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  1. The ship is really stunning, and I like the Viking approach to travel so much that I'm tempted - and it's very odd to me to think that I could drive 15 minutes and board a Viking vessel 🙂 Living along the Mississippi all of my life, I've never given it much thought as a vacation. Growing up near and spending tons of time in Hannibal, MO - it would be really cool to see the town and the tourist sites through new eyes! But when looking at the pricing, I'm sure that we'll pick other places around the world first before doing one of the Mississippi itineraries. I do predict that Viking
  2. We just yesterday postponed our April 18 Trade Routes cruise and moved it to the Oct 2020 reverse sailing. Very glad that we are settled with a new date, but darn it that 25% would come in handy to help cover the cost of the longer pre-cruise we booked. The two Oslo-Bergen 2 day trips were sold out, so we opted for the four day version. Still haven’t gotten the bill yet for the extra fees, so maybe we’ll get lucky? Doubt it, but good on Viking for doing the right thing!
  3. Just booked our first Viking Ocean trip for April (Trade Routes) due to China River being cancelled through June. Booked a PV2 on level 5, which seems to have the window/door arrangement (5010). I can't see what major difference it will make, but I guess that I'll find out soon. Sooo looking forward to experiencing our first ocean cruise, and our first Viking Ocean trip 🙂 Jeff
  4. Hello! Viking offered us a full refund, or a credit of $500.00 per person if we booked another cruise. We took advantage of the offer and had funds transferred to a Viking Ocean booking, and the difference owed was reduced by the $1000.00 credit given. We will definitely plan China again-maybe in 2022? 2021 is already booked 😀 Jeff
  5. All of the above. And US Dollar too 🙂 Jeff
  6. Greetings! Did this cruise with Viking last year and loved it. TONS of information for you here in last year’s Roll Call thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2536236-all-viking-2019-passage-to-eastern-europe/ Enjoy! Jeff
  7. Update - we just received official word from Viking. Right now, all Viking Yangtze cruises through June of 2020 have been cancelled. They are offering either a full refund, or a $500.00 PP rebooking credit on a different itinerary. We had already made our mind up to rebook on an ocean cruise, so hopefully they'll honor the credit there. Jeff
  8. We are scheduled for Viking China in early June, but have started the conversation of what we want to/can do. Hoping to have more clarity this week. Ugh. Jeff
  9. FYI - we've used Viking's pre and post excursions many times, and have been happy with all of them. I'm a trip planner, and would be quite comfortable making arrangements, but it is soooo nice to not have to worry about it. Next year we are taking our first post-cruise deviation on our own - 3 days at Disney Shanghai 🙂 Word of caution - pre and post excursions sell out frequently, so book them ASAP. Happy travels! Jeff
  10. Just to add to the conversation - our early April Danube cruise from Budapest to Bucharest encountered heavy winds lasting a few days that created problems, delays, schedule changes and nearly cancelled three days of cruising. So yes, water levels are definitely a thing, but wind events can be an issue as well. Who knew? We had a fabulous time (Viking handled the last-minute changes exceptionally well I might add), but I never considered that a wind event could be so problematic. Jeff
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