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  1. Just the two of us, unfortunately last bubble expired in September! Shame really saw it as an embryo, watched it slowly grow and change, was not able to restrict its growth, so suddenly it exploded and left it's mark on the table. Have to go and blow another one!😄
  2. No nerve boyo! Just an empty bottle! Have family over there, but further west at the Docks and Manorbier
  3. We may well be seeing a Glimmer of hope: Covid numbers in Europe, new cases, reported; 22 Nov 230155 23 Nov 190845 24 Nov 173580 25 Nov 175517 Still a long way to go.
  4. Sorry Ardennais, Over here, we do not live in the outback, we have buses and trains and everything! We also have Covid, so do not have a social life currently. We are practicing our drinking, so that when cruising returns,we are able to drink more on board, for the betterment of P&O. Where's that cork screw!😎
  5. The PM talked about restrictions until after Easter, that being 4th April. Would seem at best that the Industry will lose Winter and Spring cruises, but might be able to save the summer ones. Maybe restart say June, for short local, and then go for it from Ist July. Any one have any better guesses?
  6. Graham Fully understand, I am a life time Fulham fan, so my day could not have got any worse anyway!😒
  7. Graham, I was referring to the amount of medication you and others have to take, which includes my wife, her medication and vitamin pills are like having a bowl full of breakfast. And that,s without at times, the steroids which then add another 10 tablets per day. But they are the necessities of life, which were not around to help, decades ago. So no offence was intended Sorry
  8. So there is no medication or guidance other then to shut yourself away, amazed. Have they painted a red cross on your front door?
  9. Graham, Are you receiving any medication or assistance from the NHS? to make you more comfortable, or to assist with your symptoms? if so are they keeping in regular contact? Just wondering how they are dealing with it?
  10. Yes thank you Andy, think stress levels to high. Had MOT and X-ray, they said I had a good heart, but I suspect other's may disagree 😊
  11. How they dealt with it---------the protocols did not pick up the first case, it was the guests request for another test that did, then one positive test meant other guests isolated in there cabins, for the rest of the time, cruise curtailed and passengers returned to port of departure.there were only 54 guests. So to stop the risk, everyone had to isolate in there cabin, then 1 became 8 or possible 9. but full count will come out in the ensuing days. It is a nightmare for all concerned the guests and the industry, and not helped by white washing the realities. My May cruises covering 11 c
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