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  1. 28 minutes ago, Harry Peterson said:

    Not a good situation, I agree, but it could be even worse if Saga are required to offload these cases as required by some countries.

    Harry, I have friends on this cruise ,if not stopping at the Azores then 11 day straight at sea, not good in these circumstances.

  2. 20 minutes ago, Ardennais said:

    Difficult one! And yet, it should be so easy to say no! I don’t know the full story, but I can’t help wonder whether there were family splits years ago which possibly made both parents over-compensate. It’s just that I’ve taught so many children over the years and seen how parents react following separations and sadly, following bereavements too, Very often they over-compensate with money etc, and the children, although miserable, get used to getting their own way. 

    Not giving to much away, regarding my full understanding of this situation, but the answer is I am pleased to be your Brother/Sister, I am not your parent, and I am not your bank.

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  3. 2 hours ago, wowzz said:

    I'd agree with you. Hopefully if the weather is good, stay onboard,  and enoy the sun whilst everyone else goes ashore to save £2 on a bottle  of  gin.

    After visiting the Trafalgar Cemetery, we walk, in my case push back to the Chinese Restaurant, just before the roundabout, nice people, they look after us. We always dine there. and we always look forward to going back

  4. 11 minutes ago, Peanut006 said:

    I use Ancestry and found it to be good. My mum did a DNA Ancestry test with them, I am now in touch with a relative in New Zealand I didn’t know I had.

    Findmypast is the only one that has the 1921 census. I registered for that last week, found my Grandma on the census then they wanted to charge me an extra £2.50/£3.50 to view it as well as paying my subscription to them. I have cancelled with them and are sticking with Ancestry 

    Hope you have fun Avril researching your family 


    Michelle, I thought you could only view the 1921 census by signing up for a yearly subscription. then if you find something, they want as you say £2.50-3.50 a time. Not playing with them at this time.

    Ancestry gave me everything I needed in terms of leads, then as a Canadian lady said, it's down to trawling the dead! Spent many hours in cemetery's and have been able to get many previously unknown family memorials, cleaned and repaired, Fascinating past time, touching on the Battle of Balaclava, one of the 600! The restructuring of Windsor Castle in the 1800s The Architect having been a partner in the family building business, also many family members being clergy in various parishes.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, ccpm said:

    Sun again today will have to watch that or I will be thinking climate change is a thing!


    I am off to Blakeney today for no other reason that it was the first place that popped into my mind. Lunch out will be great.


    News from the breeder my boy is performing well. I'm glad someone is living their best life.



    Lunch in the Kings Head!

  6. 2 hours ago, Britboys said:

    Definitely worth visiting but best bet for you would be to fly to Gatwick and get the direct train, which takes less than 30 minutes. It has a very compact centre and good public transport too. On a recent visit I very much noticed an increase in high end shops and 'artisan' coffee bars. It's all gone very Kensington & Chelsea...(or maybe Morningside & Stockbridge???).

    Andrew, stayed in the Grosvenor Hotel in Stockbridge many times, used to  fly fish a private beat on the test, good times

  7. 7 hours ago, tring said:


    Thanks for the reply.  Must admit we are thinking that 10am checkout will be a problem and the reason we fancied it was that it looked like a classy hotel, though now thinking perhaps not.  I doubt we would have problem with children on a Thursday mid November, but if we did, we would feel the same as you.


    Probably a back to the drawing board job, thanks again.

    We always negotiate a later checkout time, and make a point of being nice and friendly to the cleaning team.

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  8. 1 hour ago, tring said:

    We have booked Chilworth Manor Hotel on a cancellable basis for before our Aurora Caribbean cruise next November.  It is a good price for room only, though we are slightly concerned that they have a 10am check out time.  We tend to have a late breakfast if we can, and will not want a large breakfast before going on a cruise ship, so are thinking we may be able to go into a bar or lounge after we check out and have a light brunch.  It does not have to be normal breakfast items, a small sandwich or similar snack would be fine.  Can I ask if that is something we may be able to do after we check out and if there is enough lounge/bar space to sit while waiting nearer to our embarkation time.  That will likely be the last cruise when we are still Mediterranean level in the Peninsular Club at embarkation, so I think our embarkation time will be fairly late.  We have a deluxe balcony cabin booked for that cruise. 


    Any advice about this hotel, or our likely embarkation time for Aurora would be much appreciated, since we can easily change to another hotel if we have made a mistake.


    Hated it! booked because of advise on here, and because our normal hotel was full. The open reception  area was so noisy, un- supervised children every ware not conducive to a quite adult night out. However we are all different. Also did not like the dining area and menu. felt very corporate.

    Afraid we could be classed as old foggies, however our money and our expectations. This came no where near. We like to be looked after and valued which is why we tend to use a small place at Eastleigh ,who welcome us by name.

  9. 22 minutes ago, wowzz said:

    Which is less than would be found on shore. Proves that cruising is safer than staying at home ! 


    On the bench and eat your stilton sandwiches with your old lady. this is rubbish!


    Happy New Year!

  10. 3 hours ago, Waju said:

    My husband has recently been diagnosed with a 'suspected' TIA (mini stroke).  The doctor told him it is impossible to be definite after the event but has prescribed blood thinners, he generally feels really well in himself.  Does anyone have have a clue how much extra we might have to pay in insurance?  We have no idea if it will be a few pounds or hundreds 😲  There are no other conditions to declare.


    I will, of course, be calling our insurers before we next travel in April but am just curious to know how much the loading might be.

    Suggest dummy, on line quotes, with various insurers, such as Explorer Travel,  may give you some guide. May or may not be helpful to you!

  11. 14 minutes ago, Josy1953 said:

    I spent from 8am to 2:30pm at the vaccine hub, I should have stayed until 5:30pm but by 2:30 I was really fed-up with the attitude of people coming in.  For some reason we had loads of people who seemed to think that we are being awkward when we are saying that we only have Moderna for the boosters, the final straw was when I asked for a Pfizer to be drawn up for 16 year old because under 17s can't have Moderna and an old man overheard and shouted at me that I was a liar because I had tl?d him that he could only have Moderna.  I am now seriously considering giving up the volunteering, I don't think that this sort of abuse is worth it even though most people are polite.  

    Keep going Josy, to important not to!

    Thank you

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Josy1953 said:

    Another busy day helping at the vaccine hub, I am there again on Thursday and Friday so tomorrow is going to be busy getting all of my pre-Christmas chores done.  Thursday is open until 9pm  and Friday until 1pm.  I am surprised that people are willing to risk side effects over Christmas  but we have a lot of bookings for Friday.


    Total respect, to you all, well done and thank you.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, nosapphire said:

    This whole thread does demonstrate how false information can be spread.

    The first post, humerous as it was, was on the P&O forum.

    It would be assumed that the email was sent by P&O, that their crew did not have sufficient time to clean cabins properly.

    So someone else reads just the first post, tells someone else, who puts it on another public forum or feed, it gets picked up and relayed elsewhere as fact, and hey-ho, those old lines about "floating petri dishes" start up again.


    Was not aware that it had travelled, on to other forums so if it did, you are almost right, however saying that it was false information was incorrect, because as I have explained it was fresh to me. and came via CC

  14. 12 hours ago, wowzz said:

    We had the same experience on our last cruise. At 7:00 our neighbours opened and shut every drawer in their cabin - just why ? 


    Was this on a P&O cruise? I thought you said, although I may be wrong, that your last cruise was with Princess. Under your rules why post this here!

  15. 12 hours ago, wowzz said:

    You said you received an email,  and posted on a P&O board.

    Of course we assumed it came from P&O.!

    It actually was an ancient post from cruise critic - perhaps you can check next time before stirring up a hornets nest.

    It was as I said on a e-mail sent to me on the 9th December 2021, it was then posted on the CC Board with some humor. It evolved through posters like you, who took it in various other directions, so behave!


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