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  1. This is a photo of Devil’s Island .As you can see it is very compact The tenders land at the start of the main trail
  2. You really do not need a guide for Devils Island . It is quite small and very well signposted with multiple explanations on all of the buildings. There are 3 main trails one is quite gradual the others are more difficult and remember it is very hot and humid so take your time and wear suitable footwear as the steps can be slippery and carry lots of water
  3. You need a jacket or sweater in the main theatre as it can be freezing with the air conditioning at times
  4. Don’t do it on a weekend as the system gets glitchy
  5. Great review. We were on this trip as well and this brought back great memories. Sorry we didn’t meet Maybe next time
  6. We were on the Regatta last September and did a whale watching tour with Eagle tours in Victoria. It was fantastic and we saw multiple humpback whales as well as seals,and Orcas Have a look at their website
  7. We were on the same cruise and took the Oceania tour Splendor of the Sultan. It was very interesting and gave an interesting perspective on the country. Anything connected to the Sultan was seen from afar as all his properties are behind walls . We visited a museum of his treasures and exhibits of his life as well as the Polo grounds, golf club an amusement park which was closed and a fancy hotel. We also saw some mosques and the countryside. Tourism is not well developed and cruise ship visits are few so infrastructure is not well developed
  8. Currently on Riviera in concierge and that is what was given
  9. Seriously though to contact others in a group and to keep in contact with home in case of emergency we use Whatsapp on our phone free and easy!
  10. Currently on Riviera Mumbai to Bangkok No problems with customer service Staff very pleasant and helpful; some issues with changing times in port without explanation. ship in excellent condition
  11. It can be a pain to fill out the survey if the servers are acting up. We find it easier to do in the computer room and it only takes about 7 minutes or so. We were on the Regatta in September and they were still offering a draw of $100.00 off your on board account. Imagine my surprise when my name was called. I was still sceptical as we had a lot of OBC and our total bill was under $10. The remainder showed up on our next Mastercard statement as a credit in October!!!
  12. Yes twice daily 5-6pm in Martinis and Horizons and10.30-1130pm in Horizons
  13. We will get it through Oceania as there is no other reasonable way They charge $147 can a/c to our invoice
  14. Agreed I just applied last week for our cruise in Jan which is still under O life and received it within 2 days.
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