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  1. Yes, one of the best reviews I ever saw on this board. I booked WP Aurea cabin after his review and we had best cruise ever. We don't eat in buffet and we would not eat Pizza JIm like even if they pay us, so for us it was a most beautiful cruise ever. LOL
  2. After 50 cruises can you please name one , where you can always find a seat in lounges . Also, do you really believe that 2 hours delay could affect Sidney? Please, even airplane can make up time in air.
  3. Probably my favorite ship. Cruised twice on Poesia .
  4. Can you please come back with short review about ship itself and shows?
  5. I booked my cain after his review and we had beautiful time.
  6. We had it last year. It was best cruise ever. Cabin is fantastic I would book it again but price now is very high . 😭
  7. You should be fine but book your taxi in advance.dont waste any time in airport .
  8. Funny it’s Oct. 15 and we had 0 in morning and some parts of Canada had snow storm.
  9. Its Canada , Oct definitely not a good weather here.
  10. Have a nice cruise. Cabin entertainment never been on my lit so i will have no problem lol
  11. first cruise from USA and to Canada was not supposed to be trip to paradise LOL . I did cruise once out of NY winter time and even a free cruise will not make me to do it again. 🀐
  12. How is your cruise? what shows do you have? How is food ?
  13. REALLY? i don't remember this. Can I do it only for people in my cabin or other cabins as well?
  14. What cruise line will have baby monitor on board? and even if leaving 2.5 years old alone in cabin.... beyond my understanding
  15. after final payment just enter info online and you will get it
  16. Amen to that and I hope they will stay this way.
  17. yep, my DH account start working and MSC for me app start working πŸ‘€ . finally MSC did something with IT department? 🍸
  18. I am not going to sail NCL even for free and I will try to avoid Carnival as much as possible. I love MSC and I cruise with them because I love product. (even if web is terrible)
  19. It's been a long time since our last visit to Cozumel. What is good spot to spend a day on beach now? Don't need pool or toys. Just plain beach with chair rental and no seaweed. thank you.
  20. just do it onboard . I would not book NY evening in specialty restaurant . For sure its gonna be formal night and good Menu in main DR.
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