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  1. I think people should stop jumping from each Covid case or stop travelling.
  2. never been a ban on Canadians , we always could flight only ground boarders are closed
  3. Its crazy , every company goes with own rules, every country goes with own rules . Every half an hour different news making it no possible to plane ahead . We are working and have to flight to cruise so we can't play " pack and go" game. We booked MSC for DEC and I really want to be on this ship but no way I am wearing mask or cruising with no vaccinated people. and not because I am afraid to get sick ,but mainly because they have 70% more chances to get sick and they will be tested (lots of false tests),and then cruise line will f** the brain to anyone who had contact or even pass by them . I
  4. thank you .promenade deck never been important to us. We hardly or never use it.
  5. Wanna know what's expensive ? Celebrity wants 1500.00 $ for third passenger in cabin while first and second 1300 $ lol. I never saw it before and I will not pay this price just because its ridiculous. More I read all this more I think to rent a villa in Aruba and forget about cruising until all this covid bull gone. Every half an hour is different rule or change of rules.
  6. Hello all. Looking for a December cruise on Nieuw Statendam , didn't cruise with HAL for 10 years because of luck of evening entertainment . Now we are older and looking for vaccinated cruise only( and no masks), so HAL looks like good option, specially on bigger ships. So please tell me how is HAL now. Do they have same amazing food like before ? How is night show's in main theatre? Do we need suite for formal night or its not that formal anymore ? We are going with friends, and they do love SPA and Thermal Suites, can they get a package for the whole cruise and how much is this ? Anything
  7. Can't wait for your report . Planning to book this ship for December. We did not do HAL for a while I wonder how is food and entertainment now. If its not too much trouble could you please check how much Thermal Spa area is and if its open at all with Covid rules. 🙄
  8. I really hope MSC will read this board and see how many people will move to Celebrity , include our party of 6 . I hate to do this , I prefer to stay with MSC but we are not wearing masks on vacation.
  9. thank god its not a yellow stars 🙄
  10. First of all because its a free forum and I can post everywhere I want .And second because I have cruise booked with MSC and I am waiting to see what's a rules will be by December ,if I need a mask on board we cancel and book Celebrity .
  11. Its not Europeans who is thieves, and you been lucky ,many people had item stolen in trains and in Rome not mention Barcelona .ITs a fact that its much more thieves in Europe then in North America but unfortunately its going wrong direction here as well. Even in Canada we start watching our pockets in Toronto now. You are alone so your cost is low but when you add train tickets for 4 ppl it will be almost taxi ride .
  12. Don't rethink it. You must watch your pockets and your luggage non stop in train and in rail station . Book private transfer .You will be out in no time ,much faster then in US .
  13. for us as well . I am not cruising in mask on.
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