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  1. 8 minutes ago, terrierjohn said:

    The hotel only wants you to vacate your room, you should be free to use their lounge facilities, and even order a coffee and cake to keep you going until you board.

    As I say on a few occasions having crossed palms with silver, I was able to remain in place.

  2. 48 minutes ago, davecttr said:

    Just had an email from P&O. They are delaying the boarding times for Ventura on Thursday by 2.5 hours. Gastro Intestinal reports on the previous, current? cruise. i suppose it means a deep clean. My boarding time was 12.15 and is now 14.45 so no Peninsular lunch and I have to leave the hotel at noon. It is going to be chaotic and I think the revised boarding times may not be realistic. 😟

    Maybe worth contacting the Hotel and offer to pay for a later departure. This has been successful for me on a few occasions.

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  3. 3 hours ago, pete14 said:

    Towards the end of another day, a summary.


    For a sea day without sunshine and sun loungers, it has been a good one. The talk by Gervase Phinn on some of his experiences as a school inspector was excellently delivered, amusing but thought provoking. He really is an excellent speaker and if he is ever on a ship on which you are cruising, well worth listening to. He has five more talks to go. 

    Lunch was three small plates in the glasshouse. The plates may have been small but there was plenty of food for one person. A glass of velvet devil red wine was a good accompaniment. At around £14 for a large glass, it makes the top drinks package seem to be a good choice but of course it depends on the tipple you choose. For beer, and a lesser degree spirits (around £8 for a 50cl measure of something decent), maybe not so good. 

    We have a classical guitarist onboard (Carlos Bonell) who has collaborated a lot with Queen and Paul McCartney as well as playing classical selections with various orchestras. His 45 minute concert was very enjoyable, including a range of styles, including flamenco, the first movement of the Spring concerto from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the Beatle’s ‘Penny Lane’ and Cavatina, from the film ‘The Deerhunter’. All were excellently played. He is also appearing five more times. The busker who we have onboard was not of the same quality. After renditions of two Ed Sheeran songs, we left when he started murdering my favourite Adele song.


    Tonight was the first celebration night. As the main courses were not greatly to my taste, I chose the main course from the pay extra ‘signature menu’. Apparently, I was the first person to select this. Although the steak was cooked excellently to my requested medium rare, if so few people are choosing to pay extra from that optional menu, its days may be numbered even at this early stage. In my opinion, it would be a shame if this happened, but consumer demand (or lack of it) may dictate its future. 

    The weather has been fine all day and the sea has been calm with little movement to suggest we are crossing the North Sea. Hopefully this will remain so but somehow, I doubt it will. 

    Pete 14,we are aboard 1st December, if you get the time, is the Glass House open for lunch, when boarding, it was not on our Baltic cruise in May, so we had to do with a bottle of warm white wine on the balcony,

    washed down with  brought on fresh fruit

  4. 1 hour ago, GOQ said:

    I've arthritic knees and problems with my balance so I would very probably need someone to steady me while descending stairs in an emergency. 


    So I have requested assistance, completed and emailed the form back to P&O but I still had this email which included the paragraph :


    "Recently, some guests have arrived at the terminal with specific on board needs that they did not make us aware of prior to their holiday. Unfortunately, to ensure we have sufficient capability to support all our guests at all times, this meant those guests were unable to board the ship. "


    A couple of cruises back I sent a completed request for assistance form back to P&O only to find when I asked for assisted boarding at Southampton they had no record of my request. However while on board they did seem to have my request on file and I was asked to attend an assessment to determine if I was capable of using the ships tender to disembark.


    So while boarding they had no record of my  request, then while onboard they did have my request.


    A bit worrying. 



    We have also received this E-mail, and have asked our T/A to deal with it, and to confirm all is in order, giving them a copy of the filled in, accessibility form

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  5. 15 hours ago, Selbourne said:

    My wife and I have booked the 65 night ‘Aurora’s America & Caribbean Discovery’ departing 3rd Jan. We haven’t been to any of the ports before (other than Miami and Key West, but that wasn’t on a cruise). We try to just look around the ports independently (from the ship or the shuttle drop off point, if there is one) rather than do excursions, as my wife is a wheelchair user and can’t use a coach.

    I suspect that some ports are good for DIY and are nice places, whereas others may not be. Some places may not even be safe to walk around independently? We’re not beach people, but a promenade is always nice. We mainly like to see the towns and any significant sights that are ideally accessible without the need to travel from the port. However, if the port itself is completely naff, I’d rather know and get some ideas where we might be able to get to easily, perhaps by taxi? Also any ‘must see’ places, but keeping in mind the wheelchair!


    I realise that this is a big ask and I don’t expect anyone to go through the whole list (although that would be absolutely fantastic if they did 😂), so any and all tips would be sincerely appreciated. The full list of ports is;


    Hamilton - Bermuda

    Nassau - Bahamas

    Port Canaveral 


    Key West - (Possible Tender)

    New Orleans 

    San Juan - Puerto Rico

    St Maarten


    Kingstown - St Vincent

    Bridgetown - Barbados

    Fort de France - Martinique


    Oranjestad - Aruba

    Cartagena - Colombia

    Colon - Panama

    Panama Canal (Partial Transit)

    Puerto Limon - Costa Rica

    Roatan - Honduras (Possible Tender)

    Belize (Tender)

    Costa Maya - Mexico

    Cozumel - Mexico (Possible Tender)

    Georgetown - Cayman Islands (Tender)

    Ocho Rios - Jamaica (Possible Tender)

    Tortola - British Virgin Islands

    Basseterre- St Kitts & Nevis


    Praia da Vitoria - Azores




    What an adventure, my good lady is at the same stage as yours, apart from the every day issues that we have to deal with, my wife is seriously affected by heat and humidity, which rules out a lot of destinations. will be interesting to see how it goes.


  6. 4 hours ago, Selbourne said:

    There were some pretty big OBC deals recently. If you booked on board, did you get more again?

    On our May Aurora cruise bookings,we took the free parking and then received  the basic £165 per person OBC as  if you had booked at home, plus £150 per person additional for booking on board plus £125 per person bonus,which we were told was a special offer at the time total of £440 per person

    Hope this helps

  7. 1 hour ago, Selbourne said:

    Greetings! I can’t recall whether or not you need an accessible cabin, but I have a funny feeling that the one time that we enquired about some cruises onboard they weren’t able to confirm availability of accessible cabins. Do you happen to know? Maybe that’s changed as it was some years ago?

    Hello to you.

    We just about manage with a standard or deluxe balcony cabin,so have not enquired on board about accessible availability, An accessible cabin would make life a lot easier for us, but there are others that have a greater need.

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  8. 14 minutes ago, Danamis said:

    Whilst on Aurora in August we booked a cruise for later this month. We were surprised to find that the deposit had gone up to £100 each! I have no idea if this is across all the ships though.

    On the Aurora Baltic cruise in May, we booked 3 cruises for 2024 all needed £150pp deposit.

    2x16 day and 1x19 day cruise

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  9. 3 hours ago, Selbourne said:

    That’s immensely kind of you John, but my wife saw a consultant recently who warned that as her hands are starting to go the same way as her legs, in a few years she may need some power assistance even to get around the house, so he’s authorised that she can have a bespoke one on the NHS. She is understandably resisting at present and I cope with pushing her around elsewhere without difficulty. Your offer is sincerely appreciated though 👍

    Sorry to hear this Selbourne, just got to keep going and support where we can, but life can be cruel.

    Bonus with cruising is that some one else is cooking, and others are doing the laundry .Enjoy the rest of your time on board

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  10. 15 minutes ago, terrierjohn said:

    Have I dreamt it, or are there new deposits for on board bookings, I thought it saw £50pp for cruises up to 14 days, £100pp up to 35 days and £150 pp over that.

    We booked 4 cruises on board Aurora in May, 2 -16 day and 2 -19 day each required a deposit of £150.00 per person, Was told that it had changed at the end of April 2023

  11. 9 hours ago, Host Sharon said:

    Just in case anyone is wondering why I am not around,  I had a knee replacement on 24 April.  One week later I collapsed at home and broke my femur around the new joint. So currently on week 3 of bedrest in hospital while they work out why I passed out and what to do with the bone 

    Motley likes bones, can collect if this helps?  


  12. 3 hours ago, Selbourne said:

    All speciality restaurants can usually take reservations for any others (they use the same system), so if you go to one of them you might be able to sort out all bookings (assuming that you can find a staff member at them if they are closed). 

    Our table waiter in the MDR booked us into Sindu.

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  13. 9 minutes ago, Bazrat said:

    Nothing changes on here does it, now the great pre prepared food debate does anyone actually believe that they don’t prepare the food daily, if they do what is your favourite tipple I certainly need the out of body experience your having.

    XO brandy, gentlemen's measure please!

  14. 3 hours ago, Harry Peterson said:

    That, if true (and I’m not in any way doubting what you say), is horrendous.


    Those kitchens, which P&O used so proudly to show off to their customers on free tours, were fantastic, as were the chefs. The food, even in the MDR, was superb, and the choice was wide.


    If that’s all been replaced with airline food, that’s one of the key pleasures of cruising gone completely.

    Harry, this is what we were was told by a crew member they added,no fresh food on board 

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