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  1. Alaska is taxing the drinks now? In 2019 it was only when you were in Washington state water.
  2. You mean the muster station stuff? The videos don't count until the day of the cruise.
  3. Guarantee is never the BEST in the category. Everyone would choose that if it's the case! You're only guaranteed the MINIMUM of the category. And in your case neighborhood balconies are in fact balconies. When it comes to Oasis class technically three balcony guarantees exist - balcony gty (includes all balconies with the neighborhood ones as min), neighborhood gty (get at least a neighborhood balcony), and Oceanview balcony gty (at min you will get an ocean view balcony). Lately (for months if not since last year) you can only find the balcony gty if you book on Royals website (and possibly by phone too). Whereas travel agents still can see the other two gty. As with any guarantee rate, you should be very sure what it means when you book.
  4. Doesn't really matter if carnival refunded all your money and you hadn't left on the trip. Nothing for insurance to cover.
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