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  1. Just off Magic. Capitano definitely worth $24 (although casino paid ours)
  2. Day 4 - 6th consecutive rainy day of vaca. Margaritaville Grand Turk - gift shop very depleted. Id say carrying 25% of usual items. Bar challenged as well - no drink servers at pool lounge chairs like normal. And after walking to bar near gift shop only drink upsell was pilsner glass...which isnt allowed near pool. (The out of stock bigger plastic souvenir glasses have muuuuuch better cost per oz on refills). Only heard one Jimmy Buffett song the 3+ hours we were there. For lack of a better word, that sucked. Suffice it to say i think the GT cafe just fell from my Worlds Best Margaritaville slot. Nice pasta lunch mid afternoon at Captains Cucina. Thumbs way up. 👍 Time for a chill pill before heading out to Alchemy and live entertainment. The Mrs, who had no drinks, is exhausted from shivering in cold rain earlier today. Napping it off.
  3. After watching Home Alone 2 and seeing the McCalister family stay in a multistory multi bedroom hotel suite in Manhattan....what on earth did his father do for a living?!?
  4. Day two and three Thumbs up - Emeril branzino entree. Buffet pork shoulder. Guy's Plain Jane. Piano bar. Amber cove pool music. Coffee shop cafe latte. Sun sun sun on 3rd day after 2 rainy days in miami and 2 rainy onboard. Thumbs down - casino game that took my money. Amber cove beer in black can, 6 for $25. Blech.
  5. Just played Mobile Trivia in the theater. 35 folks signed up off the mobile app with a specific browser address. Automatically scored and ranked players. Hope this is the way of the future. Good times! (I was 6th...missed a Kpop question)
  6. If one orders five entrees id expect more than a few stares. I have 3 former college athletes in my entourage and none cleared both entrees they ordered last night.
  7. Meat lasagna MDR. Top 5 entree at sea.
  8. Thumbs down: first slot my wife chose, the wolf and coyote thing. Moneysucker! Thumbs up: fake aquaman machine next to zeus. Got my hundy back while lowrolling .50 spins. Thumbs up: casino drink service. Fast! Thumbs up: cabin steward Thumbs up: mdr head server knew our party of six by name instantly, for entire night. Impressive. Thumbs up: mdr Showtime. Tons of fun.
  9. Very noticeable sea onboard. Nothing too rough but a contant reminder. Bed shook up and down while sleeping. I didnt mind it. Emerils BBQ Salmon is my new alltime fave from MDR. Checkitout. Another rainy day this am. Cafe Latte T minus 20 mins
  10. All abooooooooooard? Our embarkation time is 11am and for once i might board on time-ish. Threatening weather in Miami today. Last i heard was 2-4" rain, 30-40mph wind gusts and 9' seas. Giddyup! We are rollin with a party of 6 (3 cabins) and my son's pal missed college grad ceremony to sail. His first cruise! Hes a nice young fella. They are football fanatics and plan to catch 2 of the nfl tripleheader games today. More details to follow. I hadnt planned on getting wifi but i have some xmas shopping to do and a partial ebay refund to process as seller. Its none too easy on the app...dangit. Fins up!!!
  11. 1-4pm optimism is welcome! It wasnt bad at all today. Went up to Dania Beach to see jai alai. Took 2.5 hours from miami beach. Rough. Not weather related at all. Still, its been a fantastic journey.
  12. Big rain and winds yesterday. Things did turn at dinner. Had an A+ meatball. B+ 4 cheese pizza. A- cannoli. The hotel mini fridge makes bottled water fast quickly. Today mostly wind. Little rain! Cruise cancelled at West Palm and one delayed at Everglades. So far Port Miami on schedule!
  13. Got to hotel, shoulda had 3 studio king (with kitchenette and dining table). Prepaid. Zero studio available. Just basic rooms. All rooms sold at the inn. Aaaargh. Have to dispute with Capital One travel since i booked it via them to earn 75k miles promo.
  14. Had no issues ar embarkation. Debarkation is a hot mess. Longest lines ive ever seen at comedy shows. Busiest casino ever. It tis smokey. Trivia always packed. Solid MDR. Great meat lasagna. Folks in buffet often tried to cut in line. Otherwise guests pretty chill. I liked CD and fun squad.
  15. Have a Miami sailaway saturday, 90% chance of rain. I dont recall having a rainy sailaway previously. Odd!
  16. Today - 80% storms Tomorrow - 80% storms Sailaway- 90% rain C'est la vie!
  17. the luck continues, just checked in flight. 5 of our party in row 27 and i'm row 38. rollin' solo in the back of the bus! ha.
  18. so tomorrow is flight day. as it turns out the discount carrier is unable to process check ins on mobile or desktops. ack. no biggie, im sure it will shake itself out later today. usually i couldnt care less but rollin' with a party of six i wouldnt mind scratching that off the to do list. And.....will spend two days in Miami pre-cruise. Looks like trop storm level winds and storms the three days we are in South Florida. booyah! one plus: very pleased we got three hotel rooms for the herd, each room has full size fridge and kitchen table in Miami Beach.
  19. This is a toughie, for me. 11 nt OV? Heck yeah. Deck 1? Uhhhhhh.... (I have an irrational aversion to decks 1 and 2. Ive only recently shed my balcony only rule which lead to OV. Not too shabby! From that we have had two inside casino offer cabin offers we couldnt refuse. Meh. I like that natural sunlight!!!)
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