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  1. I still don't think we did agree with each other - you also said 'QG is best enjoyed by people who are not concerned about the extra cost. They want the experience, no matter the price.' I am happy to pay £3k, but no more.
  2. Sorry I don’t think that’s true. I will pay up to £3K per person for a 7 night TA in QG, but no more - I certainly won’t travel in QG whatever the cost. I am careful with my budgeting and spend, and enjoy QG all the more knowing I got a good deal for it!
  3. Just in case this is of interest/use to anyone.... We have an eastbound TA coming up in December, and have booked one way business class flights on TAP Air Portugal from London to New York via Lisbon for £620pp including taxes - this is with a one night layover in Lisbon so we can have a night out there at the start of our trip. Cunard knocked £200pp off our cruise price as we didn't want the included economy flight.
  4. The UK deals tend to be an offer of more OBC rather than the drinks package. E.g. for my one way TA in December this year we have got $1200 OBC between the 2 of us ($800 standard offer plus $400 for booking whilst on board a previous cruise.) This suits us more than the drinks package as the wines by the glass which you can get on the drinks package are more limited compared to the full wine list. Obviously it comes down to personal preference!
  5. It would have been round £70 a night Pp less for Britannia Club so for that I get: -Free soft drinks and bottles of spirits in my cabin - this probably saves me about £20 a day on drinks -access to the Grills Bar, which I value as a nice place to end Dinner with an after dinner coffee -Access to grills terrace - not so handy on a winter TA, but means you can always find space in the hot tub -more space in cabin and possibility of hosting for pre dinner drinks -Ability to order off menu in the restaurant which I enjoy greatly I’d say £70 per day uplift for the above is reasonable
  6. It all depends on the cruise. If you book one of the less popular positioning cruises then there are some good deals to be had. I’m just back from 4 nights in a Q3 Penthouse on QV for £270pp per night. I’ve also got a TA at the end of the year on QM2 for £340 per night in a Q5. When you factor in the OBC it works out at £275 per night.
  7. I have got a Tandem credit card which charges 0% on foreign spending , and also gives you 0.5% cash back. They don’t seem to offer this card anymore though to new customers. Barclaycard offer a Visa card with 0% fees on foreign spending and 0.25% cashback - however the visa exchange rate is normally not quite so good as the MasterCard rate, so you would probably only be making about 0.15% cashback compared to having a MasterCard.
  8. I did the 7 night TA crossing on QM2 last year from Southampton in BC. Most of it was excellent. The only downside is the stateroom is a little on the small side - especially if you have the room set up as a twin. It would be great if there was a little more room at the end of the bed so you can pass someone without hitting the wall. The bathroom could also do with being a bit larger, you have to dry yourself in the shower really as there is not quite enough space outside of the shower cubicle. Note that my experience was on QM2 - the space may be better (or worse) on QV/QE.
  9. I suppose everyone has their own threshold for what's appropriate. In my opinion ripped jeans or sportswear in the evening would not by appropriate for a fancy restaurant, but I would have no problem with someone wearing smart trousers, a proper shirt, but no jacket. However if a host has requested more formal attire I will always follow the dress code required. I've not really experienced a change in how people act in a group (in a restaurant setting at least) based on what they are wearing. I've sat was pretty obnoxious people who were very dressed formally and also very nice people who were casually dressed and vice versa.
  10. It doesn't necessary follow that making the dress code more casual automatically results in a drop in decorum. The industry I work in required a suit and tie 10 years ago. 5 years ago this became a suit with no tie, and now jeans and a polo shirt suffice. This hasn't impacted on mine or my colleagues ability to provide a professional service, or stopped us behaving correctly at work. I will still most likely wear a jacket to dinner if this change is rolled out across the other two queens and applies globally. I don't however have a problem with the change, and don't see how it impacts on the overall experience for those who prefer to dress more formally - The change doesn't prevent people from dressing more smartly if they choose to. I don't see it as a drop in standards, just different standards. For me it is far more important how someone behaves at dinner rather than how they dress. Cunard has the ability to maintain the decorum of the ships by not installing dodgems and zip wires, maintaining the standards of the lectures, and keeping the prices of the drinks comparatively high compared to other cruise lines. Anyway, I hope to see some of you on board my future cruises on Cunard, and am sure I will enjoy your company whatever you choose to wear for dinner!
  11. That’s why I was asking how busy the cruises had been - it may be with a view to filling up future cruises. However I take your point - they need to reflect this on their website so people know what they are booking !
  12. Good point - with the second sitting coming forward to 8pm I can see this being a more popular option. I wouldn’t be happy though if I was not able to get the second sitting and had to dine at 5.45 though!
  13. Im surprised it’s so early too - who would want to have dinner at 5.45? I don’t recall evening dining in Australia being that early when I visited - though my experience is limited only to Sydney. regarding the dress code change - does anyone know how busy the Oz cruises have been? I can’t imagine Cunard have instigated this change purely to annoy their traditional passenger base - they obviously think this change will increase their revenue.
  14. Depends on the price of the bottle. A $30 bottle from a shop would probably cost at least $60 on board, so you would make a saving, If you drink more expensive wine you would save even more.
  15. Good to see they are still there! Wonder if they are in all categories of stateroom still?
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