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  1. We always book our suites as soon as the schedule comes out as that seems to be the cheapest rates. Looking at our Alaska trip in Sept. 2020 the Grand Loft on Ovation is over $2000 more than we paid. The only upgrade we have ever done is for the Anthem in Feb. 2021 where we went from a Grand Loft to the Owners Loft, which was the same price we paid. This just happened a month ago. I think people like the suites and they sell our quickly or there is only a couple left and the prices go up.
  2. If you book a Star Class room you follow your bags into the terminal and a single porter takes them to your open room and drops them off inside the room. They are always in our room when the genie takes us to our room as soon as boarding starts. One sure way to know where they are.
  3. I would pay for an Ovation block as well. I have not seen any on ebay yet either. I try to collect them for the ships we are on and will be on Ovation next Sept. and will not have the necessary 140 points to get one.
  4. I would like the Ovation if the price is right.
  5. It is nice to hear good things about the other genies. We got to know Wendy a little in April. We have had Derick twice now and will get him again in November. We try to get to know them all as we will be on Ovation in Sept.2020 and are hoping one of the genies we meet will be on Ovation then. SC is really addictive. We have had 5 with 2 more booked and will not sail on a SC ship without being one of them SC people. How spoiled we can get in a short 7 days.
  6. We will be sailing Star Class again in November on Anthem. This will be our 5th SC cruise and people do give you the hard time because you paid for the genie and you should use him/her to the fullest extent. We loved the bumper cars and consider them a free for all. I have also gotten bruises because those cars zip right along. We also go to the front of the line more than once every time they are running. My granddaughter felt pretty special when several people approached her and told her they remember her from the bumper cars, she always got the pink #1 car. SC is hard to give up once you experience it because you do not have to worry about anything. We are doing Liberty in 2020 and I am having a hard time trying to book drinks, meals and whatever else, it is much easier to wait for the genie to contact you and then just tell them what you want. Would love to hear which genie you had on Anthem and how you liked them.
  7. I am annoyed when I am at any restaurant and an adult is acting up. Why does everybody think the child will be the one acting up. There is always someone with the drink package that feels they need to drink more than they need to so they can get their money's worth and the other passengers have to suffer. Take your kids and have a great time. Worst case is you have to leave early. Even now with my 12 yo granddaughter the rule is she goes to dinner with us every night and after that she can go spend time with her friends. This has been our policy since day 1 when she was old enough to walk. She knows what is expected and when they know the rules they usually follow them. Have a great family cruise making memories with your kids.
  8. Harbor House was our first choice but if you stay there a Saturday night they require 2 nights and we sail Sunday. Thanks for all the information and help.
  9. Is pot so important to you that you cannot go a week without? It is legal in Nevada also but if you cross the border to a state that it is not legal in you will get arrested. If you have to have it maybe think of taking it in food.
  10. There are some who will not let you fly if you have had shoulder injuries. I agree with Labmom3, we are on Anthem for the 3rd time with another booked for Feb. 2020 and Ovation for 2019 just so the husband and son can fly. They got hooked and now we look at the ships and wonder what we could do without the Ripcord and bumper cars. I also feel awkward but it has become a family tradition that we all fly the first time for pictures and then the guys see how many times they can fly during the cruise. Every should try it at least once.
  11. It is well worth the time and effort to fly. The main instructor is from an iFly facility in the states (the ones we have met anyway) and they are always training the RCI Ripcord people. They make sure you enjoy your time in the tunnel and if you are having a little bit harder time they will help you enjoy. This is really important with the kids that want to have the experience. I have seen them take a little extra time just to make sure the short time in the tunnel is fun. The training before is so you know what to expect and what to do, although most of the training can be forgotten when it is your time. You will see young kids and senior adults all having a good time. I know you will enjoy the experience.
  12. We were in GL10720 which had the 2 side balcony's also. We found that the small balcony on the upper floor was not used very much as there is not a lot of room with the hanging chair (we had one anyway) there. I used the bottom side balcony quite a bit but would have to run from side to back to really see a lot. We visited GL10724 and when we booked our 3rd and 4th Anthem cruise we chose that cabin as it seemed to be more open and spacious. The room layout is different and the single balcony seems bigger. Either way you will enjoy your time on Anthem, it has become our favorite ship. Be sure to do iFly and the bumper cars, those are the main reason we love Anthem. We have had Derick Martis for our genie both times and he is wonderful. If you choose you can ask for him when you fill out the survey or just take who ever is assigned to you. We have always taken the time to meet the other genies on board and get to know them as they seem to change ships and you never know when you will be sailing on a different ship with a genie. Hopefully, this helps. Any other questions you have ask and I will try to answer as best as I can.
  13. You are correct after thinking about it but whether a peninsula or table it had 4 chairs to sit around so it would function as a table. It will be fun to see the differences between the GLS and the Owners Loft suite which will be our room in 2020.
  14. I would do the dining package. Even at 3 times each you can order something different from the menu. Might be a good time to try that item you always wondered about but never tried. But then, I live in NV where every corner has a buffet and they get to be all the same also.
  15. That stinks if it was ship sponsored. I thought they had to wait or get you to the next stop if it was one of their sponsored excursions.
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