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  1. Nothing. Was making a quip since it was double points since you had the promo. So it's not double c&a points unless it is double c&a points. Guess it's not a great quip if I gotta explain lol
  2. It's not double points unless it is double points 😉
  3. It's an extra point for suites not double. If it was double points solos would get 4 points for suites. And if your math worked for doubling when royal actually ran the double points promo a solo in a regular cabin would not get 4 points a night It's one point for sailing. One point for suites. One point for solo cruises not in a studio.
  4. April and October in the Caribbean aren't too far off temperature wise. The big difference is October is cooling off so the water is warmer. So cooler days usually don't feel as cool as the same temp in April when the water is warming up. But because of the warm water October is squarely in hurricane season so fares can be cheaper due to the risk vs April being in spring break season.
  5. Check your ports. There's several that don't let you off if you're sailing with a letter of recovery.
  6. I'd be mad if I was MTD and I had to wait a long time because people choose early dining knowing the itinerary and then decided they weren't ok with their choice.
  7. Not always true. Was in odyssey last month and they directed you to specific seats to sit in and when boarding started they went row by row staring with the first people they sat down. So at least for that sailing it was first come first board except for star class (and maybe regular suites, couldn't tell).
  8. I don't doubt the shuttle will stop there, but it'll take a while plus more to wait if you happen to get off when a lot of other people do. I've given up on the shuttle for the wait. Maybe they'll be adding more shuttles once it opens.
  9. Which port are you looking for? From what I've seen posted only Seattle has resumed it, but I could have missed if other ports have started up recently.
  10. Cruise line excursions stick you in taxis? Haven't seen that yet. Granted most of my excursions have been third party (those have pretty much been mini buses which I said I didn't think were car seat friendly), but every one through the cruise line was on a big bus. Including an excursion in Cozmel and Puerto Plata.
  11. Most excursions through the cruise line use those big ~60 person busses. Most don't even have seat belts for adults. No ability to install a car seat. If you want an excursion with a car seat you'll need to book a private excursion and ensure their vehicle can install the car seat (some I've been on are vans that I'm not sure how easily that could be done) and you'd likely need to bring your own.
  12. You need a PCR test showing your positive that falls under the same rules as the tests to get on the ship. So proctored, not handwritten, appropriate info, etc. The test is to go along with the letter. The link in post 11 has the info. You need a positive PCR test dated 11-90 days before the cruise and a letter from the doctor saying you've recovered that has the info listed in the link.
  13. The construction is around that lagoon in the top part and beyond it. A bunch of the green on this view is gone now. When I was there there was a barge by the very tip of the island on the left hand side of this pic.
  14. It's all the way on the other side of the island. There's the water park, then all the behind the scene's buildings, and it's on the other side of that on the end of the island. It won't let me upload the photo I took in the Northstar that shows it. But it's all the way to the right if you're walking from the ship to the island. You would only be able to see it from the ship, water park tower, and the balloon ride. It'll be a hike to get there.
  15. Sure is going to put a damper on your vacation to have to walk around with wipes everywhere you go.
  16. It's probably only a concern for the ships that have irregular schedules. Like for royal if the ship comes in on a Sunday, Monday, or Friday they're out of luck for Royals normal terminal.
  17. If you go to port Canaveral website they have the schedule listed there. Way far in advance too.
  18. If they're wanting to play sports on the cruise I think the seaplex on odyssey would be better. Being able to play in air conditioning almost got me to do more than the bumper cars.
  19. The cruise lines tend to sell insurance with rather low limits. It would cover a minor medical problem but would not be enough for something major. The biggest benefit of cruise line insurance is they usually don't charge more based on age and can give you cancel for any reason for cheaper though it's usually FCC not refund. You need to compare the two plans and figure out what you want/need and pick the best option.
  20. I would venture that unless it was a long thunder storm where they had to clear the park for hours - nothing. I was there recently and two quick storms went through. No lightning so they didn't stop a thing. Though it was funny seeing people soaking wet in their swimsuits running for cover from the rain.
  21. The three royal cruises I've done since the restart were all on a lower or no solo supplement and I got 2 points for each of them. Which were also on the double points promo so yay platinum to diamond jump!
  22. It's because you're looking at rooms that can handle 3 or 4 people. They are different categories than the ones that can only hold 2 and each have independent pricing. For your current sailing royal is placing a premium on those cabins that hold more than 3. It could just be a premium for that sailing, could have something to do with the kids sail free sale.
  23. I don't know about require, but I just got off Odyssey and two of their shows had the ability to make reservations. The book in 270 and the defractors or whatever it's called in the theater. Now on my sailing there definitely was room to come in last minute, but they were checking your reservations if you got there early.
  24. A while back royal split up the same exact cabins into sub categories whether they can fit 2 or 3/4. This allows them to charge more or less for the 3/4 passenger in a room based on what they want. I've seen the 3/4 cabins cheaper than the two some times. This is often really prevalent when royal is running a kids sail free sale - like they're doing now. They can up the price of guest 1/2 in the 3/4 cabins while still letting guest 3/4 go "free" if they're under 12. Though this sale screws over people that want someone over 12 as the third. You might see better pricing once the kids sale is over.
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