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  1. Nothing unless you book/ask for something specific - With 2600ish passengers, an average of 7 will have a birthday each day. Cunard offer a few chargeable celebration packages you can book, or if you ask the waiters in the restaurant nicely they could most likely rustle up a cake with a candle in it for free.
  2. So long as the clothing isn’t offensive, smelly/dirty or overly revealing I am sure the cabin crew couldn’t care less. I’m confident that I am not the topic of conversation at the crew party for wearing jogging bottoms in first class for the 24 hours it takes to fly from London to Sydney! I don’t think the three can be grouped together. Cruise ships have a published dress code, planes and trains do not.
  3. You're right - and they still do. It iss called the CIV score - it you are able to see a printed manifest on board a BA flight it will be shown along with your name and frequent traveller status. I don't fly so frequently now, but if I recall the CIV goes from 0-103ish. 35-96 was the range for Gold, 97 was Gold Guest List. Obviously as gold, the more long haul flights you did in business and first, the higher your CIV would be. BA also sometimes upgrade first time flyers. No idea how the algorythm works but I would imagine they try and select people who may potentially choose to pay for the higher grade in the future - this happened to the parents of one of my friends a few years back - on the outbound flight from LGR they were upgraded from Premium Economy to Business. I managed to make gold for live too with the 35,000 lifetime tier points on BA. I doubt I will make the 100,000 required for gold guest list for life however!
  4. This doesn’t tie in with my experience. For a while I had BA Gold Guest List status with BA and I got several upgrades from business to first after arriving at the airport in jogging bottoms. it’s a different matter for employees on some airlines however- if they want to travel in business or first (either as an upgrade or on a discounted employee ticket) then there is a dress code they have to adhere too. I always dress for maximum comfort when flying long haul. If I wore my suit it would probably need pressing or dry cleaning after the flight before I could wear it for work. I’d echo the other comments on here that the cabin crew don’t care what you are wearing - if you are pleasant and civil to them it goes a long way to enduring you get good service in return!
  5. Agreed - even the three Michelin star restaurant at the Connaught has no dress code, on their website they mention that most guests choose to dress smart casual.
  6. Quick Question regarding toiletries in QG. Are these the same brand as previous, and are they still provided in small bottles, or have they moved to wall mounted dispensers now?
  7. The Brooklyn Hilton is reasonably priced, rooms are a decent size and the breakast is ok. If you are wanting something cheap to eat there is a passable diner on the other side of the street. I stayed in it after a TA in 2019, took about 10-15 mins in a taxi from the Cruise Terminal which cost under $20.
  8. No need to take Life Jackets to the drill anymore - this stopped at some point in 2019.
  9. More to have the increased choice (I.e. 4 different spirits) - plus if you host any pre dinner drink parties in your cabin (assuming covid restrictions are lifted) then you can get through a bottle of gin very quickly!
  10. I've got a few questions on B2B as well. I'm doing a 4 night Southampton - Hamburg - Southampton as 2 separate cruises (as it was £600 cheaper in QG that way!) Managed to secure the same cabin both ways and have opted out of upgrades. I presume I will get my $50 shareholder OBC twice - i.e. once on each of the 2 bookings? Will we get the complimentary bottle of champagne twice - i.e. a second bottle at the start of the second cruise in Hamburg? Even if we have not finished the first 2, will be able to select 2 more bottles of spirits at the start of the second cruise?
  11. The NHS app has updated again, and there is now a Vaccinate Status page with a QR code if you are vaccinated. It also gives you the option to download a letter confirming status in PDF format, with the same QR code included on the letter. The letter is only valid for 35 days however, not sure if the same applies to letters requested via the 119 service.
  12. I still don't think we did agree with each other - you also said 'QG is best enjoyed by people who are not concerned about the extra cost. They want the experience, no matter the price.' I am happy to pay £3k, but no more.
  13. Sorry I don’t think that’s true. I will pay up to £3K per person for a 7 night TA in QG, but no more - I certainly won’t travel in QG whatever the cost. I am careful with my budgeting and spend, and enjoy QG all the more knowing I got a good deal for it!
  14. Just in case this is of interest/use to anyone.... We have an eastbound TA coming up in December, and have booked one way business class flights on TAP Air Portugal from London to New York via Lisbon for £620pp including taxes - this is with a one night layover in Lisbon so we can have a night out there at the start of our trip. Cunard knocked £200pp off our cruise price as we didn't want the included economy flight.
  15. The UK deals tend to be an offer of more OBC rather than the drinks package. E.g. for my one way TA in December this year we have got $1200 OBC between the 2 of us ($800 standard offer plus $400 for booking whilst on board a previous cruise.) This suits us more than the drinks package as the wines by the glass which you can get on the drinks package are more limited compared to the full wine list. Obviously it comes down to personal preference!
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