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  1. Congratulations! Enjoy good health and be happy. I retired the first time in 2001 after 31.5 years and went to work 3 months later for a staffing agency for 14 more years. Finally had enough and this time retirement has "stuck"!!! Live everyday to its fullest and on Sunday night's just smile to yourself because you can "sleep in" on Monday!
  2. Ewwwww! NO, we have definitely NOT had the horrific dining experiences you have endured! However, I would like to suggest there are two subjects that should NOT be discussed in the MDR on a cruise: RELIGION & POLITICS. America is so divided these days, I fear some of us would embarrass ourselves in front of any nice foreigners at our table. There is another couple cruising with us for the first time and we are of different political opinions. I have informed the wife (most opinionated) that we should NOT discuss politics at a nice dinner and she went so far as to say, "If it comes up, we could just say we prefer not to discuss politics at a lovely dinner." Whew! Hope everyone is of like mind. HappyCamper49
  3. Thank you, WatchHill. Like you, we use our X totes for various things! Previously on our Concierge class X cruises the totes were on our bed upon check-in in our rooms.
  4. Hey panoramaofthepast, thank you for your reply! We were on the Silhouette last year for the April transatlantic. Loved that ship! I am thinking the April 2019 remark about no more tote bags is that the Equinox was going to be refurbished in May and perhaps they weren't being replenished then.
  5. We always book Concierge for the any time boarding and the nice MDR luncheon. Disembarking at our leisure is nice too! My husband likes the stool with the recliner on our balcony! Thanks gor your reply, snyniew!
  6. Read a review on CC from a cruiser just having completed a Celebrity Equinox cruise in April. He had a Concierge cabin and stated Celebrity no longer gives its customers free totes. I always enjoyed having one to tote beach towels or cameras, etc.... Can any CC members who have cruised Celebrity this year tell me if this is correct? If so, I will bring an old Celebrity tote! Thanks, CC!!!!!
  7. Thank you! I felt it would since the Starboard cabins got more sun on our transatlantic! Will definitely try to book one of them.
  8. I am sure I have the wrong forum, but perhaps some HAL cruisers could advise me??? Thinking of a HAL Nieuw Statendam transatlantic cruise in April, 2020. Want a verandah cabin that gets the most sunshine. On our Celebrity transatlantic cruise in 2018, the starboard cabins had the most sun from FLL to Southampton, UK. Would HAL's starboard verandah cabins get the most sun? Appreciate any advice from CC members. Thank you.
  9. Okay! Thanks. My husband said that was probably the case.
  10. Hey! Hope to meet you at the CC Meet and Mingle on the Summit!! HappyCamper49. (Cindy and Ralph)
  11. Correction to my earlier post! Celebrity did not offer an April 2020 Panama Cruise out of FLL. Had to book a November 2020 out of San Diego on the the Summit. Having difficulty finding a hotel for the night before departure. Each one I have checked online shows "NOT AVAILABLE." Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Hey Cruise Critic members! HappyCamper49 here! Just booked a Celebrity Summit - Panama Canal cruise out of San Diego on Nov. 13, 2020!!! Anyone else booked yet? Our cabin is 8040. Summit's new refurb begins March, 2019 so looking forward to that. Hope to hear from fellow passengers. Thinking about a "Chico's" shore excursion in Puntarenas, Costa Rico. He received great reviews on Trip Advisor. Has anyone used that company?
  14. Thank you, Northern Aurora! Have a feeling we will be like you---wandering from place to place! (Love your user id! We were fortunate enough to photograph the Northern Lights north of Fairbanks a couple of years ago. Love Alaska!)
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