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  1. If you read through the Terms and Conditions on NCL's site, the Concierge cabins are typically grouped with Suites & Haven when it comes to things like deposits, service charges, and Free at Sea selections. I still anticipate an experience similar to non-Haven suites on the older ships.
  2. If you are within 120 days, you will be subject to the normal cancellation policy whether you change dates or cancel entirely. Outside of 120 days, you can make changes with no penalties even if you've already paid in full.
  3. American Diner is probably going to end up being a lot like Johnny Rockets is on Royal Caribbean.
  4. Serenade is already schedule for half of a trans-Pacific, so it will likely head to Sydney to replace Radiance.
  5. That is correct, you can only upgrade to a higher category than your assigned room. You may want to check category MC mini suite, as those are often only $50-$100 more per person than the BF price.
  6. Ovation will definitely have formal nights in Alaska. It's only the cruises out of China that may deviate from the usual formal night practices.
  7. It only arrived in Singapore yesterday. I doubt there's much to show yet.
  8. You usually have to be on board 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Give yourself an extra 30 minute cushion on a private excursion bringing you to 3:00. I'd say a tour returning at 2:30 is perfectly safe.
  9. I'm still locked in at $13.50 for my upcoming cruise having originally booked in January 2017. It's been a steady 50 cent/year increase for the past 3 years.
  10. One of the perks of the Mega Rock Star Suites is the ability to customize the bar to the guest's liking. This implies that the basic suites will only get a setup of Virgin's choosing, and not necessarily ones that the guest has an interest in drinking.
  11. Only Joy and Bliss currently have RFID keys. It's safe to assume Encore will as well.
  12. They could put Odyssey on an alternating Friday/Saturday schedule from T18 and have Oasis class on Sunday.
  13. It should be from Fort Lauderdale. Check Adventure's schedules for next winter for a possible preview.
  14. The scale is nothing more than a mind game to get you to bid more than you otherwise would. They aren't any indication of how other people are bidding or how good your actual chances of winning are.
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