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  1. 4 hours ago, twotravellersLondon said:


    Yesterday was Burn's Night and so thinking out of the Stereotypical Box mine host came up with this.


    Yep... it is "Haggis, needs & tatties... but the haggis is an accompaniment, the neeps are mashed with parsnips and carrots and strewn with parsley, the tatties are with butter and chives and it all goes together with spiced red cabbage, bearnaise sauce, red wine sauce and a rib of Aberdeen Angus!





    Best to say... this isn't an individual portion... it was intended for four people. Purists beware... "If ye dinna like the idea, ye dinna hae tae eat it!"

    If that was for 4 people, I trust you had a starter and fish coarse before it, and a sweet then cheese coarse after.🤮

    Having mine on Saturday

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  2. 1 hour ago, Ehg said:

    Quite agree!
    I’d argue they shouldn’t be selling this suite until the last minute until it’s fixed. We could easily have been a couple celebrating a special occasion, imagine how disappointing it would have been. 😕

    Ehg Happy New Year

    Cannot help always travel steerage🙃

  3. 19 minutes ago, Beckett said:

    Thanks Kalos. The difference this time, which gives me hope, is that I actually want to stop. When I was working and under so much pressure I didn't have a hope in hell of stopping - smoking was my crutch - but now I'm starting to believe I can do it. Fingers crossed!  Jane. Xx


    Jane if you are at that stage, I highly reccomend Miriam Stoppard's book Quit Smoking


    Worked for me, at least 60 a day but not one in over 35 years. Be strong and good luck

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  4. 6 hours ago, Interestedcruisefan said:

    I'm the same as you


    I've had balconies before cruise ships and hotels. Quite simply never used them anywhere near enough to justify the extra cost.


    You guys who like balcony cabins.


    When do you use your balconies?


    Morning ,noon and night, have also slept on it.Star gazing and cognac,whats not to like.

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  5. R307 Aurora details under: There's plenty to do on a P&O cruises holiday, lists Anderson Bar, The Beach House, Champions Bar, The Glass House, Oasis Spar but does not mention Sindhu!

    Seems odd? 

    Been on her a number of times, and although the food in Sindhu was rather paste on, not cooked in, and was a little bland for our taste, we always enjoyed the ambiance and the occasion.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:

    The problem going forward is financial loss for those refused boarding, quarantined or offloaded. No doubt you have read of the insurance situation and therefore are aware of some facing major loss of money.  The number of cases, coughs etc are taking higher priority as a result of that and fear of losing your money.


    As someone embroiled in an argument with a cruise line and insurer over a non covid related claim which currently means a £19,000 loss I know personally how difficult it will be to argue any case based on the current terms.  

    Megabear2,Well done keep going! Were we not being led to believe in the early pandemic days that the air con filter systems were being upgraded, I am sure the insider! referred to this at that time.

    So why are so many people still coughing? We after our first cruise in 2016, having experienced a bad bout of coughing bronchitis illness, other 3 weeks, took certain steps on our next cruise and never suffered again, but others on our various cruises did. What we did was to take two hand towels, laid a dry one scrunched up on the floor, soaked the other one so it was dripping wet, and placed in on a wire coat hanger which we hung under the air con outlet in the roof, let it drip down on the one on the floor. We related this to lots of people that we met on board, over many cruise, and the thanks we received was proof that it worked.

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  7. 38 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:

    Hello again.  As those who read earlier of my experience yesterday will know, I'm in a really bad place after my previous cruise.  


    I've just realised on checking emails received the past day that my balance on my October P&O Iona cruise is due today.  As my aunt is critically ill in an Italian hospital after being removed from our Princess cruise we will clearly not be going. I'm currently at a services on the M3 after taking a call from Italy and just need a break due to tiredness.


    I had intended to call P&O while here to discuss options but they are of course closed.  In view of the circumstances what do people think P&O will do as I cannot speak to them until tomorrow? There is a considerable amount of money in this booking as it has two FCC as the deposit from our cancelled April cruise when covid struck us down.


    38 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:


    For those who have kindly taken an interest in the now removed posts about our problems, I can advise the Italian hospital has just called me to say she has a serious odema with massive fluid build up overnight and will most likely be undergoing surgery later today. 


    We are currently awaiting information from Paying to Much as to whether her claim will be accepted and my brother in law is arranging flights for him and my aunt's sister to fly to Rome later this evening.


    Thanks again.

    Suggest that you e-mail them today, with your query, and further tell them that you will wait for there reply, before you pay the balance.I would also send  e-mails to different departments including his nibs. Sorry to hear of your predicament Just seen that this has already been suggested,slow off the mark!

  8. Was looking to do a B2B for 30 nights in September 2023,

    The Dames t/a have just informed me that we can not use a fold up push wheelchair on board.

    Seems a bit strange as they have adapted inside cabins!.

    We were looking for a standard balcony cabin.

    But not any more!


  9. 1 hour ago, purplesea said:

    Mum has a wheelchair with four small wheels and I struggled up and down kerbs when in Lisbon. Others in our tour group helped by lifting it up and down the kerbs!

    As you are discovering ,very difficult with small wheels. My wife's chair has 2 small in the front and 2 larger ones at the back. when mounting a kerb, I lean the chair back allowing me to place the small wheels on the pavement and then lift the chair and push forward. In some of the cobbled Baltic ports ,I found it easier to walk back wards effectively pulling the chair. all a learning curve for you, it will be better next time, and there will be a next time!

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  10. 6 minutes ago, Peanut006 said:

    Looks fantastic, you have done a great job.


    Our house was similar when we moved in.

    When we viewed it there were rugs everywhere and it was rammed with furniture. No problem we thought. When we actually got the keys in the conservatory there was just a concrete floor, no skirting boards and a gap all around the edge. All sorted out relatively quickly though.


    Hubby just started sorting out an area of the garden that’s needed doing seen as we are not going anywhere for a few days because of you know what.



    Sorry to hear your news, take it easy and keep warm safe.

  11. December 2019, 11 night cruise our last time aboard, went to wash my face ,turned on the tap to a deluge of brown sludge, smelt bad, looked like black water. I got the steward to sort, many apologies from him, but none official.I did not take it any higher then him.

    Seems like that they have not sorted the problem out, Deck 9 balcony cabin.

    Adds to the many reasons that I distrust this company with my well being at this time

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  12. 26 minutes ago, Megabear2 said:

    Hello, thank you all for your kind thoughts.  Today is my first dip back into everyday life from what has been a surreal week.  I am far from mended but hopefully a corner has been turned in that I am at least out of bed this morning!  The journey has been rough and I will not hesitate to say not at all what I had expected from the talk of cold like symptoms.  The first 48 hours spent in dealing with a hacking cough, temperature and body aches were followed on Friday by a swollen throat which felt like a box of razor blades had been eaten. This in turn led to a complete airway blockage and collapse needing urgent medical intervention on two occasions - always the drama queen.  I have been lucky as anti viral drugs were allocated and these have helped.  This new variant is absolutely horrid if you catch it wrong.  


    There were 75 people attending the wedding on 12 March. By the 15 March 27 attendees were positive and over the week more have been falling and apparently now around 50% of attendees have tested positive or become ill. Based on this experience it is easy to see how super spreading is still going strong. 


    Sadly there will be no cruise for any of us on 1 April although having just been through all this I don't think any of us fancy being on a ship at present.



    Megabear2, Sounds horrific, makes a mockery of the, only like a cold or light flu brigade] it is not for everyone! wishing you a full and speedy recovery, keep warm and safe

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  13. 40 minutes ago, Josy1953 said:

    Well, today is the day that I say goodbye to you all.  I have enjoyed getting to know you, although it has not been in person.  I have decided that one of two of the newer members are not the peop!e that I would want to interact with.  I hope that I might meet some of you on board ships in the future.

    Take care everyone and happy cruising.



    Thank you for all that you have done, happy cruising

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  14. 1 hour ago, Jennizor said:

    Azura is our favourite ship. We love the atrium with the Blue Bar overlooking it. Perfect to watch (in the past) various entertainments. We always go for sun beds away from the main pool areas as they are much quieter. We are on her in September going to the Eastern Med, hoping things have not changed too much since we were on her in 2019.

    That is the reason that we hated it! We had a lovely cruise, and met some wonderful table companions,

    The Blue bar with those horrible seats, and the open atrium with the dance class music, vying with the different music in the glass house, at lunchtime, truly horrific. Not an age thing, more an intolerance of being subjected to Butlins on sea. Not directly a P&O problem, more down to the performers over exuberance and lack of guidance on the necessity for everyone one to say Hi d Hi! to be happy! Would not sail on her again.


  15. 4 hours ago, NorbertsNiece said:

    Captain's update :

    Warp factor 1 to Southampton arrival hopefully midmorning 9th but will update tomorrow. 


    3 new crew and 1 guest tested positive in last 24 hours. Makes 57 crew and 143 guests currently infected. Includes those released.


    Rebooked food delivery for Thursday just in case.

    I've literally just had LFT.

    Hi enjoying your blog, and other peoples reaction to it. Well done.

    I note you mentioned 3 new crew?, any idea where they boarded and how long they have been aboard

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