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  1. I don’t do Indian food myself, and I haven’t seen raving reviews for it either. Stick with Catch or Braza.
  2. This is going to be my go to bar! Digging it!
  3. I’m excited to hear about Braza’s. Hope it’s good!
  4. Yeah, I can see that with Spirit. We try to fly Southwest just because I’m a girl who likes options and with 2 free bags, that can happen.
  5. Wow! We are flying from TX in 4ish weeks and paid less than $200 pp RT.
  6. My daughter’s game got rained out, so I got to see the end of your’s. Congrats on the W!
  7. Can’t wait! Enjoying through you right now is good though.
  8. You mean they didn’t read your “bar hopper” blog and vote for you?! Rude! 😉
  9. Ping pong swimwear? Also, let me know what you think of DJ Alma. I’ve heard terrible reviews.
  10. Yes! We had originally planned to leave on a Monday morning, but I really want to see the Mexican show so we are staying one more day than planned.
  11. There’s suppose to be karaoke some nights in the sports bar. There’s also a night club open on Friday and Saturday nights.
  12. Where are you going for dinner tonight? Have you thought about that yet? Teppanyaki?
  13. Wait! It can’t be fixed with duct tape? 😮
  14. Hoping for 11 or 21 since we booked Star class.
  15. Hope check in goes smoothly. I’ve heard mixed reviews
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