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  1. I could live with being given a suite because of age. But on Oasis and Quantum class I want a Star Class suite because that is what 70+ should be entitled to.
  2. You want a ship with no one over 65+ go on Carnival. Too many rude kids which makes it too loud for most of that crowd, of which I am one. Funny thing is my granddaughter did not like it when we went on a Carnival cruise because the kids were noisy and would not listen to anyone in the kids area.
  3. Why is that wow. Do you want to spend the next year paranoid about leaving your home or wondering who you are in contact with who might give you Covid 19.
  4. In NV restaurants have been open for a short period of time with inside seating rearranged to code of 6 ft apart. Maybe, Merion_Mom your state is not the same. It is easy to say eating establishments should not be open but I heard a statistic the other day while listening to a popular radio show that it is possible that 35% of business will close their doors. How can we justify keeping shops, stores, restaurants, etc, closed for such a long period of time. No, I cannot give you documentation, but even if this person was half right that is a lot of people who will be relying on some form of help while they try to figure out what to do. So, I go back to my original thoughts. We are all suppose to be exposed eventually. Let me be exposed now and then I can get back to living my life, however it may play out.
  5. I agree with drrich2. The government says we will all get covid at some point. I see family members in stores and some wear masks and some don't. Some have plastic gloves on and some don't. And they all go home in the same vehicle. Don't get the thinking on that. If you want to stay safe I guess you stay home. Now in NV the governor has declared that if you go out you better have your mask on and yet he does not wear one. How do you wear a mask in a restaurant? I am in the 70+ age range and yet I am willing to take responsibility for my actions. If I go out and get sick and die then that is on me but at least I am living my life and not sitting at home. I know, I could get other people sick if I have it, but if we are all going to be exposed eventually does it really make a difference if we are exposed in the store or on a ship. I hope cruises start in Jan 2021 at the latest. If not then we are all going to see the end of some fun vacations.
  6. Still hoping we could be good with our March cruise.
  7. We booked Symphony, got the A1 we had on Allure and all for the great price we paid for Allure. Saved about $10K moving to Symphony.
  8. You don't have to book an Owners suite, RCCL will just transfer your A1 suite from Allure to Liberty Owners Suite. Wait, I called and got an A1 on Symphony for same price I paid for Allure. Wish they had cruises posted beyond April or May 2022. Ready to CWC and change our Anthem Thanksgiving cruise in 2021 to 2022. Would love to go out walking but knees don't do so well, shopping at Wal Mart is no fun, nothing changes. I agree, I am tired and bored. Lets get this cruising thing back on track and have some fun.
  9. We loved everything about the Anthem, have sailed on her many times and will sail on her again. The shows were great, we even enjoyed We Will Rock You more every time we saw it. Never noticed anything wrong but when I am on a ship I do not go to take note of what is showing wear and all personal were happy, we never met a unhappy person. I cannot imagine you would not enjoy the ship.
  10. Just in case you want to know. Just got done with a conference call with the TA and Royal supervisor and they changed us from our A1 on Allure in April to an A1 on Symphony in March with a price protection. So we sail Symphony for the same price we were paying for Allure. It might take a while and you need to be patient and they will eventually talk to the right person and get you the room you had on Allure on either Oasis or Symphony. Not sure if it would apply to Harmony or not.
  11. So just to let people know. I just spent 1 hr, only, on the phone with our TA and Royal supervisor and did get them to change us from our A1 on Allure in April to an A1 on Symphony in March with the price protection. The TA did a conference call so I could talk to the supervisor and kept asking for her to check to see if there was not the new program to move Star Class to either Oasis or Symphony and price protect. It worked so we are now in the same A1 we had on Allure on Symphony. It might take some work and time but I think any SC person will be able to transfer.
  12. So, if I understand what is being said, we have no choice but to move to Liberty to an inferior room from what we had booked on Allure, say good-by to the genie and all associated Star Class perkes or take a FCC for deposit paid. Not much of a deal. To keep watch for when they open the new Allure bookings I can only imagine what they will be asking for an A1. And, yes, to us a genie is worth having. If everything is suppose to be done by June 24 we should be hearing from them before too long.
  13. I don't want a refund, I want my A1 at the price I paid for it. Destinations were not a factor when we booked Allure out of Galveston, the really low cost of the A1 was the factor. Doesn't matter where we go, it is between 7-10 hours flight time. We enjoyed Oasis, both the Star Loft and A1, and were excited to see be back on that class with a great view of water and activity. I looked at other ships about the same time frame and there are no A1's and any other SC room is at least $10,000 more that we have. No chance we will go back on Liberty so I guess refund is what will be asked for. I am jealous of you guys that have good TA's. I talked to mine today and he said wait for the letter and then we will see what is available. Well, nothing is available and our booking was for March. Still hoping they will offer to just let us keep the room and go to whatever port Allure will be at.
  14. psujmatt...we had the largest room on Liberty, Presidential Suite and if you want a good balcony this will not provide that. I am more than willing to follow Allure to whatever port they will be at but I want to keep my A1. I also looked at other sailings and there is nothing to compare to the A1, there are not any available on any of the Oasis ships, and other SC rooms are at least $10,000 more that we got the A1 for. There is no way we will be happy with any outcome except to let us keep the room and go wherever Allure goes.
  15. I agree, twangster. We will not take a room on Liberty because it has nothing we want at this time. Not to mention we picked Allure because of the cabin, A1, and Liberty sure doesn"t have one of those. What a nightmare for all involved.
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