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  1. Cruise Stop right by terminals if you stay awhile in Galveston
  2. All do . Call the parking provider of your choice to confirm . Try Falstaff Parking .
  3. There will always be new cruisers, and us old regulars having fun .
  4. USS Texas is relocating and going into a dry dock . Then possibly moving to Galveston .
  5. Beside ships from Galveston going to Eastern destinations to Bahamas , Key west and others , Royal is improving Western port destinations for greater experiences and the larger ships . Remember less than 5 % of potential cruisers marketplace has been tapped. All of these destinations are still new to first timers . And all of us continue to go back for various reasons .
  6. From previous page Destination Ports have changes coming and need ships coming. Royal will be in cooperative partnership for port improvements. And Royal will be providing the ships ! Holistica will create an inclusive model for destination development that works holistically – thus the name – to meet the needs of coastal communities, local governments, and land, sea, and air travelers. "The continuing growth and rising popularity of cruise vacations make it clear that the sustainable development of coastal destinations, including the thoughtful evolution of existing ones, is in the travel industry's best interest," said Michael Bayley of RCL. "We have spent five decades learning what works and what doesn't, and we know the potential of strategic development to deliver extraordinary guest experiences and meet the needs of local communities." Mauricio Hamui of ITM Group said: "A well-designed destination brings economic benefits to communities and cultural enrichment to travelers, while creating the least possible disruption to the human and natural environment. There is a way to do these projects inclusively, collaboratively, and sustainably – and those are the characteristics this new partnership is meant to embody." Holistica Destinations, Ltd. will be a 50-50 partnership between RCL and ITM Group. The partners have commenced a search for a CEO for the new company, which will be headquartered in Miami. Holistica's first project: a $275 million development in Freeport, The Bahamas, was originated by RCL and ITM and is currently under review by the Bahamian government. Centered on the regeneration of the Grand Lucayan resort, the project includes ambitious plans for local ownership, employment, job training, community investment and sustainable construction practices. In addition to the Freeport project, the companies said the new venture will own and operate destinations in Costa Maya, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; and Kumamoto, Japan. These projects, among others, will serve 8 million visitors annually, and be accessible to all travelers, including land and air vacationers and guests of multiple cruise lines. Holistica is also engaged in discussions regarding multiple existing and proposed destinations around the world. "The timing is right for a venture of this type," said Hamui. "A collaborative development approach, paired with meaningful private financial resources, gives local destinations the opportunity to grow the right way." Added Bayley: "Having more destinations, and developing them in a responsible manner, gives travelers greater vacation quality, and expands the landscape of available travel options as the tourism industry grows."
  7. Do repositioning and transatlantic cruises then .
  8. There is recent pricing of Uber and Lyft on threads on this forum .
  9. Certainly that’s true . My wife is excellent cook from having traveled a lot and living overseas . But the food is good and varied all over the ship , with all the choices as to where to eat . Between specialty and windjammer which we do a lot of now , the food can be is very good . Food is MDR can be excellent, but the drawn out time aspect is not always our choice anymore .
  10. Food on the ships is usually better than food at home .
  11. Try calling them to confirm !
  12. Tremont, Harbor House, and Galvez, if they are using Galvez parking garage ! Moody Gardens and garage Falstaff Parking but not hotel
  13. City never regulated Uber . Uber pulled out of Galveston voluntarily for a while . But they and Lift are active on the island .
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