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  1. Totally agree with you, it is what we experienced on our December cruise. We were told that it was an experimental set of menu's, and that they had already received a lot of complaints.
  2. I did long drive to get my eyes tested! then I think I was over charged
  3. I keep my cabin hydrated, soak a hand towel in water squeeze until just dripping peg on wire coat hanger and hang from air con vent in the ceiling, get bath towel and scrunch it up, and lay under hanging towel to catch the drips. Works for me and a lot of other folk
  4. A build up of gunk on the pipes loosened into the system and up into my basin, surly is not the same as that straight from the purified source. It's harboured growth? i.e.; the gunk on the pipe has grown from what into what? I would have thought that it must be a bacterial situation good or bad, but hey not got a clue which is why I am asking
  5. That is part of the point of the question! also sediment in the pipe must surly harbour bacteria, how is it purged?
  6. Any one any idea what they do to purge the system, after a brown water incident running through the basin taps or shower? Running the water until its clear, seems to be the way they do it, but surly there is contamination within the pipework leading to the taps afterwards. Could this be part of the illness problem on board, sometimes, rather then the air con? which most people quote. Just asking!
  7. Yes, pre Covid 24 day Canada cruise Brown water and sludge from basin taps same on Aurora 2023
  8. Megbear2 Same symptoms, not nice and a bit scary, mine is finally clearing a bit, started,12th December also had 3 lots of antibiotics. Had to dial 111 doctor wanted me to dial 999, but strike in progress so did not want to up take emergency's time. Defiantly seek help!
  9. Ask Cleo, for some honey, and your cabin steward for fresh lemon, mix with hot water and drink, it does not fix your virus but it does ease your throat. The Staff recommend this! I am still suffering from my December Cruise
  10. Megabear Apologies for my last contact, had not picked up that you were afloat. Hope you are feeling better.
  11. Sounds similar to my illness, just started 3rd coarse of antibiotics, had chest x-ray yesterday, and gave other samples as required. waiting for results. Have a good trip, and may I suggest that you do your homework regarding available emergency facilities should they be needed
  12. I am aware that you are reluctant, but feel it could be time to play your joker! Live blog! I am still in trouble from the illness picked up on that cruise, 2 courses of anti biotics later, I have still got a barking and reaching cough and still producing,
  13. Sorry Clodia, this has nothing to do with air con, lungs full of yellow mess, on board air borne virus we were told. So many staff from day 1 with cleaning products all around the ship, all wearing gloves, Mr wishy washy on deck 11 most of the time
  14. Re Medina breakfast: Fried bread is an option, but not on the menu, we also found that the breakfast sausages were actually chipolatas, and beans or tinned tomatoes were served in little ramekins the smallest sizes possible, so we always asked for 2 portions, Also the Medina lunch time we always had a mix and match lunch, choosing whatever we fancied from whatever parts of the menu, and as much as required, but always washed down with a bottle of Chablis, or Money Spider, and always on table 109. Trust it will not be to rough for both of you going forward
  15. Exact Sturgeon equivalent in Portugal is called CINARIZINA, hope this helps
  16. Selbourne. we had the same problem with our suit cases not being able to fit under the bed, our cabin steward, part covered them with plastic and placed them on the balcony. I was not happy with this arrangement. I finally lifted the bed and then kicked them under, no more problem
  17. Selbourne ,have a good cruise, recommend you say hi to Ben, Hotel and Catering manager and Cleo a white shirt, one strip, from Zambia, both superstars! Looking forward to your posts ,I have not posted about my opinion on board in December, thought it may be better to let you form your own opinion. Looking forward to it
  18. Thank you all for your kind wishes, am aware of why we locked down for such a long time. defiantly not mild, I have felt ill for at least 12 days, on a coarse of anti virials, and as a full time carer no choice but to carry on. Enough of our wows We wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas, and may Your God be with you, in the New Year
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