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  1. YES I agree, a rational concept ! By sailing on a temporary short term basis though, they are better off , if any fixed costs are covered and lower. But eventually they have to return to the profitable relevant range of a long term going concern basis.
  2. If cruise lines can initially just cover their variable costs of the specific sailing and make enough to pay on some on the fixed company overhead costs , they are ahead by sailing.
  3. So there is observation and initial conclusion , that Alaska with Radiance may not happen in summer 2021 ?
  4. Upscale booze is all relative to your personal preferences. And yes wine and martinis are available on first day .
  5. No ! But improvements at the port are progressing , readying for arrival of ships .
  6. After a few months , I received my Renewed passport .
  7. There are a large number of 3/4 guest cabins just opened up by Royal for 2 guest bookings on Odyssey TA Oct 28, 2021 . Two of our friends having LS problems like others were able to accomplish LS last Friday . Oceanviews and Balconies for 2 guests have been showing sold out for a while .
  8. Suites were sold out . Most had balconies . And bunch are doing b2b .
  9. A number of us have LS from Jewel of Seas TA to Odyssey of Seas TA . Obviously a totally different Class of Ship .
  10. Many have L&S from Jewel TA Nov 2020 to Odyssey TA Oct 2021 , but 2 guest cabins are sold out except for Interiors , and cabins are restricted for 3&4 guests and available for balconies , oceanviews and interiors.
  11. Now that is History and you have such great relativity to it . Sure you are into ancestry then . How far back there does your family go ?
  12. I’m Interested in your idea of History . Everything is relative .
  13. We live on the Island of Galveston just off the Great State of Texas . 32 miles of beach on the Gulf of Mexico and 32 miles on Galveston Bay . A domestic paradise destination with much history , culture and nature Tourism .
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