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  1. Not everyone who cruises with O lives in USA
  2. We have reviewed the results of more than a dozen randomised trials of face masks and transmission of respiratory illnesses. We found the current best evidence suggests wearing a mask to avoid viral respiratory infections such as COVID-19 offers minimal protection, if any. Conflicting recommendations Two of the world's major health organisations disagree on mask wearing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) currently discourages mask use: WHO does recommend special masks (N95 masks or equivalent) plus other protection for health-care workers working with people who have, or are
  3. Common question Do masks protect you from the coronavirus disease? Face masks do not protect you from COVID-19. It is much more important to wash your hands properly and avoid touching your face and eyes. Specific types of face masks can protect health professionals looking after people with the virus. Just sayin' Jxx
  4. We (two Brits) Travelled on Empire Builder Chicago to Seattle a couple of years back (after a few nights in Chicago)to meet Regatta in Seattle for our Alaska cruise. It was a great experience , try to get the best sleeper that you can afford. The space between the upper bunk and the roof was so narrow that we slept top to toe the second night! Take ear plugs too a the train blows its hooter every time it comes to a level crossing right through the night. The observation car is a great place to meet people and exchange travel tales.
  5. No reductions in the U.K 2021 Sacred Skylines + Japan in Bloom FREE (?) 8 shore excursions FREE beverage package FREE $800 OBC Josie
  6. trying to contact my agent now. We've paid a deposit and are due to pay the balance this week. I really don't know what to do as I was having second thoughts about this cruise anyway.
  7. Hi just out of curiosity where is you cruise to? We are in the U.K too and O cancelled our June cruise from Tokyo to San Francisco. our agent booked flights separately . We had our refund, deposit first and then the balance within 10 days of their cancellation. Did you take O's flights or has your agent arranged them for you? We have now booked an October cruise with O and our agent has transferred the the flights for us with no loss of funds. I do do hope that this works out to your satisfaction. It's such a worrying time all round. Incidentally have you lo
  8. Cruise Law News ! Jim Walker is an ambulance chaser!
  9. We are flying from the U.K directly to Tokyo. where we have a one night hotel stay before joining Insignia for (East West Explorer) for it's cruise to San Francisco. Our cruise starts when this one ends. So far we haven't heard from O or our travel agent so fingers crossed that it will go ahead as planned. This is a 'leg' of the current RTW cruise. Insignia does call at a number of Japanese ports before Tokyo. I am hoping that Japan is on top of this as the Olympic games are held there this year. best wishes Josie
  10. They show the film 'A man a plan etc ' on board before you reach the canal
  11. We have just returned from this cruise and I must admit that the standards of dress has dropped, even to the downright scruffy. I did wonder if the cruise hadn't been sold out and the "spare" places sold off cheaply.
  12. Thank you all for your ideas and advice, I have now booked with a company called LA VIP, it's cost a mint. but it's got to be done after such a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong flight. Please remind me not to sail from L.A ever again! Hope that you all have a soopper doopper Christmas and a merry new year Josie xx
  13. Thank you! I have completely lost where I am upto with this! We need to be met inside the airport. We can lift our suitcases onto trollys, but on and off buses is a huge problem I have clicked onto black car limo,but they dont seem to offer this service Josie.........................................feeling frantic
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