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  1. Tony, I just want to cruise again. We are booked on the Diamond Princess in Decemebr from Hong Kong. If Princess runs the cruise and we can travel from our home in the Philippines to Hong Kong to board we are cruising. I know very well what they say in Boston..... I lived in East Boston, family and business in Chelsea & Revere also. Would be very happy to have a rowboat on Chelsea creek today, Love that area of the World. Todd
  2. Ready to cruise now. Really find it hard to beleive that the World leaders have allowed Covid-19 to shut down the World. Would have done all our Princess Cruises if not cancelled this year. Once cruising is back and we can travel to the ports we are back. And yes would take a cruise to nowhere, two weeks with no ports would be great.
  3. It has been a very different year for us. Have not been able to spend any time in the United States. We are still at our other home in the Philippines. Manila Bay was cruise central a few months ago with about 15 ships in the bay just waiting this out. Philippines have been on lock down longer than any other country in the World. Masks and face shields are required in public. Quarantine passes are the norm here, if you travel outside of your home. Since we have business here we are on working passes and allowed much more freedom than average. Cruising has started again in Tai
  4. You do understand Taipei is not a port. If the cruise says Taipei you will dock in Keelung which is 30 minutes to 1 hour away by taxi, depending upon day and time. So not really a option for hop on off bus.
  5. A few problems with this cruise. First it was a re positioning cruise to bring the ship from Asia to Alaska for the Summer season. At this point not even sure the ship will be in Asia or that Alaska cruises will be open. Example Princess Cruises has sold off two ships already; Sun & Sea, they maybe moving around other ships, and again this ship could be somewhere else. Royal has sold ships and Carnival Corporation has sold or removed 18 ships in total. So mthe return will be different for sure. That said Asia cruising is already back. Genting has been cruising on the Drea
  6. Again as many have stated these are after the facts findings....Based upon the law and rules in place at the time Princess was not required to take these actions.....They followed what was in place at the time. Unlike the Government who did not follow the law and the rules. Princess was cleared in this case. The ports are welcoming International guests which is Federal, and while the Health Department may have been the front line ultimately the ball stops with the Federal Government. Bottom line if the Government (s) in Australia have done their jobs this would not have happen. Prin
  7. Philippines still has a very low number of deaths 2400 with a population of 110 million. But things are still not normal here. Very had to travel domestic or International. The only way you are flying into the country is if you are a citizen, married to a citizen, hold a full resident visa, or Government travel. Everyone is subject to Covid-19 testing upon return and quarantined to hotel room while waiting for tests results. Travel between provinces is very limited. Hoping things open up here soon as the country is in trouble from the lock downs and quarantines.
  8. Yes you can do the tour bus and we have. But the MRT (Subway) may be a better way to go. The system can take you to most places in the city. Also consider taxi as Singapore is small and the fares are cheap. In a normal year we would visit Singapore five to six times so have tried all forms of transportation.
  9. The report is you read the whole thing clears Princess Cruises. Princess operated within the law and the rules. Blame here is 100% on the Government of Australia. And even finding this blame they are doing nothing about it. Sorry Australia has failed here.
  10. I would be talking to your bank about the chargeback...no reason in the would it should not have been approved. You could look into criminal charges at this point, and those charges could be filed against the credit card company and Princess...really at this point a good case for wire fraud. Money was taken and services and goods not provided.
  11. Yes they have not handled the refunds well.....Anyone who has followed Princess and refunds knows this. But will still cruise with them, do not want to give up cruising and Princess is the best of the main stream cruise lines. But we will be cruising 100% for our benefit and Princess will see very little in the way of extra revenue from us.
  12. If you file the claim with the correct information and within the time frame required you will always win. One of the reasons Princess is saying wait 60 days is to possibly put guests outside of the filing time period.
  13. If I had to bet I would bet that Carnival Corporation, will have some ships operating to the Caribbean in November. It will be a limited number and nowhere near the whole fleet (103 +/- ships). Cannot say Princess will be operating but I believe they will be one of the brands for Carnival Corp that will operate. It makes sense for them to do short Caribbean cruises to test the waters....close to home (Corporate) and easy to control. We have had two cruises canceled already, have our next cruise July 7th out of Australia..... believe it will cancel....and our next Princess Cruise af
  14. OK so let me see if I understand this... Through fraud you are booking a cabin for a friend. You want steal money from Princess Cruises and once booked you want the cruise line to be happy about this and just change the room cards around. You are not family members, as you stated "friends cruising" so not about moving family members around. You also want to also change the ship board accounts. Then you come here and want to involve site members in your conspiracy to defraud Princess Cruises? You also want to break the rules of the site: Illegal Activities Cruise
  15. The CDC is the federal Government, sorry you do not understand that fact. The state of California could not block the Grand from docking, they had to agree as the Federal Government through the USCG has control of all ports in the end. Sorry but your information is just wrong and not based upon facts , Admiralty Law, or Federal Law.
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