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  1. I was hoping for a deluxe balcony as well, but I wasn’t prepared to pay the £11.5k they were asking for it! I’m on C deck as well but on the starboard side just forward of the forward lifts. I wonder if P&O are kicking themselves for not asking for higher prices. They probably could’ve filled her several times over for the prices they were asking. Les.
  2. Yes Ann, I think you’re correct as that’s exactly what I did. Les.
  3. Well I’m now booked on the 40 night Caribbean. I managed to get a balcony at just slightly over my budget. Anyone else manage to get booked on this? Les.
  4. It would be for two, but unfortunately I’m a solo traveller so in my case that’s just for me (ouch). I’ve given her my maximum budget, but I’ve got a feeling that I might be priced out. I can always hope. 🤞
  5. I talked to my TA yesterday and she suggested (unofficially) that the cheapest balcony cabins would be over £8k.
  6. You’ll get a great view anywhere along the river, but the Shields ferry landing would be a great place. Probably because I haven’t been on here for a long time 😂. I took a break during the “pause”, but now I’m back in full planning mode, so I’ll be keeping an eye on the forum again.
  7. Anyone intending to come to watch her depart should note that the departure time on the Port of Tyne website has been amended to 18:45 on 29th June. I’d hate for you to miss her by 15 minutes! Les.
  8. I love your optimism, but I fear you may well be disappointed.
  9. I’m in that position as well. Submitted my refund request, then nothing. No cancellation invoice, no acknowledgment, nothing. Les.
  10. You’ve all got me worried now. I applied for a refund for my June cruise on the day they were cancelled. I’ve just checked my personaliser and it’s still there, so now I’m wondering what’s happening. All this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and makes me almost certain to cancel all four of the cruises i have booked with them, in addition to the one they’ve cancelled. I was all set to spend the next 10 years or so sailing with P&O twice per year, but I’m afraid it looks like they’ve now lost all that business from me. It’s not having to wait 60 days, its the atrocious customer service.
  11. I’ve requested a refund for my June cruise via their web form this morning. In the circumstances I don’t mind waiting 60 days, but does anyone know if that means 60 days from today, or 60 days from the sailing date? I didn’t feel it was clear on the form. Les.
  12. Try season 4 episode 8, it’s on U-tube. It’s called Sea Fever. Enjoy 😀
  13. I think on of the better consequences of CV19 will be that when cruising eventually restarts the buffet will no longer be self-service.
  14. Could make for some interesting meals 😂
  15. I have to admit that you guys have totally lost me now, although I’m enjoying reading it! Keep it up 😂
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