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  1. With the ships sailing at reduced capacity, your chances of there being a cabin available are probably decent. Pre-Covid, someone seeking to extend would often be faced with a sold-out cruise that would preclude an extension. As WestLakeGirl pointed out, requesting this as early as possible is a good idea, for the formalities required.
  2. I am glad for you that you enjoy your veggies, supposedly they are a healthier choice. But chocolate is my favorite veggie! I also like potato chips and Fritos, which are respectively potato and corn, with vegetable oil and loads of minerals (salt). None of us have any idea of what the OP's tastes and preferences are, and I just want the OP to realize that it is up to him/her/them to figure out as best he/she/they can if Blu is for him/her/them. On the Edge, I think I ate in Blu for two dinners and two breakfasts total (7 night cruise). I much preferred experiencing the four wonderful Main Dining Rooms that were available, and I love the buffet. I typically eat at a Las Vegas buffet for dinner at least twice a month by choice. To each his/her/their own! Part of the joys of cruising!
  3. This is so subjective. I am not a fan of Blu. We were last in Blu on the Edge two years ago, pre-Covid. I liked the size of Blu, but not the furnishings. Too darn many pillows on the chairs, uncomfortable arm chairs that would have been better for lounging than dining. I want to sit up at the table and be close to the table. In restaurants, I normally decline booths, because I want to be able to pull my chair up to the table. The menu at Blu was too foo-foo for me. And too "healthy" -- asparagus and broccoli and eggplant and other unattractive stuff. If the veggies were just side dishes, the staff would have ben happy to just not put them on my plate, but far too often they were ingredients integral to and already in the main dish. I keep hearing people rave about the breakfasts. I prefer the buffet to spending 90 minutes dawdling over a meal, waiting impatiently for my food to be brought to me. This was especially true on port days -- who wants to sit in the dining room when I could be exploring a port?
  4. I am sure that this was sold to Management as a huge wealth of data to be mined. But Princess already knows exactly how much I spend at the bars (or how many drinks I order, if I am on package), the specific bars and the times (before a show or activity, during a show or activity, etc.), what I am buying at the various shopping venues, whether I am using the coupons and discounts advertised in the Daily Patter, etc., etc. They have passenger counts at the pool and bars and dining rooms -- maybe every hour. (One business I am involved with takes hourly line counts.) Without the Medallion's tracking, they might not know if I specifically am one of the people dozing in the sun at the pool or playing ping-pong or playing cards in what used to be a library, but they will know how many people are at Trivia , how many are in the gym and how many are watching karaoke. They know how many of each dish in the dining room get ordered. They know how much of each food item gets taken in the buffets. They have so much surveillance that they can track anyone's specific whereabouts on-board every moment of the day and night. So I do not know what additional data the Medallion can gather for them. But I am sure that that is the ultimate purpose of the thing. If it weren't for the door unlocking, I would probably decline to carry a Medallion around the ship.
  5. Los Arcos is the Arch, a prominent "landmark" in Cabo. You can arrange for the water taxi to come back for you at a specific time, but I don't do this. First, I will never recognize which boat/driver is mine -- they all look the same to me! Second, I would spend too much energy worrying about having to be at the same spot at a specific time to be picked up. Instead, I simply walk away from the beach when I am done, hailing a cab or a water taxi or walking -- there are plenty of cabs and water taxis, or you might even catch a pedicab.
  6. I probably cannot complete the form. First, they demand that you sign that you have read and understand the CDC Guidance. But I don't really understand it. How does my reading and understanding some political "guidance" help stop the spread of a virus? I do not understand this at all, and am therefore not eligible to sign that I do understand. Then, the form itself does NOT limit itself to my reading and understanding the policies. The signature line requires me to commit to FOLLOWING the guidance. That is a different kettle of fish. Well, Let's go, Brandon!
  7. I don't need the Medallion or app to order a drink and have it delivered. This is what cocktail waitresses are for. As for the rest of your itemized features, no thanks. I'll eat at a dining venue, and I will gamble in the casino.
  8. I admit that it did unlock the cabin door. But you still needed a free hand to open the door. The Daily Schedule on the App was TERRIBLE. Incomplete, inaccurate, unreliable. I missed various shows because they were not listed on the App. The "Find Your Spouse" feature was very inaccurate. The crew had access to a more reliable person finder, but I was tryi9ng to meet my wife and the App had her two floors away from her actual location (and she was carrying her Medallion). So all I concede is that it did unlock my cabin door. And it let me check in and out of the ship at ports of call. That is all!
  9. Thanks to the panic over Covid, it has been almost two years since I was there last, but as soon as you get off the tender, the salesmen will crowd around selling "glass bottom boat tours" to Los Arcos. The "glass bottom boat" is a water taxi with a small window in the bottom of the boat. The standard route is a quick stop at Lover's Beach/Divorce Beach if anyone wants to get dropped off (don't go there -- better to go to Medano Beach). Then, look at the fish under the boat. Then, hold your breath as the boat approaches the sea lions -- they stink. Then, the boat will maneuver for a good view of the Arches. If you have asked to be dropped off at Medano, the driver will drop you off. Tell the driver you want to see the Arches first, otherwise he might drop you off before going to the Arch. With the drop off at the beach, I'd offer $10 per person. They might start the negotiations at $12 per person, but if you are stubborn, you might get it for $8. I usually get dropped off at the Paridiosa (??) Mall's dock, so I volunteer $10 pp. (Plus a $5 tip.) I do not know the current price for jet skis. SelectSys is right, negotiate beforehand.
  10. Our last cruise pre-Covid, on the Royal Princess: One table was $25 minimum 3-2 BJ, Dealer must hit soft 17. I believe it was hand-shuffled, but my notes do not show how it was shuffled or how many decks of cards. Sorry for my poor note taking. Two tables of 6-5 BJ, with a $6 minimum, Continuous Shuffle. There was some stupid side bet to take that extra $1 bet, or you could play $6 and get paid only $7 for a blackjack, further reducing the pay from 6-5 to 7-6. Or you could play some multiple of $5 to preserve the 6-5 payout. One more table of BJ, this one a $15 table, 3-2 payout, Continuous Shuffle. There were two electronic BJ games, but I did not pay any attention to these.
  11. I felt the same indifference towards cruise directors as I do to the cab driver steering the ship, but then I took a Princess cruise with Cruise Director Matt O, who has the same kind of following as Cap'n Kate. And I was actually turned into a Matt O fan. Once I take a Cap'n Kate cruise, I may have to come back to this thread and eat crow! Four and twenty blackbirds ....
  12. I used to stay on Ashford in Condado, but Isla Verde is a good choice for your "Beach overnight." With the age range extending up to 85, I don't know if two blocks from the beach might be too far. Of course,, the pool at the hotel is much closer!
  13. That is a good point. In most of my calls at Cabo, the ship used both its own life boats and shore-based tender boats that the cruise line contracted with. The shore based tender boats are much larger than the ship's life boats. I always took whichever boat was available, but I am guessing that the OP could ask to wait for the next shore-based boat if she is offered a ship's life boat. I certainly hope that the OP can make it ashore!
  14. I prefer a captain whose English is relatively clear and who can be understood through the horrible Public Announcement systems, but otherwise, they are nothing but cab drivers to me. And I have never had a captain get lost driving the boat [I know it's a ship] to the next port of call. And I cannot remember the name of the captain from any cruise I've taken. I couldn't tell you the captain's name even during the cruise.
  15. The OP had said in the original post "I can’t do the cruises out to the arch I get sea sick on smaller boats easier." So the water taxi is out. Although for me, I agree with you, the water taxi to the Arch and then to the beach would be the best option.
  16. If you are able to take a tender to shore, the best known beach, Medano Beach, is in walking distance. You can take a pedicab instead of walking. From the beach you can easily rent a jet ski. This is a noisy, active beach, not quiet at all! Lots of vendors, lots of parasail boat operators, banana boats, etc. Restaurants and drinks. Everything you need!
  17. Wasn't TopekaDuckie active in this whimsey? I seem to recall she was on one of my Princess cruises, and she had a duck on her cabin doorknob and had hidden ducks around the ship.
  18. The economic situation in the Philippines is not good, and being able to work on a cruise ship and send money home to the family is as important as always. And Covid restrictions in the Philippine Islands ["PI"] are very strict, so the ship is a more relaxed environment. I did not think to ask, but I suspect that the vaccines provided by the cruise ships are better than those available in the PI (most of my relatives there got one of the Chinese versions, no choice available), so that is probably another advantage to working for the cruise ships.
  19. And they have wonderful tiny lemon meringue tarts. I would grab a couple just about every time I walked by the Cafe al Bacio.
  20. The uncertainties of getting the Covid test results and of whether they will change the rules would be horrible to deal with. I'm constantly checking on the mask/bubble excursion rules for my upcoming Edge cruise!
  21. Just relax, they have your reservation and they will give you a cabin. Especially with the low occupancy of ships these days, there is nothing to worry about!
  22. Kirk, it is a bar/lounge that can move up and down like a huge elevator. It is this ugly red like a construction elevator. It does not move up and down with people on it. Most of the time it is up on the 14th deck, locked in place, operating as a bar. Some of the time, it is down at ocean level, as a tender space, allowing for more efficient loading and unloading of tenders. Someone above said it is used for provisioning the ship, but I did not observe that. I have not seen it anywhere but on 14 and ocean level. I have never seen it parked where it would obstruct any views from staterooms. When it was down at ocean level for tendering, I forgot to run up to 14 to see the gap where it is normally parked. I should have done that.
  23. I admit that I did not notice if Bingo was being offered on Edge in the summer of 2019. I also did not notice if art auctions or "Deal or No Deal" was offered. I'd have to go through my old Daily Planners. I don't even know if I had a free scoop of gelato!
  24. SusieSan, Celebrity allows passengers off the ship for unescorted tours in some ports. In others, only those passengers taking "bubble tours" are allowed off the ship. From this, I conclude that the port authorities get to make the decision as to whether escorts are required. It could be based on the number of unvaccinated passengers and crew (remember, children are not eligible for vaccines), on how many ships will be in port on any given day, on the current Covid numbers on the island, on the number of Emergency Room beds available, on the percentage of islanders who are vaccinated, and numerous other factors I have not even thought about. I doubt that it is simply a money grab by Celebrity. Otherwise, they would probably impose bubble tour restrictions on every port. I have decided to cancel my Dec 2021 Edge cruise (Aqua class) in part because of the bubble only requirement. Cancellations do not make Celebrity much money!! When the ships are sailing at full capacity, if I cancel, they might be able to sell my cabin to someone else, but my guess is that during Covid, my cancellation will simply cost Celebrity money.
  25. Sorry, DKJ, for the senior moment. I joined the Club in Dec 1990, after my first Meridian cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. It was such a fantastic experience, white gloved service, that we signed up for another Meridian cruise (and the Captain's Club) as soon as we returned home and called our travel agent.
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