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  1. Les_ldh

    Ventura : Why the critics ??

    I totally agree with you. I had a superb cruise on her in June and would have no hesitation in echoing your comments, and I can’t wait to go on her again.
  2. I came off Ventura last Friday and can confirm that there are no issues.
  3. Hi, I came off Ventura on Friday and I removed my AG’s on day 2. I have checked all my receipts and none of them had the words “Opted Out” printed on them. Don’t believe everything you read ;).
  4. Les_ldh

    New Ship

    A lot of negative comments on here. Let’s face it, no matter what they had called her a lot of people would have been unhappy. Unfortunately that seems to be human nature, but it doesn’t really matter, we’ll all get used to it quite quickly and wonder what all the fuss was about.
  5. Les_ldh

    death trap

    I agree. Not the best way to make a point.
  6. Les_ldh

    Ventura June 2018

    I think you’ll find that it’s simply a matter of supply and demand. If a cruise is nearly sold out then there’s no need to reduce prices, indeed they’re more likely to go up. If there’s a lot of unsold cabins then prices are likely to be reduced to encourage bookings. As had been said many times on this forum by seasoned cruisers, the best deals tend to be found when the cruise is first released. It looks like the lowest price for an inside on this cruise was around £1199 in April last year, and the highest is now, suggesting that the cruise is nearly sold out.
  7. Les_ldh

    Ventura June 2018

    It might help if you let us know which cruise you were looking at.
  8. Les_ldh

    Riviera Deck ventura

    I haven’t stayed in the cabin, but if you look at the deck plan you will see that you have the forward-most cabin with cabins above and below yours, so I would think it would be fairly quiet. http://www.pocruises.com/global/deckplans/ventura/ventura_deckplans_2018-19.pdf
  9. Les_ldh

    Service Reward Letter

    I was fully intending to pay AG’s on my cruise next month until I read the thread from an insider (now removed) detailing exactly how P&O distributed (or not) them. I can’t say anything else about it or this post will be removed as well, but suffice to know that I was so appalled and disturbed that I’ve now decided to remove AG’s and pay the equivalent, or more, tips in cash directly to those who deserve it.
  10. Les_ldh

    Ventura problems

    Can anyone on Ventura at the moment give us an update. Is she now running normally, or are there still technical issues?
  11. Les_ldh

    Ventura post refit review (with photos)

    An excellent review, thanks. I’m boarding Ventura in June so I found your review very useful and informative. (y)
  12. Les_ldh

    Stays in Southampton and coach transfers

    Hi, I’m surprised by some of the train fares quoted on this thread. I’m booked from Newcastle upon Tyne first class return for only £200. Train fares do seem to vary just about as much as cruise fares, so you do need to keep an eye on them, but the best (cheapest) time to book seems to be 12 weeks before travel. Hope you find something suitable.
  13. Les_ldh

    Adding a passenger to my booking

    Thanks Selbourne that puts my mind at rest and is excellent news about the £100 :D . Les.
  14. Les_ldh

    Adding a passenger to my booking

    Thanks John, the passenger is over 18 so that’s not a problem, and the cruise is still selling, but I hadn’t even considered this issue, so I suppose if I’m going to do it I’d better get on with it! Thanks for your advice. Les.
  15. Les_ldh

    Adding a passenger to my booking

    Thanks for your reply. That’s what I’m hoping they’ll do for me, fingers crossed, otherwise I don’t think it’s going to be financially viable. Les.