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  1. Uganda room, have used it for pre dinner cocktail parties,up to 40 people.
  2. I do not send any thing back, I just leave it. On Aurora in December I left a lot, particularly the so called roast potato!
  3. daiB I am not harping back to the old days, neither am I commenting on volume, merely on quality and presentation.which in MHO is not up to scratch
  4. Not that I am suggesting an extra payment,merely illustrating a point. Premier prices are already being paid by guests on the Adult ships
  5. Sorry I do not wholly agree, I am also only making the point regarding the MDR. The current level of meals including presentation choice and taste,fall a long way short of the so called advertised dining experience in MHO. Linking the poor quality of food choice, presentation and taste to cruise prices is not logical. 16 night cruise at say an extra £10.00 extra per night,at worst = £160.not exactly a deal breaker on the adult only ship Aurora in MHO.
  6. The food presentation in the MDR, on Aurora, is dia, in MHO, the home delivered farm food advertised enterprises, look more appetising. Aurora canteen quality at best.This is my opinion from our December 2023 cruise
  7. Totally agree with your MDR assessment,our thoughts exactly,also with the maintenance issues, particularly with the lifts and the external presentation.Although we have 3 cruises booked,the next on Aurora end of April,but we may cancel the other 2 should we become unwell again. Still not fully recovered from December cruise.Enjoyed your adventure
  8. Totally agree with you, it is what we experienced on our December cruise. We were told that it was an experimental set of menu's, and that they had already received a lot of complaints.
  9. I did long drive to get my eyes tested! then I think I was over charged
  10. I keep my cabin hydrated, soak a hand towel in water squeeze until just dripping peg on wire coat hanger and hang from air con vent in the ceiling, get bath towel and scrunch it up, and lay under hanging towel to catch the drips. Works for me and a lot of other folk
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