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  1. Have done both several times, Hong Kong is one of our regular get away spots, with a trip about every two months. My choice would be Macau much more to see and do, the Island is nice but many Buddha in Asia. You do need your passport as it is a special zone like Hong Kong.
  2. Expat Cruise

    Phu My port

    Have done a Phu My port stop on three different cruises over the last year. Walking was not allowed on any of the three. They had shuttle buses to take you from the ship to the gate. A few people tired to walk and security turned them around.
  3. From March 2019 Sun Princess Robe, BBQ Apron, Picture Frame, Pictures, 2 Princess Bags, Note Pad, Princess Pen. Since it was a Australian Currency cruise we paid in AUD at $175 each, (USD$123) so better deal than the US Currency cruises at USD$150.00
  4. I agree the other factors are important...... But buying with the OBC is another value that is added to the overall investment. It really should be looked at, for tax year 2018 my return was over 12.8 percent between dividends and OBC, so the OBC is a important part of the overall stock value.
  5. Anyone else looking at the price of the stock? It has fallen since the beginning of the year. not sure how much lower it will go but it makes the stock ownership credit look even better. Added to the fact that the stock pays a good dividend at about $2.00 per share or 4.3% return. So the 100 shares required for the OBC is under $5000 dollars. If you take a couple of cruises a year your return on investment will be over 10% total. (dividend plus OBC). We have used the program for years and saved a lot of money on our cruises. The market analyst are down on the company now but long term it seems like it is still a great move for those cruising, with the company. https://www.nasdaq.com/article/heres-why-investors-should-steer-clear-of-carnival-ccl-cm1168991
  6. That is like when you are stopped for speeding saying I was just doing the normal flow rate of traffic. You still get the ticket. It is fraud, even if you are not caught. Selling integrity & honor for a the price of a coffee card is not something most would do.
  7. Pattaya is only 30 minutes away from the port, your times are not correct. It is only about 25 kms from the port to Pattaya. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is another option if you do not want to go far, it is about 30 minutes east of the port. Has one of the largest collections of tigers in the World. It is a breeding center for tigers. Many large areas with tigers and other animals.
  8. Used my cards without a pin for purchases in March. Really no issues. One shop declined a card for under $20.00 three hours later I charged about $1500 on the same card no issues, so you should have more than one card.
  9. Yes you can bring soda on the ships, they really did not seem to care. The soda package was about AUD $8 per day and the internet was about AUD$20 per day. These prices are from a March 2019 Cruise.
  10. It is fraud the cards are non transferable, if you use them you could have problems up to being terminated from the cruise. I'm not saying Princess will do this just that they can. I would not take the risk to say a couple of dollars, integrity is worth more than some coffee. But anyone is free to make their own choice.
  11. Yes have flown them Business Class, overall better than most American Carriers, for food, comfort, etc. We would fly again with them.
  12. Not scare mongering at all a Cruise Ship is a much higher value target than a Oil Tanker. Knowing what is going on around you is a important part of travel.
  13. The Government of Panama is looking to become more of a cruise center. They are offering free transit through the Canal for any ship that is based in Panama. Starting a cruise or ending a cruise from Panama. This a a half a million dollar costs plus, depending upon the ship. http://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/panama-to-pay-one-canal-transit-as-homeporting-incentive.html?utm_content=Panama to pay one Canal transit as homeporting incentive&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=Seatrade Cruise News&utm_contact=24896632&utm_term=Newsletter_Seatrade Cruise Weekly News&utm_campaign=146739
  14. Just common sense backed up with the reports made by many news outlets. Safety is a major issue for any ship in these area. Cruise ships cannot travel to Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, or Muscat without being in these same waters. Information is power, members are free to do whatever they want with the information. I have not cancelled my cruise to the area.
  15. Did it in March 2019 becasue water package was not offered. Had no problems bring on at the start or at port calls. Princess did not seem to care. You should have no issues.
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