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  1. Prawns cannot be placed in the same category as lobster. If you ever have the opportunity, try a Maine(USA) or North Atlantic lobster from the east coast of Canada. The flavour is mouthwatering.
  2. Bentley Restaurant, just a few steps from Cafe Sydney at circular Quay I great
  3. I sailed on Journey November 30 to December 7 and I got my assignment 4 days before sailing
  4. But in your post you specifically mentioned racist behaviour and specifically mentioned an incident occurring at 4am. So I believe you have already injected yourself and (views)(opinion) into the discussion. As stated by someone else, throwing out a teaser like that leaves the rest of us wondering what you heard. More details would definitely enlighten others of us onboard who may have a concern
  5. Uktog, what happened at the pool yesterday or early this morning. I’m on this cruise and hadn’t heard of any problems. I’m curious what happened now that you and jj6961 have reported it. Thanks
  6. I’ve done several cruises on three different Lines, however I’m new to Azamara and have no issue with off color or adult jokes. I’m curious though, what observation of yours would make a guest a good fit fo Azamara ?
  7. Thanks host Grandma for all your helpful info. There are two of us in a CCSuite for 7 night cruise on Journey. The website says that we get 240 minutes of complimentary internet per guest. Unlimited internet package for one device is 19.95 per day which is 140 for the whole cruise. In the postings it seems that 240 minutes translates to $150 dollar credit if applied to an unlimited package. So does that mean if we both use our credit we could each get an unlimited plan for one device each? Thanks
  8. retird

    Flight time

    Thanks everyone for your comments. My home airport is Toronto and to readjust my flights to facilitate going on the celebrity cruise would cost me as much as the cruise itself so in the end it would not be free. Also the timing between flights and boarding were way too tight. I will just relax and enjoy my Azamara cruise. Les
  9. retird

    Flight time

    I have an Azamara cruise ending in San Juan on December 7th at 7:00 am. I have been offered a free cruise by Celebrity leaving Fort Lauderdale on dec 7th at 4 pm. I can fly out of San Juan on Dec 7th at 11:19 am arriving in Fort Lauderdale at 1:15 pm. Choice air will not book my flight from San Juan because it leaves before 12 noon. I would have to book myself through Jet Blue. Am I crazy to cut things so tight or is it doable. Asking opinion of you seasoned flyers
  10. Thank goodness we live in a world where the only major complaint we have is no bedside clock. I wonder if all cabin attendants will be instructed to check each oceanview for the unauthorized clock. 🤣
  11. When I created my Azamara account, I have same number as I did with celebrity. I just used a different password. When I sign in to Azamara acct. it shows my points from celebrity
  12. I was told that I still had to register with Azamara, even though they use the same number as Celebrity. I created an account for both my wife and I
  13. Is there any new information on what might be planned as a result of no Azamazing evening. I just booked this cruise directly through Azamara. Other than the promo price, the second driving force for booking was that there are Azamazing evenings when cruising with Azamara.. no mention was made by the agent that there would be no special evening during our conversation. My confirmation document actually highlights the Azamazing evening on (most) cruises. I assumed they used the word (most) because of the oceanic and less than 7 day exclusion. Very disappointing, but we are really looki
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