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  1. On Oasis now. Special needs supplied one. 😀. CPAP plugs in behind bed, no extension cord required but have theirs to use. Score.
  2. Not sure this has been answered yet, but it was “first-night filet.” I know some ships mix it up though.
  3. To anyone on board…do you have any information about the Pinnacle lounge location or services?
  4. Pinnacle here, got invite. Too short of a notice. Won’t be going.
  5. We actually received an email telling us we had to deal with our travel agent to cancel when we used the form to cancel a cruise. Wish I could find it.
  6. Okay, I’ve complained everywhere and now have to fess up...We finally got our 3/15 FCC today! 🙃
  7. Still waiting for a March 15 FCC myself so it surprised me to get a May 10 incorrect FCC two days ago.
  8. Just got FCC today from May 10 cruise. Still waiting for FCC from March 15 cruise. I should be happy, but not thrilled. We requested a refund for the May 10 cruise, not the FCC we got.
  9. We are still waiting for any sign of FCC for our 3/15 cruise.
  10. Good thinking. We also had a 3/15 cruise that we cancelled and chose FCC. We have yet to hear anything about our FCC.
  11. Hope to have the same results. I submitted online and attached pdf proof of stock ownership for 6 cruises this morning.
  12. Refund? What’s that? Ours was a cancelled 3/15 Anthem cruise. We cancelled the day before Royal cancelled. We told our TA we would take FCC for it. After hours on hold with our TA on Thursday who was on the line with Royal, we found our FCC has not been processed yet even though they said we’d get confirmation by April 11. Trying to be patient.
  13. DH likes going to the Vets get togethers onboard. He is a First Air Cavalry Vietnam vet from 1968–1971.
  14. Every phone number I have for RCI has a recording that I have reached a non working number and to try another general number...although they don’t give you one of those general numbers. What gives?
  15. We found a glitch on 11/29 Oasis. While the planner says from 44 a day, when you add it to your account, it comes to 726.88 instead of 616.00. I prefer the other kind of glitch. It’s either a glitch or just RCI math.
  16. Used 2 in February. Lost 1 in March and am resigned to lose 1 in May and 1 more I June.
  17. Wait, they refunded you 125% of exactly what you paid? I don’t see what they did wrong.
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