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  1. But who will be switching off the lights, if things go pear shaped! Silly me, candle time again!
  2. Did he jump? or was he pushed! Or did he just melt into the back ground!
  3. Yes we agree. Have been on her 4 times, always in a balcony, aft on A deck. Only ever had sea view cabins on Oriana. This cruise that we are booked on may be a bit windy and chilly which is why we opted for sea view. Was concerned from the outset about the location that we had agreed to, which was A309, no brainer after your post, to cancel and re book. As I said staggering reduction. The deal changer for us was the closed curtain requirement for privacy. Not for us! Need Light. So again thank you.
  4. Read this, and moved from cabin in a similar position today, on a booked future cruise, also saved a staggering amount from when we first booked, was unaware before your post.Thank you
  5. We hang it over the balcony in the atrium
  6. Just booked Arcadia, leaving on the 8th December 11 nights. Same ports, will get back to you on our return. Am taking Shorts!
  7. Selbourne Hi Arcadia to Canada in September no life jackets
  8. I think your guess is about right, 5 would be mine. I take it that it is the 26th April Cruise?
  9. Britboys So you had 2 then! JOKING!
  10. Rather more entrepreneurial, barrow boy mentality, a southern trait!
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