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  1. where exactly you got this idea from? you may avoid any cruise line in future ,no one will return your money .
  2. please ,order as much as you want no one will ask you to pay or ask you who is gonna have this ice cream.
  3. Need to book connected cabins for 2+2 , lots available but 1 cabin is for 2 ppl second one always for 4 and MSC is not willing to sell us (cruise is in Feb. and lots of cabins available) So I am planning to make fake reservation in order to get those cabins. If one person in each cabin not checking in after will we have problem? I know it was on this forum already but I did not pay attention and now I can't find it.
  4. Looking to book a cruise with two kids , last time we cruised on Holland was 14 years ago I would like to know from peoples personal experience how is a kids club on New Amsterdam ? What is the hours of operation and what special activities they have ? Yes, I know there is "better" cruise lines for kids , but we have not much options now.
  5. mine just got back ,did not see it couple days ago
  6. I am sure MSC will get over it. Also getting onboard has nothing to do with MSC but USA customs only after 40 cruises I am sure you should know that , and don't count too much on Princess WIFI its horrible and dose not work on many parts on the ship. Would love to have some details what help you did not get from customer service
  7. omg really this is most ridiculous statement I heard on this boards for years. And why would they do it? Mexicans crossing USA boards by thousands every day )))
  8. How exactly she supposed to know when it will be finished? they are looking for your luggage ,they open the case ,what you want them to do to be "good service"? They did not refused to pay yet anything . Most probable stollen in port, Barcelona known city for that.
  9. you can't book on MSC USA but I always book through US Agents never in can $
  10. Hello. My friends decided to go with us on a cruise, almost last minute. Only cabins for Aurea available are on deck 9 front (star board over SPA) or deck 9 back-.over Butcher Cut or other restaurant. SPA should be quiet but there is deck with chairs right under it and I am afraid its gona be loud. .Anyone cruised on deck 9? how bad it is?
  11. Can somebody on board Seascape( or any other ship) to confirm what is the interned price for 1 device?
  12. everything will be closed ,for decoration just walk 5 min from the ship, but its not NY so really I think they the same for the past 15 years
  13. When you go to MacDonalds or expansive Steak house is it matter?
  14. Disembarkation has nothing to do with cruise line and totally depends of US Customs and they can do w.e. they want.
  15. where did you get this info? Dimond membership clearly says : member + 1 guest of the SAME CABIN no member .so answer to your question is-NO ,no guests from other cabins can be invited for free
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