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  1. Which ports did you have to sender? I am booked in July, but disembarking in Vancouver. I hope it is better!
  2. Pushka, Viking told me there are no tenders, which our tour companies verified for Ketchikan and ISP. The others we left plenty of time to get there.
  3. After so much reading negative things about excursions, I scheduled private ones or planned diy things for Alaska cruise this July. Viking I think does that itinerary starting in May, so I doubt that's enough time to "iron out the kinks". We are taking a few included if we get can fit them in, but if not I think we planned ok
  4. Wow, 40 people stretchcruz!! We have only 8 for Alaska cruise this July
  5. I contacted Viking and was told that the ship will not tender at any port for our cruise. I hope that is the case
  6. Thanks, cabland. That's what I was thinking-so many choices in Juneau.
  7. That is good to know. Eylarson. I am booked for Alaska in July and hadn't even thought to allow a few hours! I've booked a few already. Pushka, how can I find this information? I believe I am doing the same itinerary as you, but southbound
  8. Thank you, glaciers! It definitely is more convenient just getting it in Seward
  9. I have similar situation. Embarking in Seward, taking train from Anchorage. Would it be best to purchase in Anchorage and take on train? I just figured Seward had stores
  10. Looking to book with a company called Kawanti Adventures, with offers ziplining in both cities. Has anyone used them before or can offer an opinion as to which city we should book this in? I was leaning toward Ketchikan, since I wanted to take advantage of the included tour (Viking) in Juneau.
  11. I was more concerned about not being able to view much from the tram if the weather didn't cooperate. But the State museum sounds interesting. Even if the sun is out! Thanks
  12. Cruising to Alaska this July, and Valdez is one of the ports. How easy is it to get to Solomon Gulch Hatchery, and do you think it's worth seeing? So far, that's one port I have nothing planned.
  13. Does the infinity pool not have the closing roof overhead? I thought both pools were actually used all year. Oh, well.
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