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  1. Hello! The price of my cruise in Oct. has dropped and I’ve already made the final payment. I didn’t know that Royal offers OBC for the difference in cost! How do I go about getting OBC for the difference? Thank you!!
  2. Thank you all for being so helpful, I appreciate it!!!! I have some peace of mind now! I am so excited for our first cruise back since 2019!!
  3. I just booked a rapid antigen test at CVS. I see that a “valid document” is a requirement for check in. Does CVS provide required documentation for this type of test? If you have taken this test at CVS, did you receive an email with your results? Thank you so much for your help!
  4. NCL booked terrible flight times for an upcoming cruise. There are dozens of other flights available that work on numerous airlines. Has anyone had any luck with NCL changing flights that they already booked? Also, if I don’t take the flights that NCL booked for me on AA, can I use them as future flight credits? Thank you for your help!
  5. Thank you so much for your detailed reply!!
  6. For me aft balconies have pros and cons. Pros-- bigger balcony, less wind, and watching as we leave ports. I really enjoy sitting out and watching the scenery. The only con is the vibrations that shook our cabin when the ship is docking. I will say that I had an aft balcony on an European cruise, so we had a stop every day. Every (early!) morning when we docked our room vibrated and made noises so much so that it would wake us up. That was my only complaint. If you are on a cruise with only a few stops, it's not a big deal. No matter what room you book, you're on vacation and you will enjoy it!!
  7. Wow! Thank you everyone for your ideas!!! I really appreciate it! Have a beautiful day❤️
  8. I would like to plan a wine tour in Ensenada for my group, around 14 people. I am flexible if we’re in 2 vans or 1 bus. Does anyone have any recommendations for private transportation that can take us to a few wineries? Thank you!
  9. Hello! My husband and I are cruising in November to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. I have zero creativity when it comes to planning something special. What is something that we can do to celebrate? We will be on the ship on our actual anniversary date. I would appreciate any ideas. Keep it clean please…LOL! 🙂 Thank you so much!
  10. Good news! My PCC got me changed to an aft balcony!! I’ve never had one, but am excited to try that room type. It goes to show that being kind goes far. Plus, I have learned a lesson in regards to picking a room in advance! 😁😁😁😁
  11. Did you make it through on the phone line? I was on hold for 93 minutes, then hung up because my husband got a calling saying wait until Monday.
  12. I logged into my cruise planner today and it appears to be all out of sorts! I can’t download my e doc even though my cruise is 16 days away, instead there’s a link to make a payment (I owe $0), then when I go to my summary it says that NCL owes me $2,700?! Anyone else’s planner look crazy? I checked this morning and this afternoon, nothing has changed! And, I’m still waiting for flights! This new system upgrade is driving me nuts!
  13. Hello! We’ve been chatting on my thread about my nonexistent flights for a cruise in Europe 16 days away! I had mild luck emailing air@ncl.com. I got a reply back within a few hours from someone saying that I had somehow reached the U.K. Flight office. The person let me know that I have flights (first time I have been told this after numerous calls and emails) although they couldn’t give me specifics. So, if you haven’t tried air@ncl.com it “worked” for me; made me feel a little more comfortable that I at least DO have flights.
  14. Thank you! I like to think so! I just got off a cruise to Cuba that obviously didn’t go to Cuba. I was disappointed, but didn’t let it spoil my vacation. You would not believe how many people onboard let it ruin their entire vacation. We work way too hard to let these things affect our happy times cruising! 😁
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