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  1. Even though hard copies are being discontinued in favor of digital, people tend to read more of an publication when it's an actual book, magazine, etc. (Advertising rule of thumb)
  2. QM2 still has such presence ! Flags flying from bow and mast. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the link.
  3. I'll go out on a limb and say there will be Alaska cruises. Perhaps a limited number, but the southeast Alaska economy has been hit very hard this summer without the cruise industry, and something's gotta give.
  4. I recently took four domestic flights. Each flight was full, and was a mixture of families, friends, and business types. Masks were required. No social distancing was required as people walked down the plane's aisle, stowed their carry-ons, and took their seat. It was strange to see, considering cruising in under a no-sail order. I am never in that of close contact with a anyone on cruise, especially for the same duration as a two to three hour flight.
  5. We're booked on an April 2021 river cruise. Crystal moved the final payment date back a few months (closer to the departure date) which we appreciate. So we'll wait and see. Meanwhile we're thinking of alternate travel plans, just in case the river cruise doesn't happen.
  6. Among the advantages to booking onboard are reduced deposit, receiving onboard spending credit on your new cruise, choosing your room, and having the time to discuss different sailings with the cruise consultant. Also, it's easier to book onboard rather than waiting until you get home where you'll get busy, and put off calling your agent. When you book onboard, the consultant will ask you if you want your new booking to be referred back to your travel agent (you can say No). If you say yes, the agent will receive an email from HAL advising the agent of your new booking. Once the agent has
  7. Although it may seem easier to book your own reservation online, and then transfer the booking to your travel agent (surely he could use the commission), HAL is offering agents a commission bonus on select cruises. Hopefully the agent will still be eligible for that bonus even if you made the original booking.
  8. Sincerely curious to know what would be an acceptable fare raise for you, for a cruise that is more than a year away. The $1200 fare hike breaks down to $600 more per person, and $600 divided by 18 days is $33.33 more per day, per person. I'm sure you weren't expecting the 2022 cruise fare to be the same, or lower, than what you were looking at in 2021. Yet you feel you're being taken advantage of. What would be a fair price hike ? If HAL asked you how much more are you willing to pay for your 2022 Hawaii cruise, what would you say ?
  9. Struggling with paying commissions as well.
  10. Princess and Holland America struggled with refunds, but they seem to be doing much better now, and the money has started to be returned to guests, and to travel agents, who had their protected commissions taken back by the cruise line.
  11. Crystal will recover; give them time.
  12. Waiting for January and February 2022 Caribbean itineraries. Like RCCL"s Star Trek theme charter originally set for March 2021 and recently rescheduled for 2022, HAL groups scheduled for early 2021 are trying to rebook for 2022. But alas, no cruises to look at. 🙂
  13. Friends just received their HAL airfare refund for a HAL cancelled June cruise to Europe. Refund was over $3000.
  14. Ask your travel agent to contact his/her HAL sales rep (Business Development Manager) and ask for help. Your issue is overdue to be resolved. The sales dept wants their travel agents happy, so they'll keep booking future cruises.
  15. I do not understand the logic given the current numbers and the anticipated trajectory. Not everyone thinks like you.
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