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  1. Thank you to everyone. We usually only book 9 months out, but this year is packed full, so I just did it, and I'm driving my husband nuts. This will also be the first time we fly to the port. When we get closer I'm sure I'll be asking about best way to get from airport to cruise port.
  2. Hello! We just booked our first RCL cruise on Liberty of the Seas and I'm so excited. The cruise isn't until March 2021, but I don't care. I'm still doing my happy dance. Any advice you can give would be appreciated. 😁
  3. Thank you to everyone. Lots to think about as I sit in an extended stay hotel for a business trip.
  4. Hello everyone! My husband and I are getting ready to plan our next cruise adventure and we are thinking about MSC. We have cruised before, 5 times on Carnival, but it's just going to be the two of us, no kids!!! No major complaints about Carnival, we have never been on a different cruise line, I just want something new. Fellow cruisers on CC have always been helpful and honest about how they feel. So I ask, what is the good, the bad, and the ugly about MSC? I'm looking at MSC Seaside. Thank you and hopefully it's warm were you are at. 😊
  5. Just saw that the cruise we will be on in December will be an Ultra Cruise. What is that?
  6. Hello All! We cruise in December but my husband asked last night how intend on staying on a low carb/keto, low sugar diet on the trip. Of course I said I've done fine so far I'm not worried. Ok, I'm a little worried. Oh my gosh I adore bread and sweets. The tropical drinks, I had a dream with margaritas in it, so good. Bread baskets, Guys burgers & fries, pizza, pasta restaurant, ice cream. CHOCOLATE MELTING CAKE! 😵 Has anyone ever managed to cruise and stay on or close to their diet? Or should I plan on dropping an extra 10 pounds to make up for what I'm going to put on. 😀 Thanks!
  7. We are thinking of renting a golf cart, has anyone done this? What company do you suggest? Thanks
  8. No kidding. We can put this one bed as I have already spoken with someone from Carnival and while they want everyone to have fun on the ship, have asked that she not do this on the ship for safety. We have agreed. However, if we want they can make arrangements for a photo shoot and they will do that in a controlled environment. So, we'll see.
  9. Wow, didn't mean to start an international debate. LOL!
  10. I couldn't care and think it would be fun. Just don't want security to give her ah hard time.
  11. My daughter has one of the blow up T Rex costume and wants to bring it along. She's fun and goofy and thinks it would be fun. Do you think this would be an issue? She wants to wear it for a few, picture by the pool, having an under 21 friendly drink, stand on our balcony and wave. I don't want to pack it if she can't wear it. Thanks :)
  12. Merry Christmas! We will be on the Breeze December 2019 and looking forward to it.
  13. How soon is the CD schedule released? We are cruising on the Breeze at the end of September and I haven't found a schedule for the later half of 2019. I'm just curious who it will be. Thanks :)
  14. Hello, I've been looking for a good travel insurance company and I'm a little overwhelmed. We have never had insurance, but after our last trip, we definitely want to purchase it. So, what would you recommend? I was thinking of just getting Carnival insurance, but I'm just not sure. 😲
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