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  1. I love your optimism, but I fear you may well be disappointed.
  2. I’m in that position as well. Submitted my refund request, then nothing. No cancellation invoice, no acknowledgment, nothing. Les.
  3. You’ve all got me worried now. I applied for a refund for my June cruise on the day they were cancelled. I’ve just checked my personaliser and it’s still there, so now I’m wondering what’s happening. All this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and makes me almost certain to cancel all four of the cruises i have booked with them, in addition to the one they’ve cancelled. I was all set to spend the next 10 years or so sailing with P&O twice per year, but I’m afraid it looks like they’ve now lost all that business from me. It’s not having to wait 60 days, its the atrocious customer service.
  4. I’ve requested a refund for my June cruise via their web form this morning. In the circumstances I don’t mind waiting 60 days, but does anyone know if that means 60 days from today, or 60 days from the sailing date? I didn’t feel it was clear on the form. Les.
  5. Try season 4 episode 8, it’s on U-tube. It’s called Sea Fever. Enjoy 😀
  6. I think on of the better consequences of CV19 will be that when cruising eventually restarts the buffet will no longer be self-service.
  7. Could make for some interesting meals 😂
  8. I have to admit that you guys have totally lost me now, although I’m enjoying reading it! Keep it up 😂
  9. Unless you work for P&O, in which case it means 4 weeks 😂
  10. Isn’t that a Cornish term for someone not born in Cornwall?
  11. Of course I’m coming! I’ll bring my brolly in case Brian doesn’t fix the leak in time. 😁
  12. Yes, I am one of those that are expecting to cancel my 2021 bookings, but not until the balance is due. I think the main reason people are finding prices for next year so high is that as well as those who booked before all this blew up, many who had booked for this year have moved their bookings forward to next year, meaning demand is exceptionally high for 2021. I’ve only been on one cruise so far to see if I would like it, and have currently got five booked between June 2020 and February 2022. As things stand I’m not expecting to go ahead with any cruise until I am totally happy
  13. Nobody knows yet, but that timescale fits with what I’m planning for.
  14. Couldn’t agree more, another vote for Tesco beans here... now if only I could get a delivery slot 🤔
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