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  1. On our last cruise on the Dawn we ate only in the specialties. Photographers were obnoxious. Hovering around the tables trying to make eye contact. When we said, "no thank you", they came back after dessert.
  2. As someone who has sailed on the Dawn numerous times, I found this review to be a chuckle. I do agree with him on a few points, though: 1) the Venetian dining room is creepy with the vandalism to the artwork, and 2) the photographers do hover at dinnertime, especially in the specialty restaurants.
  3. It's not about "poor feet"; it's about where they have been. Unless your hands have been on bathroom floors, you really can't compare hands and feet.
  4. I wouldn't sit on either of those, either if I knew people were sitting on them with bare feet. It's bad enough that they smoke on them outside. Fabric retains smells and dirt, and I have never seen those loungers be shampooed.
  5. Both are bad. You don't put feet on furniture, in or out of shoes. That's just gross.
  6. The difference is, Ford doesn't change the price after you bought the car and expect you to pay the difference. Neither does the hotel. You know what you are getting up front.
  7. At the price of haven rooms, they shouldn't have to pay any more than they already are.
  8. I absolutely agree with this. Haven guests have spent a small fortune for their cabins. In my opinion, there should be no other charges other than tips. Thermal spa, shows, bottles of water, etc. should all be included. It is an insult to nickel and dime them on top of the rate that they pay.
  9. Excellent suggestion! It is also really good in coffee.
  10. I couldn't disagree more about Grand Marnier. It's not licorice; it's bitter orange, and cognac based. I call it "nectar of the Gods" and is best served straight up with no ice, no mix, no distractions from the nectar 🙂 At $15 a shot, the cruise line is still making a bundle, and I don't see a whole bunch of people wasting Grand Marnier. Even if they taste it and don't like it, they have paid for it. No cost to the cruise line.
  11. The concern isn't charging taxes in port; the complaint was about continuing to charge tax after sailaway claiming the ship wasn't in international waters, yet the casino and shops were open. If your casino is open, you shouldn't be collecting taxes on drinks.
  12. I have worked in customer service, and do so now. They have customer service departments for a reason. You think they pay those folks to sit and not read letters they receive? Then what do they do? Every thought their customers have is crucial; that's customer service 101. No letter is EVER a waste of time if it opens up eyes to the pulse of the consumer.
  13. I don't agree with everyone saying this letter is too long. If it was addressed and sent to FDR I might agree, but this is going to the customer service department. It's their job to monitor the pulse of the cruisers. If I were in customer service, I would read every word of this letter. Twice.
  14. For me, what's really burning my butt is that this increase comes on the heels of the price increases in the specialty restaurants so that platinum coupons now won't cover the total cost for most meals. I get that the goal is to get people spending more, but come on. To price items WAY above their value just to take more out of our wallets is crap.
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