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  1. This isn’t true of everyone. We cancelled our March 15 cruise the afternoon before they shut everything down. We had to make a decision because we had flights booked. We had no cash refund option, no extra 25/50% FCC, no latitude points and now prices are inflated.
  2. Does anyone know when the new dock is supposed to be finished? We are currently booked on a cruise in March out of San Juan but the flights are so crazy expensive I am looking for an alternative. While I know that tendering is possible at lots of ports, I am trying to avoid it as much as possible. We had to tender in Coxen Hole once and it took forever and made everyone cranky. That time was on the Pearl. This would be the Getaway which has a lot more passengers. The cruise I am looking at will be in Coxen Hole with Liberty of the Seas and MSC Armonia according to cruisett. From what I have
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