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  1. The question is whether the on board price will stay $88 when the cruise planner said its higher.
  2. The regular price has been $88 on board on my last two cruises. FYI so it's $88+$44.
  3. I wouldn't call those loungers... but that would be nice! Had regular old chairs in odyssey unless I missed the hidden recline feature.
  4. Why would a lounger need a footstool? The darn things are already 6 feet long. Pretty sure you mean a chair with a footstool.
  5. Just because you think it should cut the cost of the excursion in half doesn't mean it will. Obviously the tour operators think the land portion of the excursion costs more money than the water part. I recently had an excursion change due to delays in getting to the port on time. They took off the lunch and the beach time. It cut off a good chunk of non travel time of the excursion, but if we went we got less than 20% as a refund.
  6. You know it's third party companies that run excursions not Royal right? So THEY didn't cancel, the one running the excursion no longer is for whatever reason. That's a risk any time booking excursions as far in advance, but especially in covid times with all the rule changes and company issues. It sucks, but Royal doesn't owe you because prices on the things you didn't choose changed.
  7. It shouldn't be months to get a refund from a canceled cruise planner purchase. As for who bares the loss - there's none. You're getting a full refund. Like many travel things in a post covid world excursions can change. It sucks, but you gotta roll with it. I'm on a group cruise in Europe in Sept we booked over two years ago and we're only just now looking at excursions seriously in hopes of avoiding any changes.
  8. Wouldn't that many drinks a day make one of the drink packages worth it?
  9. I just got off a cruise and it was 88 bogo half off. Which was the same price I paid pre cruise. But I don't think I'd count on the on board price staying that or them still offering the bogo half off. They know it'll get around real quick if the on board pricing is cheaper than pre cruise.
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