my wife is sleeping in. I have never felt uneasy about walking it. However, unless you need the exercise, take a golf-cart cab. In Mazatlán, take the cab to the Cathedral downtown. Wander around -- see the Church and the Mercado. Then, take another golf cart to Zona Dorado -- this is the resort area, with shopping, clubs and restaurants and the beach. Wander around, have some adult beverages, visit the jewelry stores, …. Then, take another golf cart back to the ship, with a brief stop to watch the cliff divers. The cabs are very easy to get -- you have to fight them off!! Agree upon the price beforehand. US dollars are accepted.
  8. Mike45LC

    Soda (Only Card)

    Hygiene Issue: If I use a tumbler on Saturday, and bring it back to the bar to be re-used on Sunday, without having washed it in very hot water in the meantime, it is a hygiene issue! And I prefer the bartender not putting his hands on someone's dirty tumbler and then touching nice clean glasses. I hope they did away with the tumblers!
  9. Mike45LC

    Shareholder request form

    I was unable to find the form on-line, so I called Princess. The representative promised to email the form to me, but it never came in. I was going to white-out the form I used last year, but it got pretty ugly (last year, I had white-outed a prior form, so this had far too many white-outs), so I just listed the information required in a letter and faxed it with my most recent brokerage statement. Fishywood gave you the link to the required info.
  10. Mike45LC

    Anytime Dining

    My GUESS is that the new early dining times will shift a lot of people to Later Seating (which is now pretty early!) and/or Anytime Dining. This might make it harder for the Anytime Dining Maitre'd to give you a standing reservation.
  11. Look at the menus on-line. I personally could not find anything that appealed to me on the Share menu -- I do not find Curtis Stone's creations edible, he is simply looking for "new" and "creative." I don't want my steak as offered by Share, on a "sunchoke" (whatever the heck that is) puree with leeks. I do much better with steak and "normal" sides, which I get at the Crown Grill. There, I get to experiment with different salts.
  12. Mike45LC

    Soda (Only Card)

    I never used the tumblers on board. The bartenders/servers would give me a nice clean glass each time I got a soda. I saw no point in using the tumblers. And I too thought it was unsanitary.
  13. Mike45LC

    Soda (Only Card)

    There is diet coke available under the Soda And More package. Professor Plum, the package costs the same on-board as in advance. I always buy mine on-board, because of stories I've heard of people having to bring printouts of their accounts to the Guest Relations Desk and waiting in long lines, just to prove that they had pre-paid for the Soda and More Package. I just buy the package on-board, usually within an hour of my boarding -- that's about when I am ready for my first soda of the cruise. Last year, I finally tried the mock-tails. Eh.
  14. Mike45LC

    Traditional Dining Times on the Ruby!

    Gloria, wait until you go to Anytime Dining and get told "there's an hour wait" on Formal Night. I only opted for Anytime Dining for one cruise, and that was my experience. I ended up eating at the buffet. I was VERY upset, and I have never done Anytime since. I fear that these absurd dining times might be to try to force us to select Anytime.
  15. Mike45LC

    Traditional Dining Times on the Ruby!

    My confirmed 8:15 p.m. Second Seating has now been changed to 7:15 p.m. I guess I can eat that early, but I much prefer dining as 8 or 8:30. I wish Princess would stop messing around with the meal times!