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  1. Good response and seems very reasonable . We live in Galveston and donot use shuttles or transfers generally.
  2. ssb

    Galveston shuttle services

    Does group of 12 have to travel together .
  3. ssb

    Galveston Terminal Exit

    You will not be able to exit 25th . But on leaving terminal worse case , have to go back to 33rd then turn left on Harborside back to ParkNCruise . You may be able to turn earlier depending on Officers directing traffic and/or construction. All of ingress/egress is being rerouted for the better . It is No big deal, just a few minutes , either way . Just follow officers directions . Do not overthink , you are on vacation . A good Attitude is difference better an ordeal and adventure. Call ParknCruise there may be a back entrance off Harborside into parking lot to save you time .
  4. ssb

    Galveston, TX

    Download Map of Galveston Island Download Map Galveston's East End Download Map of Houston Metro Area MAPS
  5. ssb

    Galveston, TX

    There is Old Town Strand Area with much to do . With Strand Street and Pier 21 many tourist attractions. There are only two hotels in downtown and also by terminals . Harbor House and Tremont . Own and operated by same . Seawall Blvd and with beach on Gulf of Mexico has many hotels and motels and many touristy attractions. Moody Gardens area has two hotels and is massive tourist complex on bay .
  6. ssb

    Question on Galveston Port

    As other said most likely you will be able to go to ship immediately. Unless there is a hold for circumstantial reason , you will be separated by status in a sitting rest area and be released accordingly .
  7. In our case, we have cruised a lot and are more informed now, and do not need CC for information as much. And also we are using other social media for various reasons much more than CC now .
  8. ssb

    Fog in Galveston?

    The galveston.com/webcams are usually live , and you can watch ships arrive and depart all the way to Gulf . And to repeat , a resolution of differences between cruise lines and pilots in favor of cruise ships movement in fog has occurred since early last year . The pilots It’s been said not navigating fog and using fog politically to get pay raises and new engines in boats , at expense of cruise lines and cruisers . Reason for fog delays in past . This hopefully will not occur with resolution in future of course except under extreme circumstances as determined by pilots , not determined by cruise lines , not coast guard , not port of Galveston. Cruise lines have first priority in navigation in fog . .
  9. ssb

    Fog in Galveston?

    Beautiful day in Galveston today
  10. ssb

    Fog in Galveston?

    Fog can occur, and if it’s 17 days in a year like above post says , what are chances of being on your day of cruise . Pilots who decide when to move ships in fog have been under fire from cruise lines . A resolution between cruise lines and pilots in favor of movement in fog has occurred since early last year . This of course except under extreme circumstances. Make your plans and enjoy your cruise . Besides it happens everywhere like Florida last couple of weeks .
  11. There is a reason you want a booking on a mega ship and repositioning . Logically you want it . Go and Enjoy the company of your partner . We have done many. Never have we wanted to get off at the end of those cruises . It’s precious quality time with the one you want to be with . Slow down and smell the roses . What could be better ?
  12. Well has Cruise Critic responded to site , thread or anyone. This has been going on for days ????