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  1. Maybe because they already have with the 20% gratuity added to every drink?
  2. If you have the drink package, you have already paid your tips. If you don't, they add an automatic tip on to every drink that you have. No need to tip separately.
  3. On the Dawn doing the Bermuda cruise, the first sea day (Saturday) was the dress up or not night. There was an opportunity to meet the captain/crew and have pictures taken. I was impressed with the number of people that made an effort to look nice on that evening.
  4. I would double check to make sure your latitudes number is in your reservation.
  5. NCL doesn't call them gratuities; this is a travel site. As a matter of fact, NCL's site says there is no required or recommended tipping. NCL calls the charge a service charge, and their own site says that the DSC "supports" salary and incentive programs. Just to be clear, I would never remove the DSC. I can't imagine a reason to. That being said, I make sure to tip those that make my trip special, knowing that they may or may not ever see a dime from my DSC.
  6. In this case, semantics matter. Please show me on NCL site anywhere that states that the DSC is a gratuity that is 100% distributed to staff. They call it a service charge and not a gratuity for a reason. I have no problem with people who think that it's a tip, but I know from my travels that 100% of that money does not get distributed to the staff. That's why it hurts me so much when I see people getting crapped on for removing the DSC, and accused of taking money out of the hands of the staff. That's just not true.
  7. This is completely false. A service charge is not a gratuity. If it was, they would call it a gratuity and not a service charge. If they call it a gratuity, then all of the money has to be distributed to the staff. It is not. It is a service charge just like what the resorts charge when they charge a resort fee.
  8. I don't see where the poster said they took away tips, just the service charge. They are two different animals.
  9. I see long queues for the MDR all the time on the Dawn. All the way up the staircase and down the hallway. I have never seen any of the hostesses ask if anyone in line has a reservation.
  10. I completely agree with this. Gratuities should be based on how much you utilize the position, not a flat rate. If you never ask the concierge for any reservations or assistance, the tip should reflect that. Same with the butler. I know some who have the butler running constantly, and others who only see their butler when he/she brings the afternoon snacks. Tips should be adjusted accordingly. Base your tip on how much they did to make your cruise enjoyable, not on pre-conceived expectations.
  11. I agree with you. That interview made me very angry. The open window was NOT at ground level; the child had to be lifted up and placed on a railing in order for this accident to happen. It's not a safety hazard and it's not the fault of the cruise line. Made me sick.
  12. That's what I was thinking. Ultimately frozen chocolate milk!
  13. How do they make a mudslide without alcohol?
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