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  1. What I am saying is if security had done their jobs it never would have gone on the ship. What happens next time if it is a gun or a bomb that is missed and someone uses that on the ship. Letting police handle the problem security allowed to happen is not a safe ship. Security is in place to stop the problem before it gets on the ship.
  2. What part of if security did their job the drugs would never get on the ship do you fail to understand. Security for this line is a joke. If it makes it on the ship security failed.
  3. The drug busts have nothing to do with ships security doing their jobs in fact they are proof that ships security is not doing the job because they allowed them on the ship. These arrest are the result of law enforcement working cases not ships security doing their job.
  4. Expat Cruise

    Disembarkation Tour Hong Kong

    You would need to book the Princess on Ship Tour, but your luggage does not stay with you. Or you could book a private car & driver, and have the luggage stay with you but that would not be cheap. Or you could use the airport express MRT and check at the station. Airport Express- Kowloon Station. Your fourth choice rent a hotel room and put yourself in the room until you leave. I spend a lot of time in Hong Kong and what you want to do is not easy or low costs.
  5. Expat Cruise

    Tuxedo Rental or Purchase?

    Anything the cruise line supplies you on the cruise is a rental.... the same could be said for your cabin.
  6. Expat Cruise

    Tuxedo Rental or Purchase?

    Another option is to local tux rental shop and ask to purchase one. The shops will sell you a used tux at a very low price. Years ago I had a transportation business and the drivers would purchase from these shops at a very low price.
  7. Expat Cruise

    Princess "refundable credit"----don't believe it!

    The fact that they zeroed the account out means they have charged something to it. The math odds of it being zero are very low. Also I use the same card as the cruise payments so even it they have not charged anything on the ship you can open based upon the overall transaction.
  8. Expat Cruise


    OK let's see this system you claim is in place to divide tips? Please post a link or a letter from Royal confirming your claim. I have sat with Hotel Directors on the line and directly asked them and they will not answer. The truth is you cannot show it becasue the cruise lines will not directly answer the simple question..... Where does the money go and who is included in the tip pool. But we do know on some lines the money does not even stay on the same ship it can go to other ships in the line. All guests can do is look at the information provide, letters to crew, cruise line website and make a judgement call. On Carnival we know the new added 3% on bar bills does NOT go to the crew..... the letter from them has been posted. Half of the 3% 1.5% goes to uniforms and airline travel tickets and other fees as directed by the cruise line. Therefore your statement and must statement here are just opinions. Until the cruise lines come clean and tell guests exactly what is the total story
  9. Expat Cruise

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    Old is not always bad, new is not always good. The oldest ship in the fleet is the Sun Princess (1995). But like many other here I like this ship better than the new ships. I don't want the shopping malls and lots of extra people. I do not want to be in a big floating box I what to be on a ship. While the Sun is the oldest ship in the fleet it is the ship I like best, it also does not appear old as the up keep and maintenance has been great. Did two cruises on the Sun last year have another in a few weeks. The Sun always sails full, and most cruise they must do more over offers. The guests seem to be very happy with her since she came to Asia Australia several years ago. My next cruise is my 84th cruise been on many lines and many ships, still really like the Sun class. I hope Princess keeps her.
  10. Expat Cruise

    Princess "refundable credit"----don't believe it!

    If you are owed money and Princess will not reply and give you a answer just go to the credit card and open a dispute. You give the credit card company your proof and Princess does the same. The issue is handled and you move on. Really do not understand why people waste so much time with simple things like this.
  11. Expat Cruise

    Fire onboard Carnival Sensation last night

    On this I need to agree with chengkp75 while many things may look the same as on land they are not, most are very different. On my small pleasure boats I had cushions that looked like plain vinyl & foam, but they would not burn. Marine is very different from land, no one wants a fire at sea.
  12. Expat Cruise


    The more one studies the statement made and printed from Royal the more you see it is never complete answers. As others have said the cruise line really does not want guests understanding where these fees go and how they are used. It is really just a shell game to make more profit for the cruise line.
  13. Expat Cruise


    Sorry but I think I know Filipinos better than you do.... Philippino is not a word Filipino is, I have only lived in the country for the last 10 years and my wife is a Filipinia. Yes o means male and a means female. the poor waiter you talked about doing the same job here in the Philippines would only be making 5 to 6 dollars a day, have no food or lodging. Even without tips he makes much more than his pay would be here at home. Add in the free extras his monthly pay is 5 to 10 times his home wage. He did his job which is to provide the best service for his customers, you do not need to be rewarded for doing your job. They are very good actors and know how to great the most out of people. The family did nothing wrong it was their choice to make.
  14. Expat Cruise


    i'm sorry but I do not get it. You said stiffing the crew, tips are optional, not required, at the choice of the person leaving them. Not to pay a tip is the choice of the guest, even today the daily service amount on Royal is only a recommendation. The wait staff and crew is paid by the cruise line, the guests are not required to provide anything extra it is a choice. If some choose not to tip others need to respect that choice because really it is no ones business but the person involved. Why try to fight with someone for not tipping when you can do nothing about it? You make your choice and let others make the choice they want.
  15. Expat Cruise


    Sorry but guests are not stealing. Posters should understand the meaning of words before posting them. steal stealing: take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. Since guests have the legal right to remove or adjust as they see fit, it cannot be stealing..... But the best part of this whole discussion is that no matter what people post say or want done with tipping, no one can stop guests from doing anything they want. It is completely a optional choice.