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  1. Great review. We were on this trip as well and this brought back great memories. Sorry we didn’t meet Maybe next time
  2. We were on the Regatta last September and did a whale watching tour with Eagle tours in Victoria. It was fantastic and we saw multiple humpback whales as well as seals,and Orcas Have a look at their website
  3. We were on the same cruise and took the Oceania tour Splendor of the Sultan. It was very interesting and gave an interesting perspective on the country. Anything connected to the Sultan was seen from afar as all his properties are behind walls . We visited a museum of his treasures and exhibits of his life as well as the Polo grounds, golf club an amusement park which was closed and a fancy hotel. We also saw some mosques and the countryside. Tourism is not well developed and cruise ship visits are few so infrastructure is not well developed
  4. Currently on Riviera in concierge and that is what was given
  5. Seriously though to contact others in a group and to keep in contact with home in case of emergency we use Whatsapp on our phone free and easy!
  6. Currently on Riviera Mumbai to Bangkok No problems with customer service Staff very pleasant and helpful; some issues with changing times in port without explanation. ship in excellent condition
  7. It can be a pain to fill out the survey if the servers are acting up. We find it easier to do in the computer room and it only takes about 7 minutes or so. We were on the Regatta in September and they were still offering a draw of $100.00 off your on board account. Imagine my surprise when my name was called. I was still sceptical as we had a lot of OBC and our total bill was under $10. The remainder showed up on our next Mastercard statement as a credit in October!!!
  8. Yes twice daily 5-6pm in Martinis and Horizons and10.30-1130pm in Horizons
  9. We will get it through Oceania as there is no other reasonable way They charge $147 can a/c to our invoice
  10. Agreed I just applied last week for our cruise in Jan which is still under O life and received it within 2 days.
  11. Free to use detergent supplied Can be very busy on sea days. On O class ships one on each cabin deck on R class ships only one laundry room. Not sure about Vista
  12. A lot of the ports on this trip such as Parati, Buzios Isla Grande etc are a bit underwhelming but it is still very enjoyable. We did do Iguazu Falls and it was fantastic not to be missed
  13. We were in the same situation on cruise #27. We just asked the OC Ambassador and they were in our stateroom that eveing
  14. You will find Spain Day Tours excellent and there are 2 free seats for every 16 seater bus. It will probably be cheaper than the transfer and includes admission to both the Alhambra and the Jenulife gardens next door.
  15. You will need longer .It was a verrry long walk and quite confusing as you have to pick up luggage go through customs and drop it off again if you are staying in Brazil .. Should be OK if going on to Chile,but it is a very busy airport.
  16. Dublin. ship now docks at Dun Laoghaire { Dunleary } no shuttle but can take the DART into the centre of Dublin .The station is by the pier and trains are very frequent.
  17. There is not a shuttle to Nice or Monte Carlo but it is very easy to get the train. Villefranche is a tender port and the station is less than a 10 minute walk. Trains run very frequently
  18. There really is no problem getting tender tickets to get off when you want as long as you request them from destination services and have all your group ready to disembark. There is always room along side scheduled tours as long as you ask in good time and are reasonable
  19. It stops at Trinity College and 2 stops on O’Connell St. It also stops at Kildare St by Kilkenny design shop
  20. Yes but would be best to organize ahead or at least have a local number avallable
  21. We did a cruise in April2023 on AZ Quest Signing out was a nightmare and the instructions in the cabin were incorrect and still involved the old R CCL system . I purchased 60 minutes for $19.95. The first time I tried to logout we had to call reception and they said they refunded me 10 minutes. The second time I actually had to walk down to reception as the previous instructions did not work so they told me they refunded 40 minutes. I then decided to save those minutes to check in to Air Canada for our flight home but when I signed in it said I only had 4 minutes left and as the website was in Japanese it ran out before I could do anything!! Luckily we were in port most days and Japan has excellent wifi in ports so we followed the crew and managed. I think it is absolutely ridiculous to charge for internet in 2023. There should be a minimum of one sign in per cabin
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