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  1. I am in the same boat (no pun intended) with a cruise on the Dawn in February that I really want to take. Unfortunately, it leaves from Tampa so I am going to hold off until things shake out with Florida. I may just choose something out of NYC instead.
  2. I prepay because it makes the final bill have less line items, which makes it easier to spot mistakes.
  3. No, Not sure what kind of businesses you are referencing, but if they are not healthcare they aren't held to HIPAA laws. HIPAA relates to healthcare/insurance providers. They may use other laws to protect confidentiality, but it is not HIPAA.
  4. Only by healthcare entities. NCL doesn't qualify.
  5. The acronym is HIPAA, not HIPPA. Our HIPAA laws relate to healthcare settings, and nothing else.
  6. Thank you so much. As they say, there are good days and bad days. But you know what would help??? A CRUISE!!! I swear I spend half my days researching cruises and the other half reminiscing about great cruises I have done. I think it's a sickness 🙂
  7. Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston (my institute) recommends that both cancer survivors, and active patients on therapy, receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it is made available.
  8. This is not accurate. I am undergoing chemo, and have been for years. Both my oncologist and pharmacist encouraged me to be vaccinated, so I am. They both feel the benefits outweigh the risks. Chemotherapy might limit the vaccine's effectiveness, but cancer patients are high risk and partial immunity is better than none. I prefer not to roll the dice on COVID.
  9. Michigan is not on a "very hard shut down." Not sure where this information is coming from.
  10. They do cover pre-existing, but you have to purchase the insurance policy at the time of booking. That's how it has worked for me.
  11. This is not true. I have had to make cruise claims three times in my cruising history; I always went to the insurance company and got my claim paid 100%. No credit card company, no homeowner's insurance, no health insurance.
  12. Norwegian Dawn is my absolute favorite. The crew absolutely makes that ship; top notch.
  13. Actually it was all over the news "across the pond". Very disturbing.
  14. I am looking at a cruise the end of January/into February and I was told final payment was in September. I passed.
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