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  1. It is my understanding that they are not transferable. but if you hear differently please let me know!
  2. My Friends Gail and Phil decided to stay aboard the Sea after their Greece tour and are with you on board! I am exceedingly jealous. Enjoy!
  3. **** ! **** Thanks for the photo! I keep hoping people will post pictures of their excursions and meals so I can experience the cruise vicariously through this thread 🧵! But lately it’s all been COVID COVID COVID. Which I totally understand given the situation but would love more photos… of course I guess if I want that I should go to “That Facebook Page!” 😂 Cheers!
  4. So if you go on a land tour by yourself and are not tested daily.. you can continue to tour.... But if you do all the extra protocols.... and a person you are with on a bus tests positive you have to quarrentine. Hmmm...
  5. Oh I have a random question for those sailing these Back to the World cruises... is Viking still giving out those cute wool bags with the travel quotes? And if so what does yours say?
  6. I will be in Reykjavik this winter to see the Northern Lights and am looking forward to visiting the Sky Lagoon! I hope you'll post about it both here and over on the thread below:
  7. Ooooo... maybe @Clay Clayton will share some info about his trip to the Blue Lagoon?
  8. I really hope Clay and Mike and DMIL are in that flight! At least if they are not the ship’s next port is a long drive away…
  9. You are definitely not missing much here! Cold and raining! Have a blast and I’m looking forward to getting together when you come home!
  10. @Clay Clayton WOW!! 🤩 THOSE BAGS ARE AWESOME! If Mime decides to set up an Etsy page let me know. Wonderful fabric choices!
  11. I follow @notlivelake on Instagram and she was on the Jupiter before the pandemic. I see she is going to be returning! Not sure exactly when but maybe you’ll get to see her perform!
  12. Hey I'll be onboard with you! There is a roll call started... hope we see you there!
  13. There are some great pubs in Toronto... when this Covid mess is over and Canada opens up again. Unfortunately, They are surging now...
  14. LADIES ONLY! If you happen to be cruising with Viking on one of the Great Lakes Expedition Itineraries and find yourself in Toronto... The Body Blitz Spa is the place to go. It's closed due to COVID restrictions at the moment, but friends report it to be a lovely way to spend some time relaxing with friends. Sorry Gents... this really is just for the ladies. https://bodyblitzspa.com/bbs/portfolio-items/therapeutic-waters/
  15. Well... well... well.... it seems that the Blue Lagoon has some new competition! https://www.skylagoon.com.
  16. I wonder if any of our ships will be in a port on the same day!
  17. When was your Egypt? I'm joining a friend in December. New Year's eve on the Nile!
  18. The World Cruises for 2021 and 2022 are sold out so you can't use them for that... maybe 2023? I'd love to do that someday...
  19. Though maybe he meant at our price point?
  20. I can't give you much hope... we got 1 of the last 2 cabins!
  21. Okay... Viking cancellations came though today and now I've rebooked for July 6 on Jupiter for the Iceland's Majestic Landscapes cruise... What a long strange trip getting to Norway has been! In Feb 2018 we booked to go in June of 2020! rebooked to July 2021... now July 2022. Upside: That's a lot of Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversary celebrations we are rolling into one cruise! HA!
  22. I can’t imagine that holding up in court. Kids need vaccines for school. Various countries require vaccines to enter them. We shall see.
  23. It looks like you can not book an ocean cruise before August 2021 on the Viking website. I suspect my July 2021 (June 2020) Cruise is cancelled. 😔 I’m actually a little relieved since they don’t seem to be requiring vaccinations. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on a cruise ship with an infection break out after I spent that much money. And ethically I worried about a fellow member possibly infecting someone in port. Have not decided what to do next. Have traveling companions to consult with. Also have NOT received notification from Viking... so this is all what I am inferring.
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