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  1. Sorry had to respond, never ever had to wait, straight out of luggage collection with porter, across the road to key shed and into car. max 5 minutes.on all 11 cruises! Hello Avril above ground but in a different world!
  2. Yep! But pass our bedtime! 🙃
  3. Oops! Harry just looking at this bit a kit, from a pilots point of view, seems very low maybe?
  4. Always send ours to: Sales Support,100 Harbour Parade,Southampton, SO15 1ST
  5. Jean, Nor did I at first!
  6. Jean,where it say's name at the top, is where we inserted our names,on the blue bit!
  7. Alternatively you could be waiting for a refund!😎😇🍷🍸
  8. wowzz, Sorry do you think that these very professional seeming, but still very young ,wine waiters, on a cruise ship have the experienced pallet, sufficient for you to trust them to point out a wine to suit your pallet? Sommeliers they are not. On our 11 Cruises with P&O, 169 nights from memory, taking in 158 bottles of wine, in the evening, we do not drink a bottle on the last evening, due to driving in the morning, we have had 3 corked bottles. When asking the Waiter to try It for assurance for them, they are totally bemused and refer to those above them,who also will not to try it
  9. The package selection and choice is shown under a tab in your cruise personaliser, and also the Wine Waiter has a package wine list for you to choose against, that's if you have not pre- selected. The tickets are not coloured, and you have a full choice of every wine listed within your package each evening to select against.There are two packages on offer The Captains and the Commodores. The tickets are in a book form, you need sign the ticket each evening and hand your ticket to the Wine Waiter. I leave my book with him,so each evening he brings one to the table with a pen and I sign it. The
  10. Do you want me to type out what the road map of England, currently say's again and again??? Look further up the thread! Boring!
  11. No back up needed I posted what was written! Yawn!
  12. Once again,I have posted what's written!
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