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  1. 1 hour ago, davecttr said:

    This one for the gentlemen concerning shirts.


    How many shirts including day wear do you pack for the following cruises.

    > 7 nights including 2 formals

    > 14 nights including 4 formals

    > 21 nights including 6 formals


    I really don't want to spend hours in the launderette but do want to fit everything in one suitcase.

    Any innovative tips and tricks not involving a second person.

    I use the on board laundry via the white bags, in the wardrobes.I fill out the form and give to my cabin steward. 2 days later laundry is washed and ironed and hung back in the wardrobe. Used 3 times on my recent 16 night baltic cruise.

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  2. 29 minutes ago, Bill Y said:

    Are there currently queues to drop off car for CPS at Mayflower?


    Not used CPS before, used to be able to find cheaper alternatives but not this time. Last year or before heard reports on CC of long queues to drop off cars. This Saturday is likely to be busy for CPS, as a well as Ventura, Iona and Sky Princes are turning around. So can someone who has used them recently please advise how long should I allow?



    We were on  Aurora R307 Baltics,turn up on time, not a great problem.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Happy afloat said:

    I didn't query your or anyone else's experience, what I said was we were surprised that you had the experience you did given that ours was at the other end of the scale. As I said in my follow up post, we weren't on your cruise so can't comment on the quality or lack thereof. In no way was I contradicting your findings, merely pointing out that ours differed.

    As for our experience not being the point of the post, can I take it that this forum is now no longer a platform for  members to share our findings and opinions?

    Cannot speak for the forum above my pay grade,suggest you ask them

  4. 57 minutes ago, Happy afloat said:

    No I'm not.

    I'm commenting, genuinely, on our experiences. If you say yours was different then I will take what you say at face value and not disbelieve what you say as I wasn't there to bear witness. 

     Your experience was not the point of the post. The OP gave there opinion of there experience, and being on the same cruise and at the same time,I whole heartily agreed with them,Twas you that queried OUR experience 

  5. 4 hours ago, Happy afloat said:

    We're really surprised to read this tbh.

    We were on Aurora in April for the first time and never had a bad meal in the mdr (freedom dining). Full plates of hot food every time, served on hot plates. Puddings were good in the mdr,  cold desserts a bit tasteless.

    Sindhu and glasshouse both very good also, though the service in the glasshouse was a bit slow once, when they were particularly busy.  

    Never had to fall back on the steak as a standby once.

    Wonder what's changed?

    Full plates! your having a laugh! not that I require that amount of food, My expectation on mass catering is at the school dinner level of the late 50s and early 60s slightly enhanced by more adult type food.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:

    This is sadly taking a turn for the worse and getting a bit too deep and personal.  When people start telling me I'm enticing people to complain and cancelling holidays I think the time has come for me to.move on.  I have decided not to post anymore on this link as it isn't and never was intended to be anything other than posting on my holiday experience.  Thanks.

    Do not let them win! Keep going report what you find,others will make there own minds up

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  7. 2 hours ago, Selbourne said:

    I agree. Cost cutting has to be a factor, as there are so few alternative dining options on Aurora. The Beach House isn’t to everyone’s taste (although we quite like it), the Glasshouse is more a lunch than dinner venue IMHO and Sindhu on Aurora is small and poorly located by the noisy atrium. Pre Covid we always found the MDR dinners on Aurora to be absolutely fine. MDR Lunches were poor, but that’s across the fleet with the odd menus they now have. I’m saddened to hear that the MDR issues have now affected Aurora, especially given the premium prices to go on that ship and the lack of alternative dining options. 

    I can report the Glass house is back to the way it was,wine flights and all.Medina for lunch was also acceptable.Sindu was rather over staffed to the point of being intrusive.also cost cutting was in evidence on our visit. Dinner in the MDR second sitting was very poor, on one occasion Chefs Recommendation, was Vegetarian Cottage Pie which consisted of a ramekin of vegetables with a sort of mash potato on topI.although the staff in the restaurant were brilliant.

    None of this detracted from a very enjoyable first  cruise,since covid,made better by the number of guests on board, reported by the captain to be around 1400,had already booked the 16 day December Canarie cruise prior to boarding, and added 3 others whilst on board.

    Agree with Andrew no special or wow factor these days,but doable for us.



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  8. 11 minutes ago, Scorpio41 said:

    Very disappointed in the food on offer in the MDR. P&O catering for the cruising minority. 

    Very repetitive, bland and tasteless. Too many vegan, vegetarian and GF options.


    We found the choice very limited for us that enjoy fish and meat. My table companions also found themselves ordering the same dishes night after night. Cruisers we shared breakfast tables with passed comments too.
    The deserts were lacking something, but I can’t quite say what. Maybe being all vegan options, gf made them more tasteless. Certainly less sugar.


    What happened to the Stilton? Some nights the waiters managed to find some but not often. I would have Stilton every night instead of desert.


    For those of you who love green beans, I am pleased to say the bean bushes are doing well and there is an abundance of possibly even a glut of them and they are harvested daily. 😁


    This is my opinion and views, feel free to express your own findings. 🙃

    Totally agree,bland,and repetitive,night after night,very poor.have included on the questionnaire

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  9. On 5/15/2023 at 9:37 AM, Britboys said:

    It's to celebrate the voucher for one glass of cheap Champagne that they give you...

    Don't be surprised if there are actually four Formal nights once you get on board.

    Just of Aurora Baltic R307 16 nights,had 4 formal black tie nights,however puffer jackets zipped up,in the MDR was acceptable  attire as where old jeans in Sindu on one of these occasions rules are there to be broken perhaps!

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  10. 22 minutes ago, rickpo said:

    Thanks for that. They used to do a package where you could buy 12 bottles of wine.

    You received 12 tokens and could exchange them each evening for bottles from a wine menu.

    Yes,they do;. 2 packages Commodores and Captains just off Aurora today, had the Commodore's 12 + 6.

     The 12 package was £329.00 and 6 being £175.00

  11. 1 hour ago, daiB said:

    Never had this tasting meal on our cruises is it new? We had 2 meals in the Epicurean which were very good the steak was excellent and the crapes Suzette wonderful although not cooked at the table now. I asked if it were possible to have cheese as well and that appeared no problem. 


    I think Selbournes Suzette would be more palatable😝

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  12. 3 hours ago, Fionboard said:

    Boarding Aurora this morning. No stress. You only need to see the problems with air, road, train and ferry travel this weekend to understand why we still love cruising, Have tried Cunard and not noticed much difference from P&O except the price! Am happy to cruise 6 or 7 times a year with P&O on the small ships in a balcony cabin and pay the premium. Each to their own.

    Have a good trip,we are on her in a few weeks,first time since the plague.If you would be so kind and if you have time will you find out if the ships laundry is operating,the white bag in the cabin one. Thank you








  13. 3 hours ago, peajay said:

    We just booked that cruise today. We have sailed on Britannia and Iona, but this will be the first time on Aurora. I see there is allocated dining, but is it possible to change to  Freedom dining as offered on Iona ?

    What did you book? If saver then Pot Luck.

  14. 42 minutes ago, Selbourne said:

    Greetings to you both. We are on a waitlist for your cruise but, as you know, we need an accessible cabin, so we aren’t holding out any hope. It’s a great itinerary and I hope that you have a fantastic time. 



    Thank you,

    Greetings to you both as well

    Very difficult in your situation so few accessible cabins

    We are still, just about able to get away with a balcony cabin.

    There are plenty of cabins still available on this cruise

    Booked A deck aft near the lift, so straight down to the MDR

    Empty cabins both sides. Currently looking at private accessible tours in Stockholm,

    All other ports seem wheelchair doable from the ship.

    We have also booked the 16 night Canaries December cruise.



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  15. 4 hours ago, Britboys said:

    It's not really a transit area on Aurora. The main 'passageway' through the ship runs to one side of the Glass House. You can't walk through the tables & chairs just to go along the ship. On Aurora, that area has always been a restaurant as opposed to a bar. There are a few tables & chairs for drinks only beside the passageway.

    Looking forward to R307,first time since Arcadia December 2019 5th time on board.


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  16. 42 minutes ago, zap99 said:

    When I left school I worked in Chancery Lane. Friday nights was middle earth  or an all night at the lyceum seeing  bands like Jeff Beck, The who. Kinks etc and walking home to Putney in the early hours of Saturday. My mum worked in Oxford Street until she retired. Nothing to beat Central London in those days......Now...not so sure.

    Age 15 Grays Inn Road. for Sunday Times, Messenger for 10 months, took me all over London 57 years ago

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  17. 1 hour ago, majortom10 said:

    We must be the only ones who like Gibraltar. We enjoy walk into town and have a look round harbour to the left and the head into town for a browse round the shops.

    We do not dislike it, We always visit the Trafalgar Cemetery then just amble around but always finish up in the Chinese restaurant for lunch, not the most appealing looking place, but family run and they look after us very well.

  18. 30 minutes ago, Britboys said:

    I'm glad you enjoy Iona and I don't knock the big ships - they are just not for me. Regardless of cutbacks/changes, nothing about them appeals. I am someone who prefers the traditional cruise style. I want set-dining times, with the same pax around me each evening. Most of the alternative dining venues, included or extra-charge don't really appeal to me. I have no desire to have to plan each day on board ship and make bookings for dining/entertainment. I just want to turn up as previously booked for dining and wander into a theatre or lounge if I feel like it.

    I've tried Azura twice and found it too big and too busy on both occasions. I enjoy Formal nights - and enjoy them even more so when the vast majority take part.

    In other words, I'm an old git....😂


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  19. 4 hours ago, twotravellersLondon said:


    Yesterday was Burn's Night and so thinking out of the Stereotypical Box mine host came up with this.


    Yep... it is "Haggis, needs & tatties... but the haggis is an accompaniment, the neeps are mashed with parsnips and carrots and strewn with parsley, the tatties are with butter and chives and it all goes together with spiced red cabbage, bearnaise sauce, red wine sauce and a rib of Aberdeen Angus!





    Best to say... this isn't an individual portion... it was intended for four people. Purists beware... "If ye dinna like the idea, ye dinna hae tae eat it!"

    If that was for 4 people, I trust you had a starter and fish coarse before it, and a sweet then cheese coarse after.🤮

    Having mine on Saturday

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  20. 1 hour ago, Ehg said:

    Quite agree!
    I’d argue they shouldn’t be selling this suite until the last minute until it’s fixed. We could easily have been a couple celebrating a special occasion, imagine how disappointing it would have been. 😕

    Ehg Happy New Year

    Cannot help always travel steerage🙃

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