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  1. Cancelled December cruise 4 weeks ago and got my refund yesterday
  2. No Link . Official Canada start regular flights on July 23 . My daughter wanted to cancel her December flight they told her to wait. Now they cancel till end of October with USA but they sure it will be extended. It will be last minute announced so we keep buying tickets and air line keep our money.lol. my advice cancel this trip . November is election in USA it will be much more "protests"and riots . And don't forget over 40000 Covid cases per day.
  3. No flights from USA to Canada till November .for now. I am sure it will be extended.really hope so.we cancelled our December Cruise. I don't know what should happen to make us to go to America any time soon.
  4. If you like Divina you will love Meraviglia. It's much better actually and not as crowd as people love to say on this board.
  5. MSC as any other cruise line use local excursion companies. All cruise lines use same operators .
  6. Ya? all airlines can do it somehow. We don't get money back just credit for future fight
  7. You think it will be that easy. Just cancel your cruise or postpone it but no! people will not look for easy way they want to open 1001 tops on boards because they have nothing to do at home.
  8. What else they can do after all this Noro and Corona? Maybe they can use this time to clean ships properly.
  9. As much as I know people getting refund now from MSC .But my pint is even if they return money today no one will guarantee you on a week or a month what will happened . Situation changes by minute .
  10. Any date this year? any destination?
  11. For any date and any cruise? can I have a link please.
  12. no cruise line will offer you full refund if there is no reason for this. No one can tell you now what gonna happen in 24 hours not only in couple month.
  13. probably and probably someone in CCL had something to do with buttering Jamaicans . any way I don't care for Jamaica never go a shore any way and hope MSC will stop going there .
  14. Lucky you. Here in Canadao those idiots don't even have travel advisory .
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