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  1. Eh, it kinda worked. I was in Australia for work, and I loved Sydney! I have my eye on the Luminosa for February 2025. For anyone traveling to Sydney and staying around Circular Quay/The Rocks, you can also take the train straight from the airport and get off at the Circular Quay stop. You don't need to buy a train card and can just tap your credit card when you enter and exit. Also worked on the ferry to Taronga Zoo. F26DE1C9-1CF8-4ED0-A468-3B17C8D153EB.heic
  2. I left Sydney on the 21st and walked down to Circular Quay really early to get pictures of the Splendor. Going to upload a picture and see if it works... E1AF36B5-D4EF-410D-ABBA-1841D90FE551_1_201_a.heic
  3. that's surprising. How much is it and how are they enforcing it? It's not really connected to the spa IIRC.
  4. Also, Chili's chips and salsa is good, but that skillet queso...as the kids say...SLAPS.
  5. Hell yeah! I'm so excited to follow along with this live review and make snarky/inappropriate comments.
  6. Appreciate your insights! I work a lot with CBP and my buddy used to work the cruise port and said all the weird s*** comes off the Carnival ships haha. Wonder if I've emailed with you before...
  7. So excited to follow along! I love your reviews and the commentary about your dad, which reminds me of my grandad so much! Question about the thermal suite-is everything co-ed? I love the Jewel thermal suite because the sauna and steam room are in the locker room/gender segregated sections. I hate co-ed saunas/steam room because I hate sweating in a bathing suit haha
  8. The sauna on the Summit is small, but adequate. It can fit about 3-4 guys comfortably and there are some nice showers to cool off in. No water fountain or anything, so bring a bottle of water. I did two 5 day back to back cruises in January and the first sailing was very active and the second sailing it was rarely used.
  9. Those pictures are still accurate. If you look at the deck plan for the Dawn, you can see the thermal suite at the aft on Deck 10. Not free with only a coed area in the center. Sauna and steam room are in the locker rooms, as shown above.
  10. I'm FINALLY all caught up. Took a work trip to Australia and was legitimately annoyed I didn't have time to read your review at night. Such a great read--thanks for bringing us along and letting us live vicariously through you! Funny about people sitting outside of bars when there is plenty of seating inside. Saw the same thing down there, but it's freaking winter! Why sit under a heater when you can sit indoors, mate? Also, troughs are alive and well down there too. I have my eye on some Luminosa sailings in 2025. I think I should have enough Chase points to cover the flights...let's hope...
  11. People have reported the sauna and small hot tub are still in there (free and a nice view to the ocean!)
  12. I'll take things you can say at a slot machine and a brothel for $2000, Alex
  13. I love getting home from work and catching up on yours and Greg's threads!
  14. Just saw a video of the Carnival Venezia and it looks like there is a free sauna in the locker rooms off the gym. Plus what looks like a single person hot tub.
  15. Wifi price must have been in Canadian dollars again
  16. 1000% agree! It took Delta 4 hours to find my bag, I went to a shady hotel by the Detroit airport (hooker walked out when I walked in and the front desk was behind bulletproof glass...) that Delta arranged for me. All I wanted was a shower, but it was freaking disassembled with exposed pipe in the wall. I touched as little as possible, charge my phone, and left for the airport at 3am. I earned that 6am drink!
  17. You deserved every bit of fun you had last night! After I had two flight cancellations and was finally on the plane to San Diego for my cruise in April, I got a double vodka OJ...at 6:07am. The people next to me were judging but IDGAF! So happy y'all finally got your suitcases!
  18. I fly to Australia in a couple weeks and have to check a bag. This thread makes me feel like I need a Xanax. We'll see how creative I can get with packing a carry on bag...
  19. 1 bird could take out an engine. A flock of birds caused that US Airways plane to land in the hudson river years ago.
  20. Oh geez, traveling is so stressful these days. This reminds me of when Delta cancelled two of my flights, I got stuck in Detroit, had to book a last minute flight on American, that plane hit a bird, etc etc. Hope you're reunited with your bags soon! Those first drinks on the ship will feel so much better when you can finally relax!
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