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  1. Unfashionable. What a joke . Who cares . Only you . Live your life free. Who are you trying to impress ?
  2. Tremont and Galvez Hotels have sold to new different owners . Tremont probably no longer has access to Garage parking at Galvez . Also Galvez will be going through a major remodeling project . So beware of the ongoing construction when it begins .
  3. Our Island has as much or more than the destinations on the cruise itineraries .
  4. If you have never cruised out of Galveston , it is a major tourist destination in it self . Expand your vacation on the ISLAND of Galveston . see : visitgalveston.com galveston.com galvestonhistory.com
  5. We are a LS and feel so fortunate to be on it . I will not tell you our price protected price .
  6. When looking at Tremont and Galvez both have been sold to different other hotels . Do not rely on anything being the same . Just call to find out .
  7. Yes also in Galveston, with Carnival, Royal Caribbean , Disney all expanding the horizons , and Norwegian desiring home port on the Island , cruising business just got a whole lot bigger in Galveston. The competition will only be for more fun at reasonable pricing with expandable itineraries . !
  8. Well with long term plans for terminal #4 , it will be even a whole lot better !
  9. On Repo from Quebec City to Galveston, We sailed Canadian Martimes hoping to see whales with no luck . However on same cruise , in the middle of Gulf of Mexico our captain announced we were approaching whales on port side , and it seemed the ship leaned with so many guests rushing to the port side of ship . Yes the whales we’re there to see .
  10. Royal Caribbean breaks ground on new Galveston terminal Check out this link: www.galvnews.com/tncms/asset/editorial/c51118f4-faf7-5962-b2bb-deabcdacdd16
  11. With a year and half it will get done . During covid The City of Galveston and Port of Galveston continued with necessary projects for a terminal whether it be Royal or another. So they are way ahead of schedule of preparedness for Royal . It’s up to Royal with a year and half , it will get done .
  12. I agree . My suspicions are about valid vaccination cards especially with only these two .
  13. Everything is relative to situations and circumstances of the particular day . Just ask and you will receive answer .
  14. Yes Maybe testing and vaccinations.
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