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  1. Copper, Just got around to reading your REACT post! A little 10-96 there! 😂 Maybe it's time to go 10-7 for awhile! Hahaha When are you 10-76 to your next task?
  2. In order for me to use a QR code app I would need to carry a magnifying glass with me to see anything. My screen is maybe 2"X3". That is what I don't like about the reliance on smartphone and social media technology.
  3. Newport News was tried. The city government didn't seem interested and nothing ever came of it.
  4. I had a cruise out of Tampa cancelled last November and the ship was sold. I got nothing. Have since booked another cruise and got none of the perks I had been given for the cancelled cruise. HAL is not very high on my list right now. Quite frankly, I have no confidence the current booking won't eventually be cancelled, too. For some reason HAL seems to be really "dragging their feet" with getting back to cruising.
  5. I haven't posted here in a long time but this one caught my eye. I used to commute to Norfolk every day for work so I know this area well. I'd like to add a few comments and correct a few comments if I may. The terminal that was built in downtown Norfolk was actually built to HAL specifications and is still referred to as the Half Moon Terminal. However, after it was built HAL pulled completely out of the Norfolk/Newport News area. The terminal was then used by Carnival and I believe Princess for a few years before they too pulled out. To answer the OP though; Carnival had announced a c
  6. So, I guess Capt. Albert isn't going to be doing a narrative on the Rotterdam? I really miss his insight.
  7. My short answer would be NO. Not interested in flying to take a cruise in the Caribbean. Even the French side of St. Maarten is closed. I have been fully vaccinated and not interested in having a probe shoved up my nose. If you go to the CDC and look at their ratings for the Caribbean Islands these itinerary destinations are all listed as "Do Not Visit" for Covid containment. If these cruises result in another covid outbreak onboard it will set the cruise industry back another year. Is that what they truly want? I don't think some cruise lines could survive another
  8. I spent some time in Tokyo all the way back in 1992. Masks were commonplace. When you went to convenience type stores there were masks available for about 1 yen. You would even see them in vending machines at subway and rail stations. I asked why they wore them and the answer I got was the people are so respectful of other people that when they even had a cold or other illness they would wear a mask. It's just part of their culture.
  9. I was surprised but I just got a catalog yesterday from HAL. It was for Alaska 2021. I just assumed it was printed and mailed before the announcement was made. Put it in the recycle bin when I saw what it was.
  10. I guess I could have been a little clearer with my question. I know numerous people that have been tested and have no documentation. They were called by phone and told their test was negative, or in one case, positive. I guess t6hat's my point. There doesn't seem to be any uniform documentation. I'm familiar with immunization records but they are not readily available to people who don't travel to countries that require them. We used to call them "shot records". I probably still have mine from the 50's when they were even required in Europe.
  11. I'm probably posting this in the wrong thread but I'm going to ask anyway. DW and I have not been tested for the virus. We've had no reason to be tested. My question is this: After you are tested and shown to be positive or negative; do they give you something in writing to prove you are as tested? I keep seeing all these comments about testing but how do you know somebody has been tested and what the results of that test was/are? When the time comes for a vaccine are they planning to hand you some form of card or other means to prove you have had the vaccine? Just confused how all of t
  12. It is my understanding Tampa is very tidal specific. She has to sail when the tide is right to clear the bridge into the Gulf. It's not the size of the ship but the height that is the problem. I'm like HokiePoq. Wanted cruises the larger ships don't visit.
  13. The spreadsheet doesn't take into account the larger HAL ships can't sail out of Tampa. They won't fit under the bridge. So, as the earlier poster said, "There will be no sailings from Tampa". I would assume the same is true for New England cruises, too. They'll still sail St. Lawrence but they won't go as far as the smaller ships could go. So many questions and no answers. Our itinerary on the Veendam was scheduled to visit ports the larger ships can't get to. That is unless they tender for some distance and I don't see that happening. My advice to anybody cruising the Caribbe
  14. It's official! Got my cancellation email a little while ago. Amsterdam, Maasdam, Veendam and Rotterdam have all been sold and will transfer out of HAL "in the next few weeks". Their compensation is pretty much nothing. We used FCD and hadn't paid any balance. Had quite a few "perks" for early booking. We will lose all of the parks and with a low FCD I doubt we would get much of anything at all. Will be contacting my PCC and see what he has to say. Same 12 month expiration I think they have been offering everybody else. Cruise has to be taken by 12/31/2022.
  15. I'll wait until I see something official but if true I guess we can kiss our November cruise good-bye. Planned to cancel anyway but I think I'll see how HAL handles this.
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