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  1. I never understood how FL could mandate what cruise ships could do and not do. The FL governor mandated FL businesses could not mandate masks and vaccination proof. The cruise lines are not REGISTERED FLORIDA BUSINESSES, so to speak. They are all registered in foreign countries.
  2. American Airlines released a statement a couple of weeks ago stating they are cracking down on the size of carry-on luggage, so just be sure (if you are flying) the dimensions meet those listed in TSA guidelines. I think most cruisers bring their carry-on bag onboard with no problems. The x-ray machine must be pretty good because in Barcelona my bag was pulled and a small pair of scissors for trimming my hair taken and measured! The scissors (in the protective 'sheath') were then measured and returned because "they barely" met the length allowed!
  3. On our last cruise before COVID-19 struck, we just purchased the (Celebrity Reflection) ship's Wi-Fi and it was fast and reliable. No problem calling relatives to check on them in AL & FL while on an eastern Med cruise! You should be just fine with purchasing the Wi-Fi on your ship!
  4. My hubby and I are almost 72. Do we need to show a health certificate and get special permission to cruise on a ship on which these "young cruisers" happen to be sailing? I would hate to cramp their young style. The irony is: they will be the old people one day! Lol
  5. Some friends sailed with us on our Celebrity eastern Med cruise in 2019 and the gentleman uses a CPAP. I told them if they took an extension cord, it would be taken and returned at the cruise's end. No extension cords or chargers with a surge protector allowed on Celebrity ships. They were supplied with a long extension onboard.
  6. I am so sorry this happened to you! Perhaps find another cruise line (one you have sailed on previously) and give them the medical problem/P.O.C. for airplane only and hopefully have better luck!
  7. Wow! Wish I had known this before purchasing an internet package! (We are new to HAL).
  8. I agree with you. What's the HAL Nieuw Amsterdam got to do with the Millenium's COVID cases?
  9. Thank you so much for your reply! Packing should be so much easier now.
  10. If these pet owners cannot kennel the dogs or hire a pet sitter, perhaps they should stay home since they "need them for emotional support"? On our 2019 eastern Med cruise two women passengers traveling together brought their HUGE DOG; it looked like a giant white poodle! The last straw was when they brought it with them to the buffet restaurant at lunch. We left.
  11. We are taking our first HAL cruise on the new Rotterdam in April, 2022. My husband usually wears long sleeve, button down shirts in the MDR. Are nice polo shirts acceptable in HAL's MDRs? Sorry to appear so silly, but we do not want to stick out like sore thumbs!
  12. I am with you! I agree with you. I have booked all my cruises directly with Celebrity without any issues. Do not like dealing with a "middle person".
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