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  1. I'm still having a problem as well. I did receive an automated response from help@cruisecritic but issue still not resolved. I would like to know as well if issues are being worked on. I would really like to be able access member reviews. Thanks.
  2. Emailed, log-in/out happening automatically and reviews not available on opening page. Help.
  3. Just came back from a 4-day cruise on Mariner. Our cruise director was Marcelo. (sorry didn't get his last name).....definitely not Dan Whitley. Marcelo said he was leaving the ship on departure day , Jan 10 same as us. He was OK, personable just talked way too much. Several shows were late starting because of his prolonged intros.
  4. Has anyone traveled via taxi from the Nassau pier to Sandals resort? Any idea of the cost and if it is per taxi or pp?
  5. I haven't used the day pass myself but have walked to the hotel from the cruise port to tour the hotel and beach area. The hotel is very nice. Even though the beach is small, if the day pass includes what you are looking for, go for it.
  6. "Bring Him Home" is the most gorgeous piece of music for a tenor voice!
  7. Thanks so much for the link. I can't seem to find the evening offerings for entertainment on Day 2. Could a page be missing?
  8. Mariner of the Seas out of Port Canaveral has many on Deck 12. Cabins 1864 and 1814 within that category are about triple the size of the other cabins in that category.
  9. Any chance you saved the daily planners and could post those too?
  10. If one has a combination of OBC from the cruise line (non-refundable) and OBC from TA and RCL Visa credit card (refundable), will the cruise line use the non-refundable OBC first for charges to the on-board account?
  11. My husband laughs at me every time we pack for a cruise because I do the same thing with plastic bags on my clothes. Can't be too careful!
  12. Thank you so much for posting these menus...I'm sailing Mariner on Jan.6 and don't have access to the RCI app so this is perfect to give me an idea of dinner offerings.
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