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  1. When I was Venezia, there was someone at the table with a shellfish allergy, so they cooked all the meat, veggies, rice on the grill first. Once that was cooked and served, then they cooked and served any shellfish. The person with the allergy did not have to worry about cross contamination on the grill at all.
  2. Not sure if you meant to call us "Sweetie" or you think we're all sweaty and gross. Either way, only you could rock this shirt! Also, Alex Elkin is hilarious! Definitely check him out.
  3. Hell yeah! I love following along with your reviews so much! I flew down to Miami for Christmas because being airplane tipsy and Christmas Eve in Little Havana is better than being home alone (my life isn't depressing I swear! I did Christmas with my family a few weeks ago when our schedules worked out!). Anyways, if you have time, check out Little Havana. The vibes are incredible and there is so much good Cuban food to be had plus monuments, murals, etc. Hope you speak Spanish! What shenanigans have you been up to while away from the chil'ren?
  4. On the Venezia, DJ Maroo played EDM baby shark 3 times within an hour long set. I was ready to yeet myself overboard. I also heard it in the gym which made me max out my volume to tune it out. Didn't work
  5. Excellent review! I loved following along and reminiscing about my own Venezia sailing. We also had Alex Elkin on our sailing and he was definitely the best. Most of the comedians were not great, with a special shoutout to Mark SImmons who was especially bad and rude to other crew members. The Venezia is an awesome and I'm so glad Carnival stole her from Costa. I was skeptical about the "Carnival Fun Italian Style" thing, but I enjoyed it. It was still Carnival, but a bit different. It's always nice to mix things up a bit! Looking forward to your next review!!
  6. Bro, I've literally been stalking the Carnival boards wondering where TF you were because I could have sworn you had a thanksgiving cruise. Excited to binge read these shenanigans now.
  7. I just got off the Venezia today after 12 incredible days and have finally caught up with your review. First things first, Zora is AMAZING. The Amari bar was always so much fun with lots of laughs and people watching. Alejandro and Jelena were also great alchemists! Andrea at Frizzante was another great bartender as well! Bonsai Teppenyaki was delicious and more entertaining than my experience on NCL. Regarding the MDR, I went about 7 of the 12 nights between 5:30-6:00 for Any Time Dining in the Canal Grande restaurant and only had superrrrrr slow service once. Overall the food was good, nothing was amazing but nothing was terrible. We had about 12 different comedians on our sailing. Alex Elkin was in the first batch and seemed to be the most well-liked. Mark Simmons was one of the last ones and he was AWFUL. He pitched a fit at Frizzante because he couldn't get a drink when it was too early. I saw him a few times around and he was always in a bad mood and complaining. Looking forward to the rest of your review!
  8. I check deckplans and not the database. Jewel OTS has a sauna and steam room in the locker room in the spa/gym area. Free and male only. They removed the thermal suite on Jewel OTS in 2016.
  9. Quite a see-through shower. How European of them! Really appreciate Patti taking pictures of the gym hours. I was curious about that. I will be having all of those frozen drinks during my 12 day cruise. They look so good!
  10. I went on the Jewel twice this year and will be doing the Japan-Alaska transpacific on the Jewel next year. I love the Jewel and would compare it to a Spirit class ship size wise and ease of getting around. More cruises will almost certainly be populated after March 2025. It's still a pretty long way out and they're probably going to send Jewel back to Alaska in Summer 2025, so they have some logistics to work out. Regarding flights, I never let a cruise line book flights for me because I like to be in charge of my own itinerary. If something goes wrong or I need to make a change, I can do that myself directly with Delta instead of there being a third party involved which can complicate myself (I'm flying Delta over to Japan using credits I have). Regarding onboard activities, Carnival definitely does not have nearly as many daily activities (on my most recent NCL Jewel cruise, there were no comedy shoes). They still do the normal trivias, games, etc, but the staff is not as great as the Fun Squad in my opinion. NCL does have a teen club, but on a Japan cruise, I don't think there will be as many teens onboard (if your kid doesn't participate in the teen club on Carnival this might be a non-issue). You'll want to check pricing, but the NCL Jewel has a few two bedroom suites (one master bedroom and a smaller room that is good for kids). Might be cheaper than doing a balcony and interior. Let me know if you have any other questions. I love the NCL product. It is better than Carnival in some areas, but worse in others.
  11. Perfect timing! I'm going on the Venezia in a couple weeks. Love your reviews and can't wait to see what y'all have to say about the Venezia.
  12. I'll be following along! I was just on the Jewel and loved it. I have my eye on the Japan to Alaska cruise in April 2024 (but the website won't let me book anything...). Very curious to hear how you like the ports in Japan and what y'all get up to. Enjoy!
  13. No one walked around naked. Everyone either walked around in a towel (or robe) or bathing suit
  14. Just got back from the Norwegian Jewel. That class of ship still has the best setup at sea for a spa. It was a perfect place to see the glaciers and Alaskan scenery without having to go into the cold/rain or battling crowds. It was well-used all week, but never too crowded.
  15. Sounds good, can't go wrong with a beer and a brothel..well, I guess you can...
  16. Where did you buy the brothel tour? Inside Red Onion? I have nothing planned for Skagway and this sounds interesting.
  17. Glad you're finally onboard. How was the train ride overall? Did you get stuck with weirdos at your table? Sitting at a table with strangers for 4 hours sounds like my personal hell.
  18. Awesome pictures! I'm doing the helicopter tour and glacier trek in Juneau and this is getting me excited for that.
  19. Really looking forward to your review. I'm doing the same cruise 2 weeks after you. I'm loyal to NCL and Carnival most. I've always thought that NCL takes care of solos well. When I was on the Jewel in April, Evangeline and Benedict were the best bartenders. Not sure which bar they're currently at, but definitely look for the. I know Evangeline is still onboard.
  20. For excursions, I only have a river tubing excursion for Dominica booked and I know I'll be taking a taxi to Orient Beach on St Maarten. For Barbados, there's an interesting cocktail making class at the Mount Gay Rum Factory that I'm considering. May do a catamaran cruise in St. Lucia. Will probably just walk over to Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas. Been there soooooo many times haha
  21. how weird! On Spirit there is a curtain around the door that can be closed. The locker room attendant always made sure the curtain was closed around the door.
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