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  1. The prices for my Norwegian Fjords had been holding steady and even went down a little from where I booked in the first 6 months, but over the last couple they have really started shooting up. At this point, the non-refundable no perks price is almost up to what I'm paying with all 4 perks, and the price with perks is $1400 more.
  2. They usually offer discounts on a few extra things that don't usually go on sale like the dining packages. If you're lucky, you may get 30% off a drink package instead of the usual 25%, but there's no guarantee it will be the lowest price of the year.
  3. The sale window always maxes out at around 7 months, except for the truly special sales like Black Friday or the $18 drink package mistake.
  4. Perhaps the rules should state you can enjoy multiple entrees if you visit multiple specialty restaurants each evening. The sticking point seems to be 1 entree per visit, which is no different than limiting you to a $35 credit per visit at the a la carte restaurants. I wonder if you could make two reservations for the same restaurant on the same night in order to get double entrees or a double food credit.
  5. Alaska 2022 deployment won't start until late 2020 or early 2021. The upcoming 2021-2022 deployment will only go through about April 2022.
  6. Yes, they had a plentiful supply of them when I was onboard in May. In addition to the large models, they had the smaller keychain and ornament ones, as well as stuffed ones.
  7. Joy has treatment rooms, but no thermal spa like the other ships.
  8. That wouldn't explain why they removed shrimp literally everywhere it appeared on the menu. It's missing from the Peking Style Shrimp and Chicken and Spicy Seafood Udon Noodles as well.
  9. There should be 5 instances in total on the hull - two on each side and one on the stern. All of them that I've seen so far had the weird half-C, which to me says that whoever cut those letters out made a mistake and no one questioned it until after they were welded on and painted.
  10. It looks like they may be preparing to fix the C in ENCORE on the hull since the sign makes the error more obvious.
  11. It's bottom center with the tartar sauce on it, and embarrassingly smaller than even the scallops. It looks like something that you'd pass around as hors d'oeuvres.
  12. Oasis class ships typically stay on Florida time while in the Caribbean.
  13. Disappointed with the new itineraries and lack of additional 7 day options. I was planning on switching my 4 day sailing to something longer, but none of the new prices come close to the price per day I'm already locked into and I'd only pick up 1 extra day. Maybe once they launch their second ship there will be something better.
  14. BigRedFan had posted previously that Havana was removed from the entertainment listings for her cruise. This means that there likely won't be a second production show during this sailing, and they will use the second half of the week for set construction or rehearsals.
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