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  1. We had a similar experience one of the posters did with a Pinn. We were in the Sky Loft, now Star Loft, and when going into the Suite Lounge got dirty looks everytime she saw us. My granddaughter was 9 at the time and always acted like a young lady. Guess some people just forget what it was like when they were little. Now she is a Diamond, she earned it on her own not by parents, and I expect she will get some funny looks if we ever go to the Diamond Lounge. It is usually much quieter and friendlier in the Suite Lounge and with Star Class the free drinks are not an issue.
  2. I put a refundable hold on the Royal Loft on Quantum for Alaska and when I finally booked the difference in cost between refundable and non-refundable was almost $3000 for 4 people. For us it was not much of a choice which one we chose.
  3. We have had genies 5 times, 3 different ones. They were all different as each has their own personality. We are always asking questions and trying to get to know who we spend time with and our first genie was good but not really friendly. Our second was very friendly and we found out all about him, which was fun. Our third, who was the favorite, was Derick on Anthem of the Seas. He was hard to get to know, a very private person but the second time he was our genie it was easier and the third we became great friends and still stay in contact with him. The interesting part of a genie is no
  4. I have looked at the windows of every ship we have been on and you can clearly tell which windows are open and which are not. I cannot believe, and yet I can, that someone his age and with what he had done that he will not take responsibility for what he had done. No wonder the younger generation are the way they are. We have given up making people accept responsibility for what they do.
  5. People will tell you that planes are safer because they have a better air circulation system. I, however, agree with you. I would rather be on my balcony than an airplane.
  6. And yet...why does everyone think that the vaccine is the cure for Covid. The flu shot does not keep everyone from getting the flu. At what point of time are we just going to let people get out and if we get sick we get sick. And now there are so many people who feel that if children can not get vacicnated they should not be allowed on a ship. Tell me how that will affect RCl's bottom line.
  7. So March 1 they should have the Odyssey schedule for a Southern Caribbean in 2023?
  8. So you want to ban kids from cruising until they are old enough to get a vaccine. Maybe the vaccine will be a think of the past when my 13 yo granddaughter gets to be vaccinating age. You want to cruise without kids go on Princess or Holland. First the over 70 crowd was suppose to be banned because they were old and now the under 16 or 18 should just give up something they love. Maybe I will file a law suit if my granddaughter is banned. I know, let the under 18 and 70+ go and all you other people can stay home. Yea, I am irritated and no I don't care if you get upset at me.
  9. Some genies are good and some not so good. I think it also depends on the ship. I know I am probably one of the few who feel the Quantum class has more to do and the genie comes in handy. He sets up the iFly times, gets you on the bumper cars when ever you want and then the typical meals, shows, gets you in front to leave for excursions. I found in Oasis class there was not as much for the genie to do so we tipped less but I think the going rate is about $400 for the time you are on board, unless it would be over 8 days.
  10. Fingers & toes crossed. I am so ready for a vacation. All this cooking and cleaning for the last year is getting old.
  11. Hoping they get things figured out before our Thanksgiving cruise on Anthem. I am so ready for a genie to take care of me.
  12. I have heard the middle school kids talking and they could probably teach a comedian some new words. I have never heard such language used, just another reason to home school the granddaughter.
  13. They said the L&S ended January 31 but when Quantum was cancelled we were given until Feb. 4 to L&S. Will they keep Feb. 4 as the date for the Quantum cancellation?
  14. You are one of the reasons they started making everyone in the same room buy the same beverage package.
  15. What happened to the topic of this? Thought it was about food, not cars.
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