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  1. Actually it was all over the news "across the pond". Very disturbing.
  2. I am looking at a cruise the end of January/into February and I was told final payment was in September. I passed.
  3. Requested refund on 5/7 for my canceled May 29th cruise. Received refund to my credit card 7/7; exactly 2 months.
  4. We went as early as we could right after dinner, the evening show or the Beatles show; the atrium was a madhouse. It was just as bad for the afternoon games. I think your plan could work if all you wanted to do was to sit in the atrium so you would have a seat when you needed it. Oh, and don't get me started on the people that took up several seats with purses, bags, etc. claiming they were saving them for people who never showed up. That was the most maddening of all.
  5. What you said was "I believe BT is referring to the OP not telling the CC company that NCL offered them an FCC as a refund". Like somehow that has any bearing on what NCL owes the OP. And you are right, cash is king. NCL trying to push FCC as a refund rather than cash by having it show up in our accounts after filling out the refund form is insulting.
  6. FCC is not a refund! It's a gift card. It's like trying to get money back from a store and they give you a gift card instead of the money back. Not the same thing. The OP is entitled to a refund, and filled out the form to do so. Case closed.
  7. What exactly did the OP not provide for details? The OP had a cruise canceled and filled out the form for a refund. NCL took it upon themselves to issue FCC, which is NOT what the OP asked for. So, what information is missing? FCC is NOT a refund, it's store credit.
  8. There isn't anyone who "doesn't tip". They already have. 20%.
  9. It may be the second largest venue on the ship, but the seating is sorely lacking. Way too many people for way too few seats. We couldn't see half of the game shows or bands due to nowhere to sit or even stand.
  10. Why are we blaming anyone for a virus that is out of our control? It's not the CDC's fault, it's not NCL's fault. It's a virus. It doesn't care who we blame.
  11. Did you use a travel agent, or did you purchase the trip insurance yourself? I purchased mine through my travel agent, and so assume through NCL. Wondering if I have to take care of this myself.
  12. You will pre-pay the tips when you book your cruise and select those items as perks. Once onboard, you will never see a slip for drinks. At dinner, they will bring you a slip to sign but it will have a total of $0 due. You can add an additional tip if you prefer, but not required since you have paid all your tips prior to sailing.
  13. If the refund of port charges was automatic, how come I haven't gotten mine yet? It has been 6-7 weeks since cancellation and I haven't seen a dime.
  14. I am in contact with a bartender currently on the Escape who pretty much says the same things as this article. I feel so bad for the crew stuck on these ships. They aren't earning a paycheck they can't go home, and they can't get off the ship. It must be absolutely maddening.
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