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  1. The question is, how do you know you don't have the disease if you are asymptomatic?
  2. I work in healthcare; at this time my company requires a 14-day quarantine after any cruise.
  3. This is absolutely not true. The only place there is someone greeting you with hand sanitizer is when you first get on the ship, when you return to the ship in port, and at the buffet. They have Purell machines outside many doors, but nobody enforcing their usage. For that matter, anyone who waves off the washy washy person is left alone. Tables aren't "immediately" cleaned; they are cleaned when you leave. As much as I love cruising, I get it. People don't spend several days/weeks at malls, restaurants, etc; not an apt comparison. On the Bliss in February the theater was full for all shows; no way would there be any changing of seats.
  4. Thank you for the link, MechE31. Worked like a charm!
  5. I love Holland America so will probably lean that way. Waiting to try Virgin as well.
  6. Restaurants are slated to open up June 1, so if all goes according to plan you should be good! 🙂
  7. I live in Maine; we just had an update from the Governor yesterday. I don't believe you will see the ports in Maine opening this summer/fall, but it will depend on how the next few months go. We are still following "shelter in place", but many are ignoring the request. Southern Maine (Portland area) has been hit much harder than the Bar Harbor area. They are cancelling all of the summer festivals/fairs, and are controlling gathering size. They are also mandating anyone out in public must wear a mask, but not sure how long that will continue.
  8. Accounting is not done by minimum wage call center people! I guarantee you NCL has a very robust A/R and A/P department. They have clerks, accountants, managers, supervisors, directors, etc... With all due respect, everything you mentioned needing to be reviewed is on their computer screens in an instant. And again, they don't do one transaction at a time, nor do they have to review these things manually.
  9. I absolutely agree, but we have to understand that these are very strange times. Who could have known that some of us would be furloughed, laid off, out of work and living on unemployment? Who knew some of us would be helping our adult kids financially while they too are furloughed, laid off, out of work and living on unemployment? I don't think many people expected the bottom to fall out of the economy. I can't judge for that.
  10. What exactly is here that is not true?
  11. Thanks for your input, but we aren't talking about previously booked and paid for cruises, the OP asked about a refund vs. a future cruise credit. Basically a gift card, right? I too think they will continue to cruise, but what will an FCC be worth? Not a booked cruise, an FCC? I also don't understand saying there is no guarantee with a refund. If you have cash in hand, how is that not a guarantee? Unless they file bankruptcy in the next couple of months. Maybe I'm not understanding.
  12. But you don't know that! You don't know that the cruise(s) you book will even sail. I don't think they will go under, but if they file Chapter 7 they are done. If they file Chapter 11 they will operate however the courts allow them to operate. That may be reduced cruises, or only certain regions of the world. Hard to say. Not a very good gamble.
  13. Actually in Chapter 7 those who took the refund wouldn't be screwed, their money would be in the bank. The only other comment I would make is there is no guarantee that FCC will be worth anything in bankruptcy; that's for the bankruptcy court to decide. They may honor a reduced amount, or put a short deadline on their use. To me, it's just too risky and resolution could take longer than I am willing to part with my money.
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