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  1. January 26th, 2020 I was also sailing on the NCL Gem on a 42 day voyage from NY-SF-NY and docked in Los Angeles that day. I had rented a car and was driving across LA to have lunch with relatives. I took a picture while driving in downtown LA on the highway about 3 miles from the staples center. - WYB 10:14AM PST Jan 26th, 2020 Near the Staples center on the CA-110 heading north near Exit 22
  2. I can reword my comments for the topic police. Royal Caribbean has a visa signature card with a rewards program that seems to be a bit of a mystery. If only NCL had a signature credit card. I've been on other cruise lines that offer to take my money first and then select a cruise later. What's not to like about that? I like cruise lines that allow me to bring guns and knives with me. Not sure why NCL has a problem with bringing guns and knives but is ok with bicycles? Clean laundry is over rated. 1 pair of underwear should be good to go for at l
  3. Things I like about NCL over other cruise lines are: NCL has the BoA CC which allows you to use points for things like upgrades. The Cruise Next program (it really is free money if you know how to use it right) NCL also allows bicycles to be brought on board and then used in port. Some other cruise lines have a full ban on bicycles but allow stipulations for knives and firearms that can be brought on board. I would have like to see a laundry service center but I'm ok with the free laundry perk I already get by being platinum with NCL.
  4. To the best of my knowledge, you can't make a reservation by calling the rewards number. Making a reservation for a voyage and using points to upgrade are 2 separate departments that do not interact with each other. Please read my posts from pages 192 and 193 of this post. Safe travels, - WYB
  5. It's critical with the B2B voyage to make sure that you have only 1 reservation number for all voyages and then proceed with the meta upgrade using points. If you have more then 1 reservation number then something is wrong and you shouldn't proceed further with the meta upgrade for multiple voyages. So 1st, I think you need to 1st cancel your world point upgrade and get your 60k in points back. 2nd cancel both reservations and get your Cruise Next deposit returned to your account. 3rd, rebook the B2B making sure that you have only 1 reservations number and t
  6. Yep, you seem to have grasped the situation correctly.
  7. Not only is the transported not 100% effective for germs and viruses removal (STE: S4E11: Observer Effect, TOS, S1E4: The Naked time or TNG, S1E3 The Naked Now are perfect examples), what happens when they aren't beamed aboard (ie arriving via shuttle craft)? What happens then? Even Dr McCoy was never a fan of using the transporter. I thought everyone knew that, but I guess some people did not... Archer and Trip used the shuttle craft all the time instead of the transporter. Plus does the poop get emptied from the bowls when ever someone bea
  8. So now I'm thinking masks will be a mandatory item to be warn and that ships will be sail with a max sailing capacity around 80% at least for the 1st 4 months that ships restart sailings. A bit of a stretch perhaps but for visiting ports and disembarkation are done in order of: ships excursion, then room status, then cruise line status, then floor by floor. How to accomplish this I'm not sure, however we shouldn't have everyone lining up in the stairwell anymore. Perhaps color coded arm bands or something easy to see. Previously, I've actually followed the instructions announced ov
  9. I think the original OP is wondering does the FCC from the original cancelled cruise reappear in his account if the 2nd cruise booked is also cancelled or does it just disappear. If that is the case, I believe the answer is that it no one really knows. The original FCC that you received should be back in your account if the cruise that you tried to use it on also gets cancelled but in reality it may take some detective work in order for the FCC to reappear in your account. In my opinion you won't get an additional bonus to the FCC just the original FCC amount, if that.
  10. Just an update. When my January 2021 voyage was cancelled, they refunded the cash to my BoA card but 3 weeks later took away the points that booking generated. I was hoping that the points in my account would "wash" when they took the 30k in points for my 2022 booked meta upgrade but that didn't happen and 13,481 points went back to BoA. I now have a BoA reward points balance of 0.31 available in my account. So if you currently have a points balance and your cruise is cancelled, try to spend the points in your account on anything before the point subtraction is completed (about
  11. Thanks for getting back to me and for the repricing on B2B information. Initially, NCL has told my TA that I can only use 2 Cruise Next Certificates total on a B2B but for the past 3 years, each time I tell my TA to tell NCL that I can use 2 CNC per segment and then my TA contacts NCL again and NCL then agrees to it. NCL usually looks up my previous travel, see what I did, and then agrees to it. The processing of the 2nd CNC is delayed by about 2 weeks but it is completed eventually. On my previous B2B voyages, I've gotten the max shareholder benefit for each segment, i
  12. Hello Steve, Hope you are well. On a B2B2B with a 30k or 60k meta upgrade, if the price should significantly drop on one or more of your original cabin segments, have you contacted NCL to reprice and were you successful in doing so? - WYB
  13. I think you need to 1st cancel your world point upgrade and get your 60k in points back. 2nd cancel both reservations and get your Cruise Next deposit returned to your account. 3rd, rebook the B2B making sure that you have only 1 reservations number and then proceed with the meta upgrade using points. Happy Holidays and Safe travels.
  14. I might not be correct, but I don't see much change in price for cabins other then the Sail away cabin category cabins. For example, I will typically book a Family Oceanview cabin and then do a 30k point meta upgrade to a Balcony cabin. In the past I usually book a cruise perhaps at least 2 months in advanced however I've also found that my chances of successfully doing the meta upgrade increase the more ahead of time I book. Also does anyone have experience in repricing a cabin that they also meta upgraded? As I do my math calculations for my discounts (30%
  15. Sent off my stock account information for processing yesterday (Dec 09th), and the credit of $100 for for each voyage has already appeared in my an updated Amenity invoice (Dec 10th). However, as I do my math calculations for my discounts (30% NCL Black Friday & 10% NCL Cancelled Cruise) my cruise fare price discount seems to be closer to 32.25% off and not (30% & 10%), but well, my 30k meta room upgrade from O4 to BA makes up for that (kinda). 395 days until next voyage. Safe travels & Happy Holidays.
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