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  1. Cancel, why should we care if you cancel or not? 🙄
  2. No taxi in port so book your taxi in advance. I don't see how you gonna make 11 am flight. Venice airport is a big mess with huge lines .
  3. and we don't care what you think .At all ...
  4. no way I would pay extra 150 E for someone meet me. I am not an idiot and I can walk 5 min to taxi stop.
  5. I think from 2013 they somehow got home ny now.
  6. Ya ,because you really know how long they been planning this drug bust and how is this all work.
  7. Really,really. Drug busts means security is working. Drug bust is going avery day in airports does it mean no security ?
  8. I am not surprised at all. Antigua never looked safe for me.
  9. After so many cruises you should know thay cruise line can change any port they want and even send you to Canada instead of Carribean .
  10. It was a cruise from Orlando . she never saw it in Miami before.
  11. MSC security is THE best in seas. I feel absolutely safe on MSC cruise ships , because I know who provide security.
  12. My friend had over 60 cruises many of them on NCL and its a first time she saw it as well.
  13. My friend just back from NCL cruise ,they had policeman and a dog going around the ship 24/7 sniffing pas for drugs
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