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  1. We have seen the excursion offered on our previous cruises. Perhaps your cruise is too far off.
  2. OP it sounds like you have many cruises under your belt. This change, while inconvenient is not a big deal. For many of us FLL and MIA airports are both viable options regardless of which port you depart from. The 11 am flight should be the most stressful part, an 11am International flight even from FLL would probably have “gone against” guidelines for flights. Try Larrys limos for transportation, certainly less than the $180. Also, you booked with a TA, ask for their assistance. Once you get on board, have a great cruise.
  3. Is that a HALL 1873? Love all of the HALL cabs! I’ll have to look for the SLV, looks like a really good one! I’m sure decanting was a good idea.
  4. I’m so happy that the cruise lines are helping with relief efforts and supporting the Bahamas. As I am reading posts and news stories about this and seeing pallets of water, etc...I got to wondering...where did the supplies come from? Is it surplus from the current cruise? Were extra supplies loaded in Miami?
  5. DH was vaccinated in the 60s. Because of the recent measles cases in the US we both had the MMR titer done. He was not immune and needed to be re vaccinated. So... just because you were vaccinated as a child in the 60s doesn't mean you are still immune.
  6. Thanks! We normally wouldn't look at getting a GoPro but we have a lot of Non refundable OBC.
  7. We have quite a bit of OBC for our upcoming Solstice cruise. We were on the ship in May and considered buying a GoPro but never got around to it! Can anyone who has been onboard recently tell me if they still have them and any model/pricing info. TIA 😊
  8. Hilo is an industrial port. I don't recall if there is any public parking. Perhaps this will help.
  9. Have you joined our roll call? We love the sea days! We play a little trivia, take naps, drink, eat, walk on deck, enjoy sunsets. The naturalist onboard is fantastic, we will attend his presentations. Barring any weather systems, the temps should warm up as we get closer to Hawaii. if you haven't been to Hawaii, it is easy to do tours on your own.
  10. @GenerationX please come back and tell us about the rest of your cruise and time in Seattle!
  11. Bliss carries 1150 more pax than Eclipse. I haven't cruised on NCL but I have never felt like any of my X cruises were crowded. I hope you are pleasantly surprised.
  12. Have been to both, Dawes is fantastic if you can get to it. Seems there is one cruise each season where the ship can’t get close enough to see it. We were on that cruise in May. Hubbard is amazing as well. I always suggest RT Vancouver if it is feasible . You will see more of the inside passage where Solstice from Seattle does a good portion of the inside passage at night. Vancouver is also an amazing city, worth spending a couple of days. Which ever you choose, Im sure you will love Alaska!
  13. My thoughts exactly! Then there are also 2 Kafetzis.
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