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  1. I just received a deposit for e-check today. Here is the timeline: August, 2019 Booked Imperial Jewels of China for April 5, 2020 Feb 2, 2020 Received notification from Viking that this cruise is canceled Feb 5, 2020 Booked Into the Midnight Sun with a June 8, 2020 Departure March 30, 2020 Received Notification that Viking is suspending service and we could take the 125% voucher or the "cash" refund April 1, 2020 Notified TA that we wanted the "cash" April 16, 2020 Received via email the VOUCHERS not the cash. TA notified Viking May 7, 2020 Asked TA to inquire about projected date for refund. She was told they were unable to give a projected date. May 16, 2020 "cash" refund received. Additionally we took out travel insurance with Allianz. It was considerably cheaper than Viking. They transferred our insurance from the China cruise to the Midnight Sun cruise and then gave us a total refund 2 weeks after. Pleased with the process and our TA has been wonderful. Very proactive and responsive- simply the very best!
  2. I am standing outside of the Explorers Lounge with a Bloody Mary in each hand ( my wife is the photographer )- one is hers - not embracing social distancing as we sail through the archipelago on our way to Stockholm!
  3. I am "stealing " this from another Board.. As a diversion from all the COVID-19 talk on the boards and on TV, let's discuss (and add photos if possible )the most memorable things from our past Viking Cruises. I will start with our first Viking cruise "Barcelona, the Baltics and Beyond on the Sky in April, 2017. Many things stand out but standing on our veranda as we were the first ship of the season to sail through the Kiel Canal and for hours we were welcomed by people waving and cheering as we sailed past their homes. Another memory as we returned from an all day included train excursion to Berlin that ran several hours late due to train troubles, we were welcomed by the entire crew with champagne, beer, sausages, an oompah band and many of the crew dancing and singing. It is a major undertaking to do this but yet the crew was so gracious. In 2019, we did a back to back -Southeast Asia & Hong Kong and Far East Horizons. The first started in Bangkok and ended in Hong Kong. Great memories of the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta, the magnificent landscape of Ha Long Bay and sailing into Hong Kong. On the second leg the people of Japan amazed me. Whether it was Nagasaki or Hiroshima or Shimizu or Tokyo we were warmly and genuinely welcomed. Next month we were schedule to take a Viking River cruise to China. When that was scrubbed we booked a Viking ocean cruise "Into the Midnight Sun" from Norway, Scotland and ending in London in early June. Who knows if that will happen. I do know that additional Viking cruises will be in our future as our best memory is not the places but the people - especially the Viking crew that we met - and hopefully will see again.
  4. Why would you even consider removing the gratuities ? These are spread among the entire crew - even those that you do not see - who add to your total enjoyment. In addition to the aforementioned gratuities many guests honor some exceptional crew members with additional monies.
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