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  1. When you book through HAL or a TA, there are two promo codes for the $25 deposit: one is refundable, the other is not.
  2. Eligible cruises aren't until summer 2020. Not happy. 😞
  3. One of the changes is an internet package.
  4. Explore 4 will start on August 1st, but will have some changes.
  5. Hmmmmm. Does that mean the Crow's Nest will return to its previous incarnation ? (probably not, right ?) The Captain's Corner is really missed, as it was the perfect place for private cocktail parties, and the bar provided a wonderfully intimate late night escape.
  6. If anyone is tempted to book this promo, read the fine print before you do ! "This promotional fare has a 50% reduced deposit that is 100% non-refundable unless one of our Cancellation Protection Plans is purchased at time of booking". Remember that the CPP premium is non-refundable, even before final payment. I just wanted to post this before someone books a cruise with the promo, and isn't aware of the tricky details. 😉
  7. Another option while in Kauai: rent a car and drive to Hanalei/Princeville. Have lunch in Hanalei and return. It's a beautiful drive.
  8. VMax1700, Would you be so kind as to add another group ? Ship: Oosterdam Date: April 18-25, 2020 Itinerary: Mexican Riviera Group: Flying Leap Vineyards Thank you.
  9. It's best to have to have the letter notarized. Notaries are easy to find and there will be peace of mind that no one can dispute the signatures on the consent letter. Also, if the children are under 18 years of age and not using a passport book as proof of citizenship,. be sure they have some kind of photo identification (driver's license, school id) with a recent photo. A birth certificate without an accompanying photo id is worthless.
  10. Thank goodness. Call it something easier to say, like "Shore Excursions". 🙂
  11. There's a divide in the industry..... ships built to be amusement parks, and smaller ships that offer a traditional sailing experience. Thankfully HAL seems to be sticking with the latter, as it sets them a part in a very competitive industry. I'll continue to sail with HAL on the Vista and Signature ships, but I won't go larger to the Pinnacle class ( Koningsdam, N.S., etc.).
  12. Here's surreal for you:; being on a cruise the day of 9/11, and having a piano player play in the ship's atrium while in a nearby public lounge, a large screen tv is showing the devastation.
  13. Now that's comin' in hot. 🙂
  14. It seems as if Viking and the NAIB can't win here. -If guests were contacted ONLY by the NAIB, people would complain that their private contact information was provided to NAIB by Viking, without their permission. -If the NAIB didn't provide an optional survey for passengers, people would complain that the official investigative organization wasn't interested in their experience. -If Viking didn't assist the NAIB with providing an optional survey, people would say that Viking was trying to hide something. Carry on.
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