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  1. Read the deck plan, or have your travel agent read it to you. Deck plans for all ships are on the HAL website.
  2. Just be aware that they need to be replaced about every 3 years.
  3. Thank you for your insight, it was very helpful and thought provoking. I don't own a Smartphone simply because I don't need a computer with me at all times. My flip phone works well for my needs - having a telephone on hand- and its 4.5" x 2" size fits in my pocket or small purse. My international cell phone is slightly larger. If I'm in a hotel and need access to email, I use their business center. If a ship requires a Smartphone to order dinner, we can be sure many waiters will be asked to recite the menu by those without a smartphone. This will be quite time consum
  4. He posted a tearful selfie video on Facebook (7/1/2021) after he was denied boarding his flight from Heathrow to Miami due to a change in travel regulations. The first sentence reads " To all of you who booked the cruise on Carnival Horizon just to be with me I send you my most deepest and most sincere apologies." Someone commented that it was a bit dramatic considering he's [only] a cruise director, and perhaps doesn't qualify for necessary travel. Eventually CCL got him the right documents and he was able to fly out.
  5. When you face north, the bay/harbor is on your left.
  6. Posted on social media today: Statement from Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Walter Littlejohn, Crystal River Cruises July 1, 2021 With regards to the June 29 article in Travel Weekly that alleges the Crystal River Cruises ships are for sale, we emphatically deny the accuracy of an email sent to our competitors by a Florida ship broker, with whom we have no contractual relationship and to whom our legal team has issued an immediate cease and desist letter. We are deeply disappointed Travel Weekly failed to employ the highest ethical standards in research
  7. San Francisco was an overnight on the original itinerary. Too bad they replaced Monterey with Avalon. Monterey was one of the best things about this cruise.
  8. Holland America president Gus Antorcha was there as well, and spoke to the press.
  9. It would be helpful if HAL had a deadline as to when charters are announced. Example - 5 months before the sail date. After that, if a charter is not announced for a particular voyage, that sailing remains as a "regular" cruise. That way people could book the cruise, flights and hotels knowing that their cruise will not be pulled away from them. There has to be a better way to protect those who have already booked, rather than just throwing them a mackerel as compensation for the inconvenience.
  10. 69 pounds found by ship's security officers. That's a lot to bring on and hide. http://crew-center.com/cruise-ship-security-discovers-69-pounds-cocaine-during-vessel-inspection?fbclid=IwAR0trH37zIrZwAI3tP98TtPBRwDFM88cLQ18W1Loke1WD4Of5u01BonYN5g
  11. Thank you for making this distinction. A relative tested positive for antibodies after she had donated blood for a charity. She never had any symptoms, and was surprised, as she lives in a remote area. She was asked to come back weeks later to donate plasma, which she did. We always wondered if her positive test was included on the nightly news scoreboard of the growing number of "cases", which from then on, made that number suspect.
  12. Aha ! I'm counting February and June because I don't know when the events happened. First week of the month ? Last week of the month ? So the months are all inclusive. 😀
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