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  1. When the MSC "Grandiosa" sailed recently, passengers had to book ship tours only to stay in "a safe zone with others", so if passengers were allowed to explore the port on their own, it would not be considered a "safe zone". A family on MSC's sailing was not allowed to re-board because they left the ship's tour. They had to make arrangements to get home on their own! Therefore, it looks like we might not be allowed to wander around on our own or shop. IMO only.
  2. Agree totally with your views on CC over AQ. Good cabin location, sailaway MDR lunch to avoid buffet crowds, and disembark whenever we please. AND love the expanded b'fast menu too! We do not mind the noise at dinner in the MDR as we really enjoy meeting new people, many of whom we have stayed in touch with over the years.
  3. We did a L&S on our September 2020 cruise out of Southampton, UK to September 2021. It was easy and we did not have to take the same cruise if we had chosen not to. Hoping for a proven vaccine by then because we will not be the first in line for one without the FDA's approval for safety.
  4. Your sentiments mirror our sentiments! We were to have cruised out of Southampton on Sept.19th! I miss the excitement of "the day" we board the ship, meeting new people, breakfast delivered to our cabin each morning, dressing for dinner each evening, the smell of ocean air walking on the top deck; miss the cheerful, friendly Celebrity staff. I just miss cruising!
  5. My DH and I love sailways! From time to time we even watch our Celebrity Silhouette transatlantic sailaway online! Fun to see us enjoying ourselves! Would love to take the Celebrity Reflection April 2021 transatlantic, but afraid COVID-19 might not be under control by then. Maybe if the USA starts cruising by May, we can settle for watching cruise ships sailaway from Port Everglades! Til then we are waiting impatiently for our rescheduled Sept. 2021 cruise out of Southampton, UK.
  6. Totally agree! Wear your mask and social distance whenever possible.
  7. I just read today where the European Union (EU) is considering banning flights from the USA. How sad this is for our country as well as embarrassing. We canceled our September 19th Silhouette cruise and I could only wonder how I would have felt if the cruise had sailed and we could not fly to Europe! At this point we will be so glad to sail and we will gladly wear masks and practice social distancing too!!! Just get us in a ship as soon as possible!
  8. Just read today that all cruise lines will NOT be cruising out of any U.S. ports until Sep15th.
  9. I looked at the May 4, 2021 Western Med. and it offered 1 perk. When I proceeded to the page to choose my perk as I usually do, it skipped to the dinner selection time, then "Proceed To Pay." No choice of perks. When I looked at the Sept. 18, 2021 cruise out of Southampton, they were giving the Classic Beverage Package for 2. We are not really drinkers and would have preferred our choice of two perks like we are used to getting. I will do as you say and check again.
  10. I have noticed on all 2021 Celebrity cruises I look at there are no choice of included perks! Is Celebrity dropping those wonderful choices of included perks starting next year?
  11. We transferred our Celebrity Silhouette September 2020 Northern European Capital Cities cruise to September 2021. The cruise ended up being $124 per person less! We thought about just canceling and rebooking, then noticed we did not get the two of four perks choices! Called and made sure if we transferred that our OBC, Free Wifi, and Pre-paid gratuities would come with us. They did!
  12. Agree about the anticipation of the cruise and the clothes being in style by the next cruise!
  13. I miss meeting new people and being pampered by Celebrity's wonderful crew. I miss seeing new ports and marking another country off of our bucket list!
  14. Get rid of the tiny "tables" that are replacing the bigger tables! Bring back the regular size tables that the "remodeling/renovation is doing away with!
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