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  1. Mike, is this wine package list current please?
  2. Pete 14,we are aboard 1st December, if you get the time, is the Glass House open for lunch, when boarding, it was not on our Baltic cruise in May, so we had to do with a bottle of warm white wine on the balcony, washed down with brought on fresh fruit
  3. We have also received this E-mail, and have asked our T/A to deal with it, and to confirm all is in order, giving them a copy of the filled in, accessibility form
  4. Wow, What an adventure, my good lady is at the same stage as yours, apart from the every day issues that we have to deal with, my wife is seriously affected by heat and humidity, which rules out a lot of destinations. will be interesting to see how it goes. Enjoy
  5. On our May Aurora cruise bookings,we took the free parking and then received the basic £165 per person OBC as if you had booked at home, plus £150 per person additional for booking on board plus £125 per person bonus,which we were told was a special offer at the time total of £440 per person Hope this helps
  6. Hello to you. We just about manage with a standard or deluxe balcony cabin,so have not enquired on board about accessible availability, An accessible cabin would make life a lot easier for us, but there are others that have a greater need.
  7. On the Aurora Baltic cruise in May, we booked 3 cruises for 2024 all needed £150pp deposit. 2x16 day and 1x19 day cruise
  8. Sorry to hear this Selbourne, just got to keep going and support where we can, but life can be cruel. Bonus with cruising is that some one else is cooking, and others are doing the laundry .Enjoy the rest of your time on board
  9. We booked 4 cruises on board Aurora in May, 2 -16 day and 2 -19 day each required a deposit of £150.00 per person, Was told that it had changed at the end of April 2023
  10. Our table waiter in the MDR booked us into Sindu.
  11. No dispute from us, just supported what a previous poster had reported.
  12. XO brandy, gentlemen's measure please!
  13. Fairy senior member! Only agreeing with past post!
  14. Harry, this is what we were was told by a crew member they added,no fresh food on board
  15. Told the same on Aurora ,factory produced.
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